Removing Refrigerator Doors for Delivery: Samsung Fridge

Removing Refrigerator Doors for Delivery? Since so many different models of refrigerators are available for purchase, some of them might not fit through the front door. 

As a result, you might be curious as to whether the fridge doors can be opened. Many refrigerators are expanding, and older homes may struggle to fit the added room. So we looked into whether the refrigerator doors can be remove fridge door for delivery.

Can Samsung Refrigerator Doors Be Removed For Delivery
Removing samsung refrigerator doors for delivery

Yes, you can remove most refrigerator doors for delivery, albeit some might be more delicate owing to wiring. This is typical for refrigerators with an ice maker or water dispenser. You might need to go over how to open the fridge doors on each common model:

  • Top Mount
  • Bottom Mount
  • French Door
  • Side by Side

It’s critical to consider the type of refrigerator model you’ll handle and taking doors off samsung french door refrigerator. Learn how to determine whether a refrigerator will fit through your door and how to handle larger refrigerators by continuing to read.

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Prior to making any purchases, it is generally essential to measure your property. Traditionally, entry doors are 80 inches tall. Therefore, you should focus mainly on the breadth.

Older or more fashionable homes could have a unique width, yet most entrance doorways should be about 36 inches wide. Unfortunately, some doors have openings that are barely 30 inches wide.

When you have measured your doorway, you may compare it to the sizes mentioned below for the most common types of refrigerators. Then, by calling the store or going online, you can further compare your dimensions to the details of the model.

Top Mount and Bottom Mount Models

 Top Mount refrigerator
Top Mount refrigerator

The standard Top Mount refrigerator, built with the freezer on top and smaller and cheaper, is highly popular in the US. These models’ widths typically fall between 28 and 33 inches.

A regular front door should therefore be able to fit a standard fridge. Bottom Mount refrigerators have a freezer on the bottom but are otherwise very similar. Therefore, they are similar in terms of maximum width.

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Counter Depth Models

Counter-depth refrigerators
Counter-depth refrigerators

These long, lean freezers are a more compact variation of the classic Top Mount versions. According to experts like Home Depot, the counter-depth refrigerators are made to fit flush with kitchen counters, which are typically about 27 inches deep.

They often are wider to make up for the lost space. They do, however, have less depth, which ensures that they will fit through a doorway. They might encounter problems if the entrance opens immediately into a narrow lobby or a stairway.

French Door and Side by Side Models

French Door refrigerator
French Door refrigerator

These oversized refrigerators will probably cause you problems. For example, two doors on a “French Door refrigerator” are split down the middle and open outward. This is below the freezer. They generally have the same 36-inch width as entry doors.

The “Side by Side” refrigerator includes freezer and fridge compartments next to each other, making it the widest model. They normally measure between 33 and 40 inches broad but offer the most room and relaxation.


There are a few easy measures to follow when bringing a new refrigerator home. Having two persons or more in charge of the procedure is ideal. For more information about transporting a refrigerator, see our topic “Can A Refrigerator Be Transported on Its Side or Back?”

First, measure the doors, hallways, and kitchen area to ensure a suitable fit. Next, remove all obstructions to the kitchen, including any big pieces of furniture or anything else that could be dangerous.

Even though some refrigerators have wheels, you might still want to use a dolly as leverage by sliding it under the refrigerator’s side. You might be able to open the doors and rotate the refrigerator inside once it is level with the entryway.

Bringing In An Existing Fridge

The procedure is slightly more difficult when moving into a new house with your own refrigerator than when relocating a new appliance. Before moving, it is appropriate to empty and clean the refrigerator. Otherwise, spills and leaks might occur.

You must therefore turn off the power to your refrigerator. Then, plan to eat what you have and store the rest somewhere else.

If your moving company does not provide that service, you could also need to unplug every piece of wiring by yourself. This includes the wiring for ice makers and water dispensers. After that, you can proceed similarly to installing a new refrigerator.

When the work is finished, read “How Long Before You Can Use A New Refrigerator?” to make sure you use the kitchen appliances correctly.


You will need to remove something to make room for refrigerators that are too big for the entryway. This procedure may vary depending on the refrigerator type, such as Top Mount or French Door models.

Before beginning, always make sure the power is off. Furthermore, remember that no fridge magnet is powerful enough to hold doors open while the hinges are being removed.

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You must unplug the wiring and water filter tubing from refrigerators with ice makers and water dispensers. Take images of the setup for future use if there are complicated wire harnesses. Additionally, many refrigerators feature a bottom “kick plate” that you can typically remove easily when necessary.

Removing Refrigerator Doors for Delivery

Taking Off The Front Door Or Fridge Handles

Fridge Handles: Removing Refrigerator Doors for Delivery
Fridge Handles

Consider whether you could fit the fridge inside your house by eliminating your front door or the refrigerator’s handles before you spend too much time on the specifics.

You might need to remove the trim above and below the handles of the refrigerator. However, the trim might be too tough for you to remove by hand.

The trim can then be loosened by inserting a flathead screwdriver between the handles and the trim. The handles can then usually be unscrewed with a Phillips head screwdriver.

You must remove the hinges to take out the front door. A pin holds these door hinges together. The door opens by pushing the hinge pin up and out with a hinge pin removal tool. If necessary, bearing grease can be used to remove a stout hinge pin.

If removing these obstructions isn’t enough, you’ll also need to take off the refrigerator’s freezer and doors.

Top Mount Fridge Door Removal

If necessary, unplug the electricity and start at the top. Next, the screws on the top, center, and bottom hinges must be taken out. To achieve this, you’ll probably need a hex wrench of some kind.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the panel from the top hinge if necessary. Use your wrench to remove each hinge screw. Set aside the freezer door.

You might require a washer wrench to remove the washer from the middle hinge. Then, as before, remove each of those hinge screws. An open-end wrench may also be required in this situation. Next, remove the bottom hinge, in the same manner, leaving the refrigerator door aside.

Removal of Bottom Mount Doors

The procedure for removing the refrigerator door is the same as it would be for a Top Mount type. However, bottom freezer doors can vary greatly and become rather intricate. As a result, you might need to refer to your manufacturer and handbook.

Bottom freezers are often constructed using a drawer and basket design. The baskets must first be taken out. Some have tabs that must be pushed in, while others can be pulled out immediately.

The freezer drawer itself then needs to be taken out. For this, some also have tabs. Others let you take off the screws holding the drawer to the sometimes-referred-to-as-“glides” sliders. The drawer should then easily remove.

On some models, however, there are tiny plastic locks on either side that must be unlocked and removed by sliding a flathead screwdriver below the plastic.

Samsung Fridge Door Removal of French Door Refrigerator

As with top-mount refrigerators, you must take off the hinge covers and hinges above each door on each side.

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As directed by the manufacturer, disconnect the wiring and tubing. You might also need to remove the grounding wire’s nut. To remove each door, simply slide it straight up.

The freezer is located at the bottom of French door refrigerators. As suggested above or as directed by the manufacturer, remove the baskets and loosen the drawer from the sliders.

How to remove side by side refrigerator doors

Disconnect the water lines first. This can be found in some models behind the bottom kick plate. Some people have a hose behind the refrigerator.

A hinge cover must be unscrewed on several of these models’ chock-full of electrical cables. Take photographs, unplug the harnesses, and then remove the ground wire via its screw. Next, the water hose should be pulled out.

To remove the actual hinge covers, unscrew any screws and twist off any hinge lockers. To remove the refrigerator and freezer doors, pull them straight up.

CONCLUSION: How to remove samsung refrigerator doors

Getting a new refrigerator through your front door might be challenging, especially with so many types available. 

It’s important to measure everything in advance and pick the appropriate model for your house. Now that you know in advance, you’ll be ready to remove any refrigerator doors if required to finish your ideal kitchen.

FAQs: Can Samsung Refrigerator Doors Be Removed For Delivery

Questions Answers
Do Refrigerators Get Delivered With The Doors Off?Yes, refrigerators are often delivered with the doors off. This is done to ensure easy transportation and to prevent any damage during the delivery process. However, it is always recommended to check with the retailer or delivery service beforehand to confirm the specific delivery arrangements for your refrigerator.
Can You Remove Refrigerator Doors For Delivery?Samsung refrigerator door removal, follow these steps:
1. Locate the hinges connecting the door to the refrigerator.
2. Unscrew the screws holding the hinges in place using a screwdriver.
3. Lift the door off the hinges carefully and set it aside.
4. Repeat the process for any additional doors. Remember to take precautions to avoid any damage during the removal process.
Are Refrigerators Delivered With Doors Off?Yes, refrigerators are typically delivered with doors off in English. Removing the doors during delivery ensures safe transportation and prevents damage. It is common practice to reattach the doors upon arrival, following the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation

Can doors be removed from the Samsung fridge?

Start lifting and releasing the hinge lever to remove the Samsung refrigerator door. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws keeping the hinge in place. The fridge door’s upper left and right hinges can now all be removed and set aside.Start lifting and releasing the hinge lever to remove the Samsung refrigerator door. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws keeping the hinge in place. The fridge door’s upper left and right hinges can now all be removed and set aside.

Can refrigerators be delivered with doors off?

Yes, the delivery people will open the doors to allow the refrigerator into your house. They can even remove the refrigerator doors if necessary. Another smart move is to give the delivery warehouse a call. I sincerely hope this is helpful and that you enjoy your new refrigerator.

Can you take the doors off a Samsung American fridge freezer?

Here is how to take the doors off an American refrigerator and freezer. You will likely need to remove the doors from your American fridge freezer to move it through the doorways. It’s a rather simple task, really. First, remove the wall plug, and remove the shelves and contents.

How to take doors off samsung fridge? (Guide)

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