How To Move a Samsung Fridge? (Easy Method!)

How To Move a Samsung Fridge? Moving a fridge is difficult and there is no secret trick that will make it easier. Refrigerators are not only heavy and large, but they are also expensive. Knowing how to move a refrigerator safely, however, will make the task much simpler.

Depending on your circumstances, it may be advisable to leave this task to the experts. If, however, that is not an option, we have you covered.

How To Move a Samsung Fridge
How to move samsung refrigerator?

Use the appropriate tools and be a little patient when planning to prevent damage to this pricey household appliance. No matter how far you need to move a stainless steel fridge, this method will help you do it.

VIDEO: How To Move a Samsung Fridge

Moving Samsung Refrigerator


Tips: How to move samsung fridge forward?

To move samsung refrigerator safely. Slightly tilt the refrigerator forward and insert furniture sliders beneath the rear of the appliance. Then, position yourself in front of the refrigerator, hold both sides, and guide it forward while pushing it side to side. Sometimes it is also possible to drag it forward in a straight line.

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Everyone’s kitchen is unique, but if your fridge is going to live in, move a little closer to where it will.

Height, width, and depth measurements should always be double-checked whether enclosed or in between countertops. Make sure your depth measurements account for the space needed for the doors to open as well, as the floor may not always be level.

You can always repair this close to the walls by keeping some shims on hand for the refrigerator’s back legs. Bill, it’s time to relocate this baby now. I appreciate your enthusiasm but wait till you move your fridge freezer refrigerator.

It’s crucial to exercise caution and enlist the aid of a friend. The wheels on Samsung refrigerators are always.

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Cardboard or furniture pads
Cardboard or furniture pads

Cardboard or furniture pads underneath each leg of the refrigerator are an excellent idea to protect your floor. The remaining linoleum works to tilt the refrigerator just high enough to allow you to put the floor protection underneath the evaporator fan.

Now that you’re ready to move this, pull or push the fridge instead of wriggling it from side to side. Recall that the fridge has wheels, so pushing it straight forward or backward won’t cause it to glide into place just yet.

To recap, there are still a few tasks left to complete, such as straightening water lines and having fun. Before moving a samsung refrigerator, make sure to triple-check your measurements, making sure there is enough room for the doors to open.

When moving, be careful and remember to safeguard by keeping the floor level and grabbing some shims if necessary.

You and a friend should move the furniture while covering the floor with cardboard or linoleum. Fridge forward and backward, and that’s it. Guys, I think that’s a little early because we still have work to do.



With the help of Appliance Parts Pros, we will demonstrate how to fix your appliance today. In order to eliminate any possibility, you work on an appliance while making sure it is unplugged or that the circuit breakers are off.

Electrocution In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to replace the front caster wheel on a Samsung refrigerator. It will only take a few minutes to show you how to conduct a very simple washer repair.

If you already have one, excellent. If not, click the link below or distribute it. When you open the shipment from Appliance Parts, the new front caster wheel will be inside. The refrigerator moves along the Wheel in water flow.

The refrigerator should be changed out by managers to prevent harm. The refrigerator would tip to one side if it weren’t rolling adequately to replace the front caster wheel of compressor oil. Simply tip it in the direction you need to because it is more stable with one of these on each side.

Since the refrigerator is tilted child lock, you can now place a piece of wood underneath it to support it in the water line. The other fridge tipped upward. The front caster wheel is accessible. The manufacturer’s crimping is evident.

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We’re just going to use a hacksaw blade to cut it since the axles are there to allow us to remove it. When we change the wheel, the axle will need to be replaced because it has been removed. You can’t push it through, so we’ll have to remove the wheel. The old front caster wheel is right here in a microwave oven.

If you already own one of them, that’s excellent; if not, appliance parts are available for the new one. Looking at the old axle,, you can tell that it was crimped with a machine of some kind. It’s lovely.

We’re going to drill because heavy metal won’t be able to be crimped with pliers or anything else. To hold the axle in place, we were going to drill a tiny hole and insert a cotter pin through this end. Once you have everything in place, we’re going to put the axle in a vise to retain it while we draw the hole.

Simply make a little mark there with a center punch so that the drill may begin. Once the hole has been marked, give it a couple of hits with the hammer and choose any size.

Samsung french door refrigerator
Samsung french door refrigerator

Once we have the hole, align the drill with the cotter pin you’ll be using and drill it through. Once the axle has been drilled, we may remove it from the vice and utilize it to attach the front. Put the new front caster wheel in the Samsung french door refrigerator and caster wheel onto it before lighting it up because of the condenser coil.

Push the axle through the space between the brackets; once it is through, don’t forget to push the cotter pin. You will use our wire cutters to push the cotter pin over at the push-through.

Once you get the cotter pin in, you may cut off any excess that was pushed over, and then we can install the refrigerator. We’re just going to carefully raise it up and get him back on his feet so he can place the refrigerator back there. Once you have it on its feet and plugged in, pull the block out so that we may set it down gradually.

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It’s back in and starting to cool now. We appreciate having you with us for another job well done. Visit our other repair videos on our website, Facebook, and YouTube by visiting

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Move Samsung Fridge

What is Samsung Refrigerator Moving Instructions?To safely move a samsung fridge moving instructions:
1. Empty and defrost the refrigerator.
2. Secure any loose parts and remove shelves, drawers, and doors.
3. Pack fragile items separately and cushion them adequately.
4. Use a dolly or team lift to transport the refrigerator.
5. Avoid tipping or laying it down during transportation.
How To Move Samsung Bespoke Fridge?
To move your Samsung Bespoke fridge, follow these steps: 1. Empty the fridge and remove all shelves and drawers.
2. Unplug the fridge from the power source.
3. Secure the doors with tape or straps.
4. Use a dolly or hand truck to move the fridge, ensuring it remains upright.
5. Avoid tilting the fridge excessively to prevent damage.
How To Move A Samsung Refrigerator To Clean Behind?To move a Samsung refrigerator and clean behind it, follow these steps:
1. Unplug the refrigerator and remove all items from inside.
2. Carefully slide the refrigerator away from the wall, ensuring not to damage the flooring.
3. Clean the area behind the fridge using a vacuum or damp cloth.
4. Push the refrigerator back into place and plug it back in.

Does the Samsung refrigerator have wheels?

The refrigerator may be moved using its four caster wheels as well. Open both doors on Side by Side and Four Door models to make it simpler to reach the leveling legs. For simpler access to the leveling legs, the refrigerator’s front leg cover must be removed like in ice maker.

How do you lower the wheels on a Samsung refrigerator?

Most refrigerator wheels may be adjusted by simply rotating the screw either clockwise to raise the refrigerator’s front or counterclockwise to lower the refrigerator’s front.

Can a Samsung refrigerator be transported on its side?

No, is the response. The weight of the refrigerator might harm internal components, internal fluids, such as the motor oil, and the refrigerant may shift and settle in unfavorable locations in the machine’s system. A refrigerator should never be transported on its back.

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