How To Remove Samsung Account From Phone? [in 3 Easy Ways!]

Remove Your Samsung Account From Phone / Tablet

How To Remove Samsung Account From Phone?

Do you want to get rid of your Samsung account?

You may no longer require a Samsung account if you are upgrading from a Galaxy phone to another of our best smartphones or if you have recently upgraded your Samsung TV.

How To Remove Samsung Account From Phone
How To Remove Samsung Account From Phone

Here’s how to get rid of it.

The steps below will guide you through the process of permanently delete Samsung account, which means that nothing will be recoverable.

Tips: Key Takeaway

To remove a Samsung account from a phone, open Settings and tap the user profile at the top of the page. Scroll down and tap Sign out to start the account removal process. Alternatively, go to Accounts and Backup in Settings, select Manage accounts, then select the Samsung account and tap Remove account. Resetting the password is also an option. Deleting a Samsung account can only be done on the web


This system will provide you with a location to connect and store your personal data, such as backing up cell phones, storing videos, making subscriptions, purchasing content from Samsung digital services, and so on.

Even so, there are times when you want to delete your Samsung account for a variety of reasons. Those of you who were unable to do so can refer to the following reviews.


  1. To delete Samsung account from a mobile device, simply go to Settings.
  2. You can select a profile photo in the top right corner of the Settings main page.
  3. If it’s already on the Samsung Account notice page, choose another option (three dots) in the upper right corner, then choose Remove account.
  4. Select the REMOVE button in the lower right corner of the Remove Account page.
  5. Then you’ll be prompted to enter a password before pressing the REMOVE ACCOUNT button.
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However, several factors must be considered before proceeding. When a Samsung account is successfully deleted from the device, some data is also deleted, though not permanently.

Furthermore, when the Samsung mobile account is deleted, you will no longer be able to use some Samsung services from these phones, such as Samsung Cloud services, Find my mobile, Samsung Pay, Samsung mobile and Samsung Pass.

Even so, you shouldn’t be concerned because you can still gain access to the service by re-adding the deleted Samsung account to your device.


An earlier generation of Android-based Samsung account password devices included the option to delete the Samsung account. The sign-out button appears to be from a Samsung smartphone, which is surprising. If you don’t want to use it on your phone, you should be able to opt out.

However, there is another option, which we will discuss further below.

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app and go to Accounts and backup > Accounts.
  2. Scroll down to find the Samsung account and then Personal information. This is where you can manage everything related to your Samsung account.
  3. Select Sign out from the three-dot menu icon.
  4. Samsung will give you options such as whether to keep the profile or continue using other services. To confirm, tap Sign out at the bottom of the screen.

You will be sent a confirmation email. This will appear strange because removing other accounts, including Google accounts, requires fewer taps. By clicking the verification link within the email, you will be signed out of your Samsung phone account.


The first time you boot your Samsung Android phone, the interface will prompt you to sign in or create a Samsung account. It works in the same way that creating or logging into a Google account on a new device does. Enter an email address and either create or enter a password. If you are creating a new Samsung account, you must verify your email address.

You can create and enter details later if you missed the boat.

  1. Return to Accounts and backup > Settings > Accounts. To begin, tap Add accounts at the bottom of the screen and select Samsung account.
  2. You can sign in with an existing Samsung account if you already have one, or you can create an account if this is your first time using a Samsung device. Finally, you can use your bypass Google account, which you have already added to your phone, to simplify the process. In any case, simply follow the on-screen instructions to create and add a Samsung account to your Android phone.
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I would recommend using Google’s sign-in method because it is easier and more convenient when switching devices.


A Samsung account can only be deleted via the web. It is not possible to do so from your Android phone.

  1. Go to the Samsung Account lock page and sign in with the method you chose. It could be an email address or a Google account.
  2. Click on your profile card, which is the first box on the page and contains your username, email address, and profile image.
  3. Select Samsung Account Settings.
  4. Click the Delete account option and then follow the on-screen instructions to completely delete your Samsung account.


Example of a Samsung Account
Example of a Samsung Account

Samsung id provides many benefits and services to account holders, some of which Google already provides. In no particular order, here they are:

  • To download/install apps, the Galaxy Store functions similarly to the Google Play Store.
  • Samsung Reward Program
  • Samsung Pay will accept payments in the same way that Google Pay does.
  • Samsung Health will collect and analyze your health information.
  • Samsung TV Plus provides free access to more than 100 channels.

I believe the list will continue to grow in the future, and whether you like or use them is entirely up to you.


This is my issue, and I believe it is yours as well. Every manufacturer and service provider will attempt to persuade you to open an account with them. They provide some features and services, often forcing them on you in some way in order to get you to sign up.

On most mobile platforms, a clean UI free of bloatware has become a myth. Every service provider wishes to be able to do everything.

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Apps, payments, cloud storage, and even their own file manager app are all available. One thing they all have in common is a desire for your data. After all, data is now worth more than oil.

If you need your Samsung account in the future, I recommend that you sign out rather than delete it.

FAQs about How To Remove Samsung Account From Phone

How do I delete another person’s Samsung account from my phone?

You can do this by going to Settings -> Accounts and backup -> Manage accounts. Tap Remove account after selecting the Samsung account. You can do this by going to Settings -> Accounts and backup -> Manage accounts. Click Remove account after selecting the Samsung account.

How do I delete my old Samsung account if I don’t have a password?

The most secure way to delete a Samsung account without a password is to go directly to the reset Samsung website. Go to the login page on your computer or mobile browser and click “Sign in.” Click on the link “Forget ID or reset password” located beneath the sign-in option.

How can I delete my Samsung account without two-factor authentication?

No. Samsung now requires two-step verification for all accounts to help keep your personal information safe and secure. Two-step verification is no longer disabled.

Can I change the email address associated with my Samsung account?

If you want to change the email address associated with your account, go to the Profile info page and tap Email. Change the email address by tapping Change and then following the on-screen instructions.

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