How To Answer Call On Samsung Galaxy A11? Comprehensive Guide!

Your smartphone’s most fundamental function is to answer incoming calls. There are multiple ways to answer an incoming call on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

These include single taps, swipe motions, voice commands, and physical buttons. In further detail, let’s examine these options for answering incoming phone calls on Samsung Galaxy devices.

How To Answer Call on Samsung Galaxy A11?
How To Answer Call on Samsung Galaxy A11?


To accept a call on a Samsung Galaxy A11, press the green phone symbol and swipe toward the screen’s center. In the Accessibility settings, you may also enable the “One touch to answer” feature, which allows you to answer a call by tapping the screen with two fingers.


SAMSUNG Galaxy A11 Incoming Call: How to Pick Up Call?


To answer or reject calls, the swiping gesture is the standard approach. For example, swipe up toward the center of the screen from the green button to answer an incoming call. Similarly, swipe up from the red button to reject the call when the call screen is in full-screen mode.

Swiping Up
Swiping Up

However, a simple push on the answer button is sufficient if the incoming screen shows as a banner or pop-up. Use the following additional methods to answer calls without swiping.


If you are accustomed to answering or declining calls with a single tap on the whole call screen, you may do so with Samsung Galaxy phones. Nevertheless, you must initially activate it.

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Follow these procedures for Samsung Galaxy phones running the most recent versions of One UI:

  • Under the Settings menu, select Accessibility.
  • Interaction and agility are essential.
Interaction and Dexterity
Interaction and Dexterity
  • Touch the Assistance text in the menu to enable it on the subsequent screen.
Assistant Menu
Assistant Menu
  • Once enabled, flip the Replace swipe with a single tap switch on. Today, calls can be answered or declined with a single button tap.
Click on 'Replace swipe with Single tap'
Click on ‘Replace swipe with Single tap’

In older devices, navigate to Settings > Accessibility. Activate the toggle with a single tap. This solution has the disadvantage that the Assistant menu symbol will always be visible on the screen.

To prevent this, enable the Display as edge icon in the Assistant menu. As a result, the icon will be partially concealed around the phone’s edge. It would help to raise the icon’s transparency to conceal it further.


You can also utilize the Volume up button on Samsung Galaxy phones to answer incoming calls. To enable this function, navigate Settings > Accessibility > Interaction and dexterity.

Choose Answering and hanging up calls. Switch on the switch next to Increase the Volume to answer. Similarly, you can reject calls by pressing the Power or Side button.

Press Volume Button
Press Volume Button


When your phone is linked to a headset or Bluetooth device, you can answer calls automatically after a predetermined time instead of using a gesture or clicking a button.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Interaction and dexterity > Answering and finishing calls to enable this feature. Then, touch the text Answer automatically to enable it on the following screen. The default time to answer a call is two seconds. However, you can change this to a specific period.

These two options can also be accessed via the Phone app’s Settings by navigating to the section Answering and ending calls.

Answer Call Automatically
Answer Call Automatically


You can utilize voice assistants such as Bixby or Google Assistant if your phone’s screen is broken or you want to answer calls with your voice.

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To utilize Bixby to answer or reject calls, click the Side button to activate Bixby as you usually would while receiving a call. The Assistant will become operational. Communicate “Answer call” or “Reject call.”

The Hey Bixby command cannot be used while the phone is ringing. Bixby can only be activated by depressing the Side button.

Using Bixby
Using Bixby


Similarly, Google Assistant may accept or deny calls on Samsung Galaxy phones. To accomplish this, you must first activate Google Assistant when your phone rings.

You can do this by swiping from the bottom-right or -left sides of the screen towards the middle or using the Alright Google command. When engaged, the speaker will announce an Answer call or Refuse a call.

Navigate to Google Assistant Settings > Voice match to utilize the Alright Google command from any screen. Next, turn on the Hey Google switch.

Using Google Assistant
Using Google Assistant


Using the swipe gesture, you should be able to answer calls even while your Samsung Galaxy phone is locked. 

But, if you cannot do so or the incoming call screen does not appear when the phone is locked, you will likely have Do not disturb mode active on your phone, and one of its settings is interfering with incoming calls.

Hide Notifications
Hide Notifications

Go to Settings > Notifications > Do not disturb to correct this. Next, hit the Hide alerts button. Finally, turn off Hide full-screen alerts in the ” When the screen is off ” section.

You should now be able to answer calls. However, if disabling this setting does not resolve the issue, examine the installed apps for a third-party calling or dialer app that may interfere with incoming calls.


When you receive a call while on another call, your phone will display the standard incoming call screen and accept the call by swiping the Answer button.

Respond to a Call
Respond to a Call


Similar to other customizations, the caller screen on your Samsung Galaxy phone can be altered. Moreover, you can enable vibration for outgoing calls.

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How can I pick up a call on my Samsung Galaxy a11?

Swipe the white circle to the top of the screen when your phone is locked, or tap Answer to answer the call. Swipe the white circle to the bottom of the screen when your phone is locked or touch Dismiss to reject the call.

Why am I unable to pick up my Samsung phone when it rings?

This is the first step you can take to resolve call-answering issues on Android cell phones. A quick restart can resolve many Android issues, including the problem with incoming calls.

How do you respond to a phone call?

Answer the phone with courtesy: “Good morning, Joe Bloggs speaking” will suffice. Be energetic and animated but also courteous. Stay comfortable or begin a conversation as if with a friend. Remember to listen attentively and be concise.

Why am I unable to pick up my phone when it rings?

Restarting your smartphone is the first step when you cannot answer calls. However, with Android, a simple restart can sometimes resolve a problem. Hence, restart your Android phone before attempting any solutions. If a restart does not resolve the issue, go to the other solutions.

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