😎 How To Adblock On Samsung TV? (4 Easy Steps, Solution!)

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🛡️ How To Adblock On Samsung TV? Some advertisements on your smart TV may be inappropriate for some viewers, particularly children.

Blog ads from Samsung TV, Google TV and Android TV Video.

Because Smart TVs are intended for families, it is critical to keep them kid-friendly and to filter out content over which you have no control, such as advertisements.

Here are some things you should know about ad blocking on your smart TV.

How To Adblock On Samsung TV
How To adblock samsung tv

Troubleshooting Issues and Fixes:

Samsung TVs do not have a built-in ad blocker.You can use a third-party ad blocker app, such as AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin. These apps can be downloaded from the Samsung Smart Hub app store.
Some ad blocker apps may not work on all Samsung TVs.Make sure to check the app’s compatibility before downloading it.
Ad blocker apps can slow down your TV’s performance.Only use ad blocker apps when you need them, and disable them when you don’t.
Ad blocker apps can block some legitimate content.Make sure to whitelist any websites that you want to be able to access.
Ad blocker apps can sometimes break the functionality of certain websites.If you experience any problems with a website, try disabling the ad blocker app and see if that fixes the problem.

To adblock on a Samsung TV, first press the Menu button or Home button with the house image on the remote. Then select Install and System, followed by Program Rating Lock Settings, and input your PIN code (default is 0000). Activate the Program Rating Lock and set it to “High” or “Maximum.” Return to the Home screen and remove the Sponsored “channel” by clicking far left on the row and using the delete option. Alternatively, you can block ads on your router’s configuration page by entering your login information, finding the URL Filtering or Blocking section, and adding URLs of websites that contain ads to be blocked.

However, there are several methods for blocking advertisements on your smart TV. These methods differ depending on the platform, your technical knowledge of your Internet connection, and your smart TV’s back end. Read on more details.

Video: HOW DO YOU adblock for Samsung TV?

Video on Adblock smart tv Samsung for your home.

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How to AdBlock on Samsung Smart TV

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YouTube Premium:

If you prefer to watch YouTube on your smart TV, the best way to block ads is to subscribe to YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium is a paid service that provides an ad-free viewing experience on the platform using your Samsung Internet.

The nice thing about YouTube Premium is that it has different plans for different users. You don’t need to change anything, and your subscription covers content creators’ ad revenue. YouTube Premium costs 11.99 dollars per month, with an additional six (6) dollars per month allowing you to add up to five (5) family members to your plan.

image 149
YouTube Premium

Ad Blockers:

Ad blockers can also be installed on your smart TV. Some apps allow you to filter the advertisements that appear on your smart TV or android tv.

However, these ad blockers can be dangerous because they may contain malware or software with malicious codes that can destroy your smart TV’s system. You can use this solution if you are confident in the adblocker you choose.

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Ad Blockers

Blocking Ads Using your Internet Router:

Continue reading if you want to try blocking ads with your router. This method will assist you in blacklisting specific ad URLs so that they do not appear on your TV.

You don’t have to do this on your smart TV; instead, use your laptop or desktop computer. This is easier to do on a computer because you have a physical keyboard and pointing device to help you navigate.

What You Need to Do:

Use a web browser to access your router’s configuration settings. The manufacturer determines the URL for configuring your router. is the most common.

The manufacturer and service provider will determine the username and password. While these can be found under or on the router’s manual, you may have to call them for credentials if they are not available. When you log into your router’s control panel, look for the Firewall or the corresponding setting, and then go to the Content Filter settings of your roku tv.

Fill in the blanks with the URLs you want to block. Because the goal is to prevent advertisements from appearing, you will need to check your smart TV’s ad URLs and paste them into the content filter.


One of the primary advantages of a smart television is the ability to access streaming media services such as YouTube through your Samsung TV. Nobody, however, enjoys the lengthy YouTube advertisements that come with using YouTube and other applications on your Samsung adblock plus.

Blocking YouTube ads on a Samsung TV can be accomplished by blocking ads on the Internet router, installing an ad guard device on the DNS server, or using the Smart YouTube TV app. Upgrading to a premium tier of service on YouTube can also remove unwanted advertisements from TV.

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Advertisements are an annoyance in any streaming television experience. If you use standard YouTube services on your computer, you may have to put up with them, but you don’t have them on your smart TV.

Several ways prevent YouTube from sending advertisements to your TV screen. The quickest and easiest way, though not the cheapest, would be to subscribe to YouTube’s premium service.

1. Add YouTube Ads to Your Internet Router Block List

One of the simplest ways to prevent YouTube ads from appearing on your Samsung TV is to refuse to allow them to pass through the network of your Internet router. You can accomplish this by adding those websites to your router’s internal block list.

Most people don’t bother with their router’s block list because many of your wireless media functions don’t require access to it. On the other hand, learning how can be a great way to reduce unwanted traffic through your router.

To prevent YouTube ads from passing through the network firewall, you must add a list of IP addresses to your Internet router’s block list. To successfully block YouTube ads on your Samsung, locate the control panel in your router’s manual and enter the following addresses:

  • samsung.com
  • samsungads.com
  • www.samsung.net/ads
  • config.samsungads.com
  • samsungotn.net
  • samsungacr.com
  • log-config.samsungacr.com
  • ads.samsung.com
  • gpm.samsungqbe.com

Once you’ve added these IP addresses to your router’s block list, any incoming YouTube ads on your Samsung TV should be successfully blocked.

The most intimidating aspect of this procedure is gaining access to your router’s control panel. To determine the best method for your device, watch a few YouTube videos, consult your router’s owner’s manual, or visit the router manufacturer’s website using google chrome.

2. Install AdGuard DNS on Your Router

AdGuard DNS, for example, performs a similar function to the workaround of manually inserting IP addresses to block on your router, but it slightly automates the process. You can successfully block malware and ads from your Samsung TV or any other wireless smart device in your home by downloading AdGuard software.

The benefit of using an ad guard for your smart TV system instead of manually blocking sites is that the ad guard software is constantly updated. This means that AdGuard DNS can catch incoming new addresses that will insert ads or malware more easily than you can.

3. Use the Smart YouTube TV App

Smart YouTube TV is an app created by an independent software developer that allows you to access YouTube’s services on your Samsung TV without using Google Services. This allows you to avoid many of the native ad programs that the default YouTube app will attempt to install on your system.

To use the Smart YouTube TV app, navigate to your TV’s system security settings and enable the download of third-party apps. Once the system allows third-party app downloads, you can use a zip drive to install it on your smart TV.

4. Upgrade to a Premium YouTube Account

This is one of the more expensive methods of blocking YouTube ads on your Samsung TV, but it is also one of the simplest. By upgrading to a Premium YouTube account, you gain access to an ad-free experience that automatically removes ads from your Samsung viewing experience.

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This isn’t a workaround for everyone because it requires you to sign up for a $11.99/month subscription plan. However, for those who simply want an ad-free experience and don’t want to deal with the technicalities, this is the quickest way to ad-free YouTube on your Samsung.


If you have a Samsung smart TV, you can block ads using the router method described above. Once in the control panel, find the content filter and block the following URLs:

  1. config.samsungads.com
  2. gpm.samsungqbe.com
  3. log-config.samsungacr.com
  4. samsung.com
  5. samsungacr.com
  6. samsungads.com
  7. samsungotn.net
  8. www.samsung.net/ads
  9. ads.samsung.com

By blocking these URLs, you will be able to filter advertisements from your Samsung TV.


Blocking ads on your LG smart TV is similar to blocking ads on your Samsung smart TV. Put the following URLs for blocking in your router’s content filter:

  • ngfts.lge.com
  • us.ad.lgsmartad.com
  • lgad.cjpowercast.com
  • edgesuite.net
  • us.info.lgsmartad.com

These will filter ads that appear in your TV’s My Content tab.



This is what you need to do if you own a Samsung smart TV.

  • Navigate to “Settings” and select Broadcasting.
  • Input your PIN code after clicking “Program Rating Lock Settings” (the default is 0000).
  • Select “TV Rating” or “Move Rating” after activating “Program Rating Lock.”

To proceed, any show or film with this rating or higher will require a PIN code.

2. LG:

Go to “Safety” and select “TV Program Locks” for LG smart TVs. Choose a rating for the TV or Movie Lock. This will then filter the content that your children may view.

Ratings can also be downloaded, allowing you to block shows with specific ratings on digital TV. The Safety menu also allows you to disable other features of your television for greater parental control.

3. SONY:

Select “Settings” from the “Home” menu on Sony smart TVs. Look for Parental Lock and select the appropriate rating. All programs with the chosen rating and higher will now require a PIN code to view.


For Vizio smart TVs, select “Menu” and then “Parental Controls.” From here, you can block channels or restrict TV ratings. To complete the parental lock, enter your access code.


On Samsung TVs, there are various types of advertisements. Let’s start at the beginning, with the advertisements on the Samsung TVs on the electronics store shelf.

If your Samsung TV displays advertisements about the TV’s features, it is in demonstration or store mode. Retailers use this feature to inform customers about the benefits of purchasing the TV.

They show you various beautiful yet high-quality shots to entice you to buy that particular TV and to compare the picture quality to that of other TVs. After all, TVs in electronics stores frequently show the same videos, making it much easier to compare quality.

The following type of advertisement on Samsung TV is the main and most popular. These are the typical advertisements that appear from time to time when you watch television. It functions similarly to YouTube or Spotify advertisements.

It appears at the bottom of the screen and almost never interferes with the device’s operation. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely remove it. However, there is a simple way to get rid of it.

Our Thoughts: block ads on samsung tv?

Ads can be annoying, but removing them from your television has never been easier. One of the best benefits of streaming media services over traditional cable is avoiding commercials, so don’t give it up! It only takes a few technical tweaks to remove YouTube ads from your Samsung permanently.

FAQs About adblock on smart tv

How do I block ads on my Samsung TV?There are a few ways to block ads on your Samsung TV. You can use a third-party ad blocker app, such as AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin. These apps can be downloaded from the Samsung Smart Hub app store. You can also use a router-based ad blocker, such as AdGuard Home. These apps work by blocking ads at the network level, so they will block ads on all of your devices, including your Samsung TV.
Does Samsung have a built-in ad blocker?No, Samsung does not have a built-in ad blocker. However, you can use a third-party ad blocker app or a router-based ad blocker to block ads on your Samsung TV.
Are there any downsides to using an ad blocker on my Samsung TV?There are a few potential downsides to using an ad blocker on your Samsung TV. First, ad blockers can slow down your TV’s performance. Second, ad blockers can block some legitimate content. Third, ad blockers can sometimes break the functionality of certain websites.
Is it safe to use an ad blocker on my Samsung TV?Yes, it is safe to use an ad blocker on your Samsung TV. Ad blockers are not harmful to your TV or to your data.

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