How To Find Galaxy Buds Case? [Follow These Easy Steps!]

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How To Find Galaxy Buds Case? If you’ve misplaced your galaxy buds case, this guide on how to find lost galaxy buds case will show you how to locate it.

Many people were taken aback when Apple first announced the AirPods.

The announcement was met with skepticism because the AirPods’ design was ridiculous.

How To Find Galaxy Buds Case
How To Find Galaxy Buds Case

They were available without a cord and would simply fit in your ear.

They appeared to be hanging by a thread, and any physical movement would likely dislodge them from the ear. Many people, however, praised the design’s creativity.

How To Find Galaxy Buds Case?

GPS Navigation will automatically open Google Maps and lead you to where your galaxy Bud case is. Ring: You can tap Ring when you get to the place. A beeping sound will start coming from the SmartTag. Listen to the sound to find your Galaxy Buds case, and tap Stop to end the search.


For starters, they were completely wireless, so there was no need for a dongle or anything of the sort. Then, simply place them in their case, and the case will function as a portable power bank, charging your earphones to full capacity and allowing you to use them again.

Because they stop playing music as soon as you take them out of your ears, they were carefully designed.

The onus was then on Samsung, as the entire world waited with bated breath to see what the company would produce. And, indeed, they released the Galaxy Buds pro, which were designed to go with their latest flagship devices.

Furthermore, the company removed the earphone jack from all of its new devices, making the Galaxy Buds the default choice for people who want to listen to music on their Samsung devices of your pixel buds pro.

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Specifications of Galaxy Buds
Specifications of Galaxy Buds

The Galaxy buds are significantly smaller than Apple’s offering and are designed to fit neatly into the ear. While the grip is said to be better, their small and diminutive design means you’ll have a difficult time finding them if you drop them.

AKG engineered the sou at ynd drivers inside the Buds, and the company has gone to great lengths to provide users with top-of-the-line, premium sound Samsung phone.

There’s also gesture control and advanced features like Ambient Noise, which lets you control how much ambient noise you want to allow. Simply put, this gives you complete control over what you want to hear and makes it simple to strike a balance between the ambient noise and the music you want to hear.

However, the most advanced features are present. Like the AirPods, you can simply place your buds back in the case and they will begin charging automatically at your google pixel .

It’s a quick and easy way to charge your device from empty to full, giving you nearly 13 hours of playtime on the go.

The charging case adds an additional seven hours. Furthermore, thanks to the Buds’ advanced speech-to-text features, you can now text without typing. When you connect your Galaxy smartphone, you’ll be treated to a fully integrated experience that allows you to control virtually all major aspects of your device via the Samsung Galaxy Buds pro.

The company has also ensured that advanced connectivity options, such as Swift Pair, are available, allowing you to quickly pair the buds with your Windows 10 platform. The device is also said to be water resistant, so a splash is unlikely to cause a problem.

However, while the Galaxy Buds are designed to be better and more intuitive than competitors in the market, you should be aware that if you lose them, you will have a difficult time finding the earbud.

These buds are extremely small and can easily roll into a dark or tiny nook or cranny, making it nearly impossible to find them right away. Thankfully, Samsung recognizes this and has included a slew of features designed to help you find your lost Buds.



There is a fairly simple method for locating your Galaxy Buds. The first thing you should do from your phone is search for the Galaxy Wearable app. This feature is already present in the majority of new Samsung devices.

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If your phone does not already have the app, you can simply download it. To find and connect to your Galaxy Buds, you’ll need the Galaxy Wearable app. You only need to open the app once you’ve downloaded it and connected it to your device.

Then you’ll see an option labeled “Find My Earbuds.” Tap it to activate it. But what if you already own the GearX Icon Earbuds? If this is the case, you should be aware that this option will not work. You must instead go to settings and then select Find My Gear.

Then you’ll be taken to another screen with the prompt “Start.” The earbuds will begin to beep as soon as the phone is within range or even close by. With the passage of time, the beeping will become increasingly louder.

This will continue for three minutes, giving you time to locate them. Once you’ve located your Buds, you can easily stop the process by pressing the Stop button. It’s a fantastic feature that allows users to easily locate their buds if they misplace them.


Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the situation. If you lose the case, there is simply no way to find it again, and this is because the case has no connection of its own.

The case only adds more battery life to the Buds and does not connect to Bluetooth or any other channel on its own so check your battery percentage. If you misplace the case, there’s almost no way to recover it. As a result, you’ll need to find a replacement or purchase a new set of buds.


Another frequently asked question, particularly from people who have misplaced their Galaxy Buds case, is whether it is possible to charge their Galaxy Buds without the case. While you can charge your Galaxy Buds without using the charging cable, you’ll still need the case for the other methods to work.

You can, for example, charge your Galaxy Buds with your Samsung Galaxy phone. You should use a model that supports reverse wireless charging, such as the S10, S10+, or S10e. However, in order to charge the buds with your smartphone, you must still place them in the case.

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So, if you’ve misplaced or lost your galaxy buds case, your only option is to buy a new set of Samsung earbud. Samsung may allow you to purchase the charging case separately rather than the entire set of buds. However, you must contact Samsung and inquire whether you can purchase just the case without the buds.

FAQs about How To Find Galaxy Buds Case

Can I track the location of my Galaxy Buds case?

Because the Galaxy Buds are Bluetooth-enabled, they can be located if they are misplaced. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Buds case lacks Bluetooth functionality and is only useful for charging the Buds. Because they are not connected to the phone, they are unable to use any of the retrieval techniques.

What should I do if I misplace my Galaxy Buds?

Galaxy Buds Live, Buds Pro, and Buds2: Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone or tablet. Tap Find My Earbuds to launch the SmartThings Find feature. The most recent location of the earbuds will be displayed. Tap Ring to make the earbuds emit a beeping sound, making them easier to locate.

Is it possible to charge a Galaxy Buds case without the buds?

Examine the earbuds’ battery indicator light to determine their status. The case can be charged without the earbuds; when they are inserted, the earbuds and case charge at the same time.

Can I track the location of my wireless earbuds?

You can use the Find MyHeadset app to search for your headset in two ways: Send a Tone – If you believe your headset is powered on and within 33 feet of your phone, select Send Tone to play a sound file through your headset. BackTrack is a feature that remembers where your headset was last used.


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