[Solved!] How to share hotspot Password on iPhone?

Using your iPhone as a hotspot, you might have seen the “Share Your Password” option in the Personal Hotspot settings.

Sharing your password with others is an excellent way to connect to the internet when they have no other options. Here’s a step-by-step guide for sharing your iPhone’s hotspot password.

How to Share hotspot Password on iPhone? (3 Steps)

  1. Ensure your device is connected and unlocked to the Wi-Fi network before sharing the password.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi network to which you wish to connect the device.
  3. Hit Share Password on your smartphone, then tap Done.
How to Share hotspot Password on iPhone?
Share hotspot Password on iPhone

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In case you might need to update your operating system before you share your hotspot. Here is how to update.

How to update to the most recent version of iOS or macOS?

Before updating iOS, back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to prevent data loss. Then, plug in and establish a WiFi connection—Select General in the Settings menu. An iOS update is indicated by a red dot next to the Software Update button.

Download and Installation follow the Software Update. This button may require your device’s passcode. After that, iOS will automatically update.

Again, make a backup of your stuff before updating your Mac laptop or desktop operating system. Since updating your operating system requires time and processing power, connect to a dependable WiFi network and plug in your computer to prevent battery loss. Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu in the upper-left corner after connecting to WiFi and plugging in. To open System Preferences, click Software Update. Upgrades are displayed here.

Install updates using the Upgrade Now button. The installation window immediately appears after the download is complete. Install based on the window.

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After updating, share the WiFi password for your iPhone.

update to the most recent version of iOS or macOS?
update to the most recent version of iOS or macOS?

How to share Hotspot Passwords IPhone to IPhone?

Start by enabling WiFi and Bluetooth on both devices.

The key is that the other person’s contacts contain your Apple ID email address and vice versa. So if you’re sharing your WiFi password with a friend and your Apple ID is xxxx@yahoo.com, and theirs is final yyyy@yahoo.com, make sure your email address is kept in their device’s contact info and theirs in yours. Sign in to iCloud.com to find your Apple ID email. (Change your Apple ID password if you forget it.)

Sharing your WiFi password is accessible here. Keep both devices close, within WiFi and Bluetooth range. Connect the WiFi password-sharing device first. Open WiFi on the device receiving the password. The device sharing the password will prompt you to disclose it. Done!

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How to Setup Hotspot Password for Samsung Note 20?

How to share Hotspot Passwords iPhone to Mac?

How to share Hotspot Passwords iPhone to Mac?
How to share Hotspot Passwords iPhone to Mac?

First, each iPhone’s Apple ID must be saved in the other, like a password. Next, visit Finder, Applications, and Contacts to add Mac contacts. Click the plus sign, then New Contact in the drop-down. From there, fill out the window.

Save the other device’s Apple ID as a contact. Apple
Connect your iPhone to WiFi. On the Mac receiving the password, open Network Preferences from the toolbar or System Preferences, then Network. Select the desired WiFi network. A password window will appear.

At this point, the iPhone should prompt you to share your password with the Mac. Password Share.

How to share Hotspot Passwords Iphone to Android?

How to share Hotspot Passwords Iphone to Android?
share Hotspot Passwords Iphone to Android

Once you get beyond the setup, sharing your password with an Android is easy. It’s a neat trick that can be used from iPhone to iPhone instead of the one above.

Create a QR code first. Then, install any QR code generator.

In the app, create a WiFi code. Enter your WiFi password and SSID (network name.) Depending on the program, you may need to add your WiFi router’s encryption type. WEP, WPA/WPA2, or none are typical.

Create the QR code and let it work after adding your WiFi information. Next, position the Android phone camera over the QR code to share your password. WiFi alerts will appear. Tap to connect.

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Other Common Hotspot Sharing Questions

How can I remove someone from my WiFi network?

If you’ve experienced difficulty disconnecting someone from your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot, you may have allowed them to reconnect without permission. Unfortunately, this can consume cellular data quickly, and you may approach your Hotspot limit sooner than you’d want. To avoid this, please follow these steps:

Swipe down from the screen’s upper-right corner to reach the Settings application. Open Control Center, then. You will see a list of all network-connected devices. This list indicates the amount of data consumed by each of these devices. It is essential to monitor the data use of other devices connected to your hotspot. If you do not want your personal information shared with others, you must ensure that you are the sole user of the network.

First, ensure that the network settings on your iPhone are accurate. Occasionally, it will stop operating. If the issue is with the network settings, try disabling WiFi on the device. The iPhone’s Airplane mode is another alternative. After completing these steps, your device should reconnect. This is also useful if the hotspot is not accessible in the list of available WiFi networks. In this instance, the issue can be resolved with a software update.

How Do I Disconnect an Individual From My Personal Hotspot?

You can disconnect someone from your hotspot by accessing the WiFi settings on your phone. First, select the WiFi Password from the Personal Hotspot menu and input it on your device. Then, click “Forget Connection” to delete and reestablish the connection with the phone. In the case of WPA2 PSK encryption, you can also try forgetting and resetting the connection. Alternatively, you can disconnect your phone, wait one minute, and rejoin.

To disconnect someone from your iPhone’s hotspot, launch the Settings app. Then, navigate to Personal Hotspot. There, you may set the password and configure your preferences. Finally, tap “Block” to prevent the user from reconnecting to your hotspot in the future. You can also disable this option to prevent individuals from reconnecting to your hotspot.

How Do You Disable Your Personal Hotspot?

If your Apple iPhone supports personal hotspots, you may be asking how to delete a personal hotspot password. These features prevent other devices from accessing your available data, but you may not be aware that a password is necessary to access the hotspot. This issue can be resolved by resetting your iPhone and starting afresh. To accomplish this, you must remember two passwords: the WiFi password and the account login password. The former is far simpler to recover. If you have an iPhone, you can change the WiFi password to one that is more secure by accessing the Settings menu.

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To disable a password for a personal hotspot, you must first ensure that the password is secure. Use at least eight characters, including lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. After changing your password, you must tap Done to apply the modifications. If this does not work, you can prevent unauthorized people from using the device. This strategy is also successful when numerous people are involved.



Is it possible to transfer your Wi-Fi password from your iPhone to your iPad?

No, while you may share your Wi-Fi password with an iPhone and an iPad using the identical techniques outlined above, there is no way to share your iPhone password with the iPad tablet.

Is it possible to transfer your Wi-Fi password from iPhone to Android?

Yes. Because Android smartphones do not run the iOS operating system, you will need to perform additional procedures. To begin, download a QR code generator for the iPhone. Then, a program like Visual Codes or Qrafter will suffice.

You’ll be able to generate a QR code for your home Wi-Fi password after you activate the app. To give the password to an Android smartphone, open the QR code on iPhone and scan it with the Android. You can use your camera or a QR scanner app to scan it. To confirm the network connection, an Android message may appear.

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