Best Samsung TV Settings For Gaming: Detailed Guide!

What are the Best Samsung TV Settings for Gaming? Samsung 4K TVs have outstanding images and vistas.

They also have high-quality audio when paired with a soundbar.

With this in mind, they are the greatest tools for playing console and PC games.

However, you may need to make adjustments before you can enjoy gaming on a Samsung 4k TV.

Best Gaming Settings Of Samsung TV
Best gaming TV Settings

If done correctly, the device should provide the finest gaming experience possible.

Do you want to get the perfect sharpness of your samsung tv’s gaming capabilities?

Troubleshooting: Issues and Solutions

Input lagEnable game settings. This will reduce input lag, which is the time it takes for your TV to respond to input from your gaming console or PC.
Motion blurUse Motion Plus to reduce motion blur. This will make fast-moving objects appear smoother.
Black crushAdjust the Black Level setting to prevent black areas of the screen from appearing crushed. This will make dark scenes more visible.
Color accuracyAdjust the Color Space setting to get the most accurate color reproduction. This will make games look more realistic.
HDREnable HDR if your TV supports it. This will make games look brighter and more vibrant.

So, here are the options you should think about.

Key Takeaway:

The optimal settings for gaming on a Samsung television include activating Input Signal Plus and Game Mode, adjusting the color temperature for TV broadcasts, sports, and games, modifying the brightness settings, and activating Dynamic Contrast.

Best TV picture settings for gaming

Here are the best gaming Settings for Samsung televisions:

  1. Dynamic Contrast is turned off.
  2. The black tone is turned off.
  3. Tones: 0 Gamma: 0 Flesh: 0
  4. Motion Lighting is turned off.
  5. Digital Clean View is turned off.
  6. The smart LED is turned off.

Best Picture Settings for PS4 Pro Gaming

o get the best settings for a PS4 Pro on a samsung tv’s, connect the PS4 Pro to the HDMI 1 port on the TV using an HDMI cable. Then, adjust the HDR settings by clicking on Adjust HDR. Set resolution set for 4k UHD, turn on 50 Hz, 24 Hz, and YCC 4:2:2, adjust video fidelity to Auto-Detect, set Color Depth to 36 bits per pixel, and switch on HDR. Finally, position the television so it can be seen straight on and avoid glare from windows or lights

TV Picture Settings for PS5 Gaming

The best tv for gaming servings for PS5 gaming depends on your TV type. For LCD TVs, it is best to disable HDR. For OLED TVs, such as the Sony A95K OLED and samsung TVs, it is recommended to adjust the HDR settings and Color Settings for the optimal gaming experience.

Samsung LCD TV Game Mode

Samsung LCD TVs have a feature called “Game Mode” which is designed to enhance the gaming experience for users. When activated, this mode optimizes the TV’s settings to reduce input lag, resulting in a smoother and more responsive gaming experience. In Game Mode, the TV prioritizes faster image processing, providing gamers with sharper and more detailed visuals. 

Best TV Picture Settings for Xbox series X Gaming

To adjust the picture settings on an Xbox Series X, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings menu and select System.
  2. In the Backup and Transfer section, select Network Transfer.
  3. Check the option to enable network transfer.
  4. Navigate to the Profile & system section and select Settings.
  5. Under TV & display options, choose the display and picture settings that are appropriate for your TV.
  6. To take advantage of the full potential of your HDR TV, set the HDR brightness to the maximum in the picture size settings.
  7. You can also enable YCC 4:2:2 for improved compatibility with older or more complex TVs.
  8. To ensure that color sampling is not dropped when detecting an HDMI 2.0 port, set the color depth to a 10-bit color depth.

By following these steps, you can optimize the picture size settings on your Xbox Series X for the best possible gaming experience on your TV.

What's The Best Samsung TV Gaming Settings?
What is The Best Samsung TV Gaming Settings?

Every Gaming TV Should Have These 5 Features

Lag in the Input

For most hardcore gamers, this is by far the most important component.

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A TV’s input lag rating is the time it takes from pressing a button on your controller to the accompanying in-game settings action being displayed.

The value offers represents the time that will elapse between your actions and the result displayed on the screen.

You can be at a huge disadvantage in competitive multiplayer games if your television’s input lag is too high (we consider anything under 50ms to be good and anything under 25ms to be excellent).

Add nearly 100ms to every reaction you make, and you’ll quickly realize how off-putting it can feel.

Unfortunately, information on a television’s input lag rating isn’t always readily available, with many manufacturers deleting the statistic entirely.

See Also:


For the past ten years, popular home consoles have displayed content in Full HD quality (1080p), therefore it hasn’t been a factor to consider until the PS4 Pro and (codenamed) Xbox Scorpio were announced.

Both promise 4K Ultra HD gaming in our living rooms, so if you have your heart set on one of these, you might want to start shopping for a 4K Ultra HD TV now.

Remember that sending a 1080p signal from your PS4 or Xbox One to a 4K Ultra HD TV works just fine, so even if you don’t plan on upgrading to 4K specifically for gaming, you may still profit when watching Ultra HD movies or television.

Consider your preferred console as well as any extra devices you intend to utilize and make your decision from there.

Although Ultra HD use is increasing, Full HD video still makes up the great gaming bulk of available content, so you won’t be left behind in two years if you go that path.

Technology for Displays

If you’re looking at the new consoles, an HDR-compatible TV would be a good idea.

This Samsung UE49KU6400 UHD TV is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a cheap Ultra HD TV with HDR support.

Best Gaming Settings For Samsung TV That You Need To Try
Best Gaming Settings For Samsung TV That You Need To Try


Most importantly, all you’ll need for your consoles is an HDMI port.

All HDTVs will include an HDMI connection, which is compatible with the current and prior generation of consoles.

Once again, the new consoles drastically alter the technological requirements.

For example, Sony has stated that an HDMI 2.0 cable and port are necessary to play games in 4K Ultra HD resolution at 60 frames per second on the PS4 Pro.

Before you buy a TV, make sure it has the necessary ports for your desired console or accessory (Ultra HD Blu-rays also need HDMI 2.0).

Things get a little more tricky if you’re a throwback fanatic.

You’ll need at least one SCART connector for your PS2, as older consoles often rely on an aerial socket (which may or may not require an RF receiver, depending on the system) to display properly.

Samsung tv game mode

This option should be available on most TVs (typically accessible in the display settings menu), but double-checking is always a good idea.

‘Game Mode’ (also known as ‘No Post-Processing Mode’) is a picture size settings mode that eliminates many of the superfluous post-processing utilized to display standard material.

The difference can be dramatic; input lag can be reduced by up to 80%, resulting in a far more fluid and responsive experience.

How to Enable Game Mode?

Take note that on some models, when a game settings console is selected as the source, the Game Mode is automatically activated.

You should still manually enable it, for example, while playing PC games.

Several features, such as FreeSync, are only accessible when the game mode is activated.

The TV’s visual processing is turned off while in game settings.

While this may result in a minor reduction in visual quality, it dramatically minimizes input lag, which great gaming improves responsiveness when gaming.]

1. Using your TV remote, hit the Home button to bring up the Settings menu when the gaming console is attached and turned on. Select General, and then External Device Manager from the drop-down menu. Select samsung tv game mode settings from the drop-down menu, then toggle Game Mode.

Enable Game Mode 1
hit the Home button to bring up the Settings

2. In order to change the picture size settings on some samsung tv’s, you will need to go to Settings and then Picture. To enter Game Mode, you will need to select Special Viewing Mode from the drop-down menu.

Enable Game Mode 2
select Special Viewing Mode

You can improve the visual quality of your screen again by going back to a picture size settings mode such as Standard or Movie when you have finished gaming and want to watch a movie.

How To Enable HDR+ Mode?

Please keep in mind that HDR+ Mode is only available on certain models.

Did you know that the human eye can distinguish between a total of ten million different colors?

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In comparison to standard screens, HDR (High Dynamic Range) displays many more shades of color temperature, and you will definitely want it for your gaming experience.

Every console or PC does not support HDR+, but it will add an HDR effect to non-HDR video if the console or PC supports it.

Make use of it to get a little bit closer to the genuine thing.

To access the Settings menu, press the Home button on your TV remote.

Select Picture, and then Expert Settings from the drop-down menu. HDR+ Mode can be activated by selecting it from the menu.

In order to change the picture on some samsung tv’s, you will need to go to Settings and then Picture.

HDR+ Mode may only be accessed by selecting Special Viewing Mode from the menu bar on the left.

Activate HDR+ Mode
HDR+ Mode may only be accessed by selecting Special Viewing Mode

When you are watching HDR content, your television automatically switches to HDR mode. Any adjustments you make while in HDR mode will only be effective when in HDR mode.

When you are viewing SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) content, these adjustments will not be reflected.

The Ultimate Picture Setting: Step-by-Step Instructions

Samsung 4K TVs: Best Settings for SDR Gaming

Use any of the settings to improve the images on your display if you want to play SDR games on your samsung tv’s.

Activate tv’s game Mode.

Select the following values under Expert Settings.

Best tv settings for gaming

  • 45 dB Contrast
  • Sharpness is set at 0.
  • The color is 25.
  • G/R (tint) = 0
  • Warm 2-color tone
  • Gamma is equal to 2.2.
  • Brightness = Customize the brightness to your liking.

Brightness = Customize the brightness to your liking

Samsung 4K TVs: Best Settings for Gaming

You can try the following options if you want to make tweaks that work on any console.

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Go to General -> External Device Manager and scroll down.
  • Activate the Game Mode Options.
  • Turn on the Game Enhancer.
  • Adjust the Dynamic Equalizer to 4 in the drop-down menu.
  • Turn on Game Motion Plus under the tv’s game Motion Plus Settings.
  • Judder Reduction should be set to 9 and Blur Reduction at 8.
  • LED Clear Motion should be turned off.
  • N.B. Also, don’t forget to off Input Signal Plus.

Samsung 4K TVs: Specific Settings for Gaming

Here are some of the great gaming UHD settings.

Furthermore, these modifications are compatible with a variety of gaming devices.

PS4 Pro Best Samsung 4K Settings

It might be beneficial to enable Input Signal Plus before making any adjustments for gaming on your TV.

Colors will appear more vibrant on the TV screen as a result of this function.

Fortunately, setting up these settings will not take all day.

Here’s how to get Input Plus up and running.

  1. Activate the settings
  2. Go to the General tab.
  3. Select Input Plus from the External Device Manager.
  4. Activate the HDMI port that is connected to the console’s Input Plus.
  5. Then, on the PS4, adjust the HDR settings.
  6. On the PS4, go to the Settings tab.
  7. Select Sound and Screen -> Video Output Settings from the drop-down menu.
  8. Select Automatic from the HDR and Deep Color Output Settings.
  9. Adjust the HDR settings by clicking on Adjust HDR.
  10. For Xbox One, the Best Samsung 4K Settings
  11. The Samsung 4k TV may also be used with the Xbox One.
  12. Working on some of the settings can also help to improve the pictures.
  13. On the television’s settings:
  14. Select “Movie Mode” or “Dynamic” from the drop-down menu.
  15. Turn off the lights in the room.
  16. Turn off the Lightnin’s Motion
  17. Activate Digital Clean View.
  18. Adjust the Contrast Enhancer to your liking.
  19. Disable the tv’s game Mode.
  20. Set the image size to 16.9 pixels.
  21. Then go to the Xbox and utilize the settings below.
  22. The resolution should be adjusted to 4k UHD. 50 Hz, 24 Hz, and YCC 4:2:2 should all be turned on.
  23. Set the fidelity of the video to Auto-Detect.
  24. Set the color depth per pixel to 36 bits.
  25. Switch on HDR in your Xbox settings. Also, make sure the Input Signal is turned on and that the console boots in HDR.

PC Mode: The Best Gaming Settings

A Samsung 4K Smart TV may be used to play PC games.

You may need to tweak the settings if you wish to improve the picture quality of such games.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Activate UHD color.
  • Select a game mode.
  • Set the backlight to 20 percent.
  • Set the Smart LED to the highest setting.
  • Brightness should be set at 45.
  • Sharpness should be set to 0
  • Increase the contrast to 100.
  • Change the color tone or color temperature to 1 (Warm).
  • Disable the Dynamic Contrast feature.
  • Color Space should be set to Auto or Native.
  • Gamma should be set to zero.
  • Normalize the HDMI black level
  • SDR should be set to Normal.
  • Set the PC HDR Mode to Auto
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Samsung TV Best Gaming Settings
Samsung TV Best Gaming Settings

Best tv settings for xbox one

Go to the TV output settings on your console. Make sure it’s set to at least 720p, 1080p or 4K UHD – the higher the better. Once in your console’s TV settings, you should find everything else you can do to improve your gaming experience – whether that’s enabling Dolby Vision or a higher refresh rate.

Take a look at Samsung’s unique viewing options.

Samsung’s 4K UHD televisions have a variety of unique viewing modes.

Special Viewing Mode can be found in the Picture Settings section of the menu.

The following options are available under the Special Viewing Mode category:

Sports Mode:

This setting delivers the finest visual settings for fast-moving content such as sports and other live events.

It produces a brighter image with a cooler color temperature and a faster motion response than the previous model. The Stadium Sound Mode is also enabled while in Sports Mode.

Gameplay: There are two game modes.

This model is the finest picture preset option for gamers since it puts the television in a low latency mode, which is ideal for gaming.

However, you may notice a minor decline in the quality of the video graphics.

A game controller or console must be attached in order to play the game mode.

Once you have activated Gaming Mode, you may need to unplug the game console from the television in order to move between devices.

HDR+ (High Dynamic Range) Mode:

It is only available on 4K TV models that are equipped with HDR technology.

The TV’s HDR capability is automatically activated when HDR-encoded video from suitable sources (such as Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs and specific streaming content) is played back.

The TV will alter the brightness and contrast ratio of HDR-encoded video if you also enable HDR+, resulting in sharper and more distinct images of objects.

HDR+ also provides the capability of incorporating an HDR effect into standard-definition content.

Because this is a conversion procedure, the results are not as exact as they would be with actual HDR videos.

The end result may appear washed out or uneven from scene to scene, depending on the camera angle.

If you find the HDR+ setting to be ineffective, you can disable it.

How To Set Up Tv For Gaming?

To set up your TV for gaming, start by connecting your gaming console to the TV using an HDMI cable. Adjust the TV’s display settings to optimize game visuals and enable game mode to reduce input lag. Ensure your TV’s audio settings are set to game mode for an immersive gaming experience.

Final Thoughts: Best TV Settings for Gaming

The best samsung game mode settings may be used on a variety of 4k TVs.

If the image quality isn’t to your liking, play about with the options until you find the best picture in movie mode.

If you want more options, go to the Samsung support page and look through the numerous options.

Ultimate Gaming Settings For Samsung TV
Settings on Samsung gaming TV

With the imminent mid-generation upgrades of the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio, there’s a lot to consider.

Depending on what you play and how often you play, other characteristics will be more important to your enjoyment.

For example, some TVs may be monster home cinema displays for movie fans, but they may not do as well in the gaming category as other panels.

Whatever you choose, our carefully curated selection of gaming TVs will provide you with a fantastic gaming, film, and television experience.

Samsung Tv Game Mode Not Available

If you’re unable to find the “Game Mode” option on your Samsung TV in English, try changing the language settings to English (if available). Ensure your TV software is up to date, as older versions may not support Game Mode in English. Contacting Samsung customer support can also help resolve any specific compatibility issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best settings for gaming on a Samsung TV?To get the best gaming experience on a Samsung TV, you should enable Game Mode, adjust the Black Level setting, and adjust the Color Space setting. You may also want to enable HDR if your TV supports it.
What is Game Mode and how does it improve gaming?Game Mode is a setting that reduces input lag, which is the time it takes for your TV to respond to input from your gaming console or PC. This can make games feel more responsive and can give you a competitive edge.
What is Black Level and how does it affect gaming?Black Level is a setting that controls how dark the black levels are on your TV. If you are playing a game with a lot of dark scenes, you may want to adjust the Black Level setting so that the black levels are not too crushed.
What is Color Space and how does it affect gaming?Color Space is a setting that controls how colors are displayed on your TV. If you are playing a game with a lot of vibrant colors, you may want to adjust the Color Space setting so that the colors are not too saturated.
What is HDR and how does it affect gaming?HDR is a technology that increases the range of colors and brightness that your TV can display. This can make games look more realistic and immersive.

Which TV game mode is the most effective?

The Samsung TV with the most effective game mode is the Samsung S95B OLED, because of its low input latency and quick response time. Game Mode lowers input lag by removing display lag-causing features. It can be enabled fast using the settings menu. There may be a Game Mode feature on other Samsung televisions, but it may not be as effective as the one on the S95B OLED.

Is playing games on a Samsung Smart TV good?

In general, playing video games on a Samsung Smart TV is satisfying due to its low input lag and enhanced image quality. In addition, it provides access to over 100 high-quality games via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as well as a number of titles exclusive to the Tizen platform. Due to its low input lag, the Samsung TU7000 is highly suggested for gamers.

What Samsung television settings are ideal?

Contrast 45, Brightness 0, Sharpness 0, Color 50, Tint R50, and Backlight 20 are the ideal image settings for a Samsung television [1]. Digital Clean View for video noise reduction, Auto Motion Plus, and Smart LED are other recommended options. These settings may need to be changed up or down depending on the movie, game, or show being viewed, lighting conditions, viewing angle, glare, distance from the television, and other variables.

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