How Does Galaxy Watch Measure Stress? [Step by Step Guide]

How Does Galaxy Watch Measure Stress? Stress tracking is a key feature in Galaxy watches that tells you how stressed you are.

You can measure your stress at any time using this feature.

How Does Galaxy Watch Measure Stress
How does samsung watch measure stress?

The Galaxy Watch uses a heart rate sensor to calculate your stress level, but what are the key facts and how can you interpret that score?

This article will go over the entire stress tracking experience on Galaxy watches. We ran the stress test on our Galaxy Watch Active 2 and discovered some fascinating facts about stress tracking. So let’s get this party started.

Troubleshooting: Issues on galaxy watch measure stress

Heart rate variability (HRV)Can be inaccurate if the watch is not worn snugly or if the user is moving around a lot.Make sure the watch is worn snugly and that the user is sitting or standing still when taking a stress measurement.
Skin conductivityCan be affected by factors such as sweating, cold weather, and lotion.Avoid using the stress measurement feature if the user is sweating or if it is cold outside. Wash the hands and dry them thoroughly before using the stress measurement feature.
Breathing rateCan be affected by factors such as exercise and caffeine consumption.Avoid using the stress measurement feature immediately after exercising or consuming caffeine.
Stress testCan be inaccurate if the user is not following the instructions carefully.Read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly when taking a stress test.
Stress trackingCan be inaccurate if the user does not wear the watch consistently.Make sure to wear the watch consistently throughout the day to get accurate stress tracking data.

How Does Watch Measure Stress?

Stress levels of Galaxy watch 5 stress measurement and Galaxy Watch 4 by combining heart rate and heart rate variability data. This is accomplished through the use of a measurement known as Heart Rate Variability, which records heartbeats to assess stress[3]. It does not track the rate of your heart.

How does the samsung watch measure stress?

Samsung makes every effort to ensure that each individual leads a healthy and happy life. Samsung created a separate app, “Samsung Health App,” that tracks your stress in addition to the Galaxy watch.

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You can now choose to measure Stress with your watch or smartphone. If you want to calculate your stress level using your smartphone, it must have a heart rate sensor. Otherwise, galaxy watches allow you to monitor your stress level.

You can also sync your Galaxy Watch with the Samsung Health app to receive data from your watch on a continuous basis. The advantage here is that you can check data anytime, whereas your smartwatch only shows the current stress score.

Galaxy watches use heart rate sensors to detect stress and other factors such as blood pressure. The efficient algorithms calculate Stress instantly and display the result in meter form.

Furthermore, by completing the test, the application will recommend breathing techniques to help you regain your sense of calm and well-being.

How does samsung health measure stress?

How does the galaxy watch measure stress?

Stress monitoring can only be effective if the data collection equipment is reliable. Samsung Galaxy measures stress levels using heart rate data. As a result, it has a chance of being correct.

Compare the results of your fitness tracker to your doctor’s prescription to determine its accuracy.

samsung watch stress measurement

Furthermore, training, physical activity, sleep, diet, and general life stress all have an impact on your stress level. Wearing your device at all times of day and night will provide you with the most accurate and dependable readings.

How does Galaxy Watch 5 measure stress?

However, we have found that Galaxy watches provide more accurate results that are close to the actual value the majority of the time. The heart rate tracking on Galaxy watches like Galaxy Watch 4 classic and Galaxy Watch 5 pro, is far superior to that of competing fitness trackers.

Although it is not a good idea to rely solely on the results of your galaxy watch, these smartwatches provide an estimate of your wellness so you can take precautions.


Samsung Health, formerly known as S Health app, is a smart application developed by Samsung to help people live a healthier lifestyle. The app displays weight, heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, sleep, battery life and a variety of other health-related data.

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Although it was developed by Samsung and is typically used on Samsung phones, it is available for download from the Play Store and can be used on most Android phones.


The time between heartbeats is estimated using heart rate variability. Heart rate is calculated using the average number of heartbeats per minute.

Furthermore, the autonomic nervous system of the body regulates the time between each heartbeat.

The less variation there is between beats, the more stressed you are. Conversely, the greater the variability, the less stressed you are.


Reasons for Stress
Reasons for Stress

Before learning how to measure stress, it’s critical to understand the major causes of stress and the physiological factors that allow electrical equipment to quantify it. The following events in your life are known to cause stress:

  • Uncertainty reigns supreme.
  • Chronic disease
  • Stress hormones are released.
  • Having a great deal of responsibility
  • Concerned about doing something
  • traumatic occurrences

Fitness trackers allow users to accurately measure their heart rate. Previously, stress monitoring was limited to assessing a sudden increase in heart rate.

Furthermore, relying solely on heart rate fluctuations is insufficient for accurately determining stress levels.

To improve the assessments, additional stress markers have been developed. Most smartwatch manufacturers included the Heart Rate Variability as a stress indicator. It’s also used in Samsung Galaxy watches and is very reliable.


Both mental and physical activities cause the heart rate to rise and fall.

When you’re just walking around, your heart rate will be similar to that of a runner. Similarly, the heart rate of a stressed person will differ from that of a cheerful person.

Adrenaline, a stress hormone, is released by our bodies when we are physically or psychologically agitated. In a nutshell, stress occurs when your breathing quickens, your muscles contract, and your heartbeat quickens.

As a result, it’s critical to keep an eye on your stress levels to see if you’re going above and beyond and putting too much pressure on yourself. The watch will notify you if your stress level is abnormally low or high.

If you identify your level of stress and its causes, you can devise a plan to help reduce stress or learn how to handle it more effectively.


It’s important to note that Samsung Health can only collect accurate data if you’re sitting up straight and your watch’s heart rate sensor is working properly.

Use the following criteria to assess your stress levels for the best results:

  • Wipe the sensor with a clean cloth carefully.
  • Before using the sensor, remove the protective plastic and remain seated and calm throughout the reading.
  • The sensor may give you an incorrect reading if you speak, yawn, breathe, or move your body.
  • Keep the body warm when measuring in the winter or cold weather. The results of heart rate measurements taken at low temperatures could be inaccurate.
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Stress management can significantly improve your health. Stress monitoring is without a doubt the most recent advancement in wearable technology in the field of health and wellness, and it can all be tracked on your wrist.

When your watch detects a high stress level, it will notify you and give you the option to relieve it by performing a breathing exercise. Some watches may include all-day stress tracking, which allows you to see your patterns over time.

Samsung stress measurement

Observing Stress, on the other hand, can help people develop a more aware attitude toward their body, which may have real benefits. There are numerous ways to deal with stress.

  • Maintain a positive attitude and cultivate positive relationships with those around you.
  • Recognize that some things are beyond your control.
  • As relaxation techniques, try mindfulness, meditation, or yoga.
  • Regular exercise can help your immune system, which can be weakened by stress.
  • Consume nutritious, well-balanced meals that are low in red meat and high in protein.
  • Make time for your interests, hobbies, and things that bring you joy.
  • Avoid using alcohol or drugs to deal with stress.

CONCLUSION: galaxy watch stress measurement

Knowing how much stress you’re under will help you manage your emotions better. Stress can be harmful to your health in the long run and lead to serious complications.

From the preceding, we can conclude that smartwatches are beneficial when you are stressed. The Samsung Health app on the Galaxy Watch can help you learn to manage stress in your daily life and live a healthier lifestyle.

This quick guide focused on the question “How does the Samsung Galaxy watch monitor stress?”


How does samsung measure stress?The Galaxy Watch uses a combination of heart rate variability (HRV), skin conductivity, and breathing rate to measure stress. HRV is the measurement of the time between heartbeats. When we are stressed, our heart rate variability decreases. Skin conductivity measures the amount of electrical activity in the skin. When we are stressed, our skin conductivity increases. Breathing rate is the number of breaths we take per minute. When we are stressed, our breathing rate increases.
Does samsung health stress accuracy?The Galaxy Watch’s stress measurement is not as accurate as a medical device, but it can be a helpful tool for tracking your stress levels over time. The accuracy of the measurement can be affected by factors such as how tightly the watch is worn, how much the user is moving, and the user’s overall health.

How does the Samsung watch determine my level of stress?

You can assess your stress levels by monitoring your heart rate and other variables with the Samsung Health app and a compatible phone or smart watch. 

If you’re stressed, use the guided deep breathing function to help you relax. 

Please keep in mind that in order to use this feature, your phone must have a heart rate sensor.

How does a watch evaluate stress?

When the stress level feature is enabled, the watch calculates the time between each heartbeat using heart rate data. The autonomic nervous system controls the variable time interval between each heartbeat.

Is the stress on a Galaxy watch accurate?

The Samsung Health app, as we already know, measures stress levels using heart rate variability. However, it is not a reliable diagnostic method. An increased heart rate is usually caused by stress, but it can also be caused by any underlying heart condition or strenuous physical activity.


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