10 Best Samsung Internet Tips And Tricks You Should Not Miss!

Most OEM (original equipment manufacturer) browsers are, at best, decent. Nonetheless, Samsung has made more significant efforts to distinguish Samsung Internet from Chrome and other third-party Play Store web browsers.

Samsung Internet is not restricted to the most advanced Samsung Galaxy phones. It is available for download through the Google Play Store.

Best Samsung Internet Tips and Tricks
Best Samsung Internet Tips and Tricks

If you intend to do so, continue reading to discover the top Samsung Internet recommendations for enhancing your web browsing experience.

Well, here are some pointers for using Samsung Internet. Personalize the toolbar and menus with the functions you use most frequently. Use the enhanced dark mode for easier nighttime reading. Use the secret mode for browsing in private.


Samsung Internet Browser Useful Tips and Tricks 


Samsung Internet does not restrict the style of the default tab switcher. Instead, the organization provides three ways to display your open tabs: List, Stack, and Grid.

  • Launch Samsung Internet on the device.
  • Tap the bottom-most Tabs menu.
  • Choose View from the menu with three dots at the top.
  • Check the tabs preview and select List, Stack, or Grid from the radio buttons below.


This is comparable to an iPhone Safari capability. While working with dozens of tabs on a mobile device, no number of stylistic modifications will prevent you from having to navigate through the tab switcher menu continuously. Create tab groups and organize web pages instead.

  • Open the Tabs menu by launching Samsung Internet.
  • Choose Group tabs from the three-dot menu at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the radio button adjacent to the tabs you wish to group.
  • Tap the Group button and enter an appropriate name.
  • Choose the Create icon. Samsung Internet generates a new group, including particular web pages.
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The privacy dashboard of Samsung Internet will surprise you with information such as the number of trackers that follow you and collect your browser history for targeted advertising.

Even though browser cookies remember your activities with a website, they are frequently employed to monitor you. For example, there is a good reason why your Amazon wishlist follows you around the web.

  • Choose the More option (it resembles a hamburger menu) at the bottom of Samsung Internet.
  • Choose Privacy.
  • Ensure that Smart anti-tracking is activated and examine other privacy-enhancing add-ons to shield you from interruptions.
Best Tips on Using Samsung Internet
Best Tips on Using Samsung Internet


Another capability was copied from Apple by Samsung. Similar to Safari, the position of the address bar can be modified on Samsung Internet. 

By default, the address bar is at the top, making accessing it difficult for some users. You can relocate the address bar to the Bottom to improve accessibility.

  • Choose Settings from the More option on Samsung Internet by tapping More.
  • Choose Layout from the menu.
  • Touch the radio button below the Bottom and adjust the location of the address bar.


If you visit the web at night, the dark mode on Samsung Internet can be helpful. When the dark mode is enabled, Samsung Internet darkens most screen elements. This approach enhances the reading experience and battery life of AMOLED-display smartphones.

  • Open Samsung Internet settings (refer to the steps above).
  • Choose the page view and scrolling option.
  • Open the Dark mode menu.
  • Choose Use Dark mode and activate it or set it to match your phone’s default theme.

In dark mode, you can also modify the brightness of a webpage. Unfortunately, Samsung’s implementation is more forceful than other browsers, and it may leave you with web pages that are difficult to see and broken.


The Samsung Internet fast access option includes an ineffective news feed. If you do not wish to see it, you can disable it.

  • Tap the Edit button next to the Quick access menu when Samsung Internet is open.
  • Click the radio box next to None to prevent the homepage from displaying news articles.
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Hidden Mode Settings on Samsung Internet
Hidden Mode Settings on Samsung Internet

Private mode is Samsung’s version of other browsers’ private or incognito modes. Secret mode offers heightened privacy protection by deleting cookies and browser history for visited websites. The private mode can be secured with a password or biometrics.

  • Access the Tabs section of Samsung Internet (refer to the first tip).
  • Tap Enable Secret mode, then press the Start button from the menu that appears.


Samsung Internet employs Google as its default search engine. However, you can change the search engine to Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo.

  • Open Samsung Internet settings (check the steps above).
  • Choose the Address bar search option.
  • Use your chosen search engine to navigate the Internet.

You can pick Add search engine and check further possibilities, such as Yandex, Seznam, and Qwant. Moreover, you can easily navigate to another search engine from the search bar for a specific question.

Tap the search box and select the default search engine symbol. Next, choose a different search engine and enter your terms.


If you intend to view videos on Samsung Internet, this is the best option. Incompatible videos, the built-in video assistant offers additional features such as seeing the entire screen, viewing on TV, launching a pop-up player, and rotating the screen.

  • Open Settings in Samsung Internet (check the steps in the third tip).
  • Go to Helpful functions.
  • Activate the Video helper toggle to reveal the additional control.

Also, the Video assistant includes easy gestures to enhance your video experience. For instance, you may adjust the brightness by swiping up or down on the left side of the screen, adjust the media volume by swiping up or down on the right side of the screen, double-tap on the right side to fast-forward a video by 10 seconds, and double-tap on the left side to rewind it.

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Thanks to Samsung Internet’s outstanding video assistant, you may watch hundreds of videos in your browser. In addition, you may monitor your viewing habits via the video history option.

Video History Settings on Samsung Internet
Video History Settings on Samsung Internet
  • Tap History from the More menu at the Bottom.
  • Go to Video history to view previously viewed videos in the app.


What is a private mode for Samsung Internet?

What is the purpose of Samsung’s private mode? Like in iOS devices, Android’s incognito mode allows users to remain anonymous while surfing the web. As implemented in Google Chrome for Android, incognito mode conceals your browser history so that others cannot view the websites you’ve visited.

Is Samsung Internet a reliable web browser?

Many users may view Samsung Internet as an unneeded addition to the company’s own Android skin. Yet, it has some notable features that make it one of the best and most comprehensive mobile browsers available.

Why is the Internet on my Samsung so slow?

A slow data connection on your phone is typically caused by a weak connection in your area, network congestion, or too many background applications. Slow iOS or Android internet is a common complaint among smartphone owners, and numerous causes exist.

How do I increase my Internet speed?

Packet Stream is another well-known website for selling Internet bandwidth for money. Similar to peer2profit, it is a peer-to-peer home proxy network that allows users to share bandwidth. You incur a charge of $0.10 per GB of data shared. Customers must pay $1 for every 1GB of data they purchase.

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