Netflix Not Working On Chrome? (Here’s How To Fix It!)

It’s challenging to locate someone who doesn’t get Netflix. Netflix is virtually always a constant, even if there may be other subscription services as well—Hulu, Spotify, and HBO Now, for example.

Before Netflix disrupted the market, many of us might not remember what we did for entertainment. So naturally, because of this dependence, every service failure significantly influences your daily schedule.

Netflix Not Working On Chrome?
Netflix Not Working On Chrome?

Netflix Not Loading on Samsung TV: Issues & Fixes

What is the cause of Netflix Not Working On Chrome?

Netflix may not function properly on Chrome for a variety of reasons, including an outdated browser, an unsupported browser, or a corrupted cache. Users can try emptying the Chrome cache, using Incognito mode, deactivating extensions, switching profiles, restarting the device, and signing out/in of their Netflix account to resolve this issue.

You are not alone if Netflix in Chrome isn’t loading when you try to watch it. It can be very unpleasant when I’m trying to enjoy a night of binge-watching the newest Netflix originals because this keeps happening on my PC all the time.

Even if most of these problems may be resolved by speeding up Chrome and obtaining a more reliable connection, it’s a good idea to look into Netflix-specific remedies to ensure your PC is functioning correctly.

How to Fix Netflix Not Working On Chrome?

To fix Netflix Not Working On Chrome, check your extensions and disable any recently added ones. If that doesn’t work, try reloading the page with Shift+F5 to reload hard. If that doesn’t work, reset the Netflix app from the iOS settings menu. If none of these steps work, refer to Netflix’s help page for more troubleshooting tips

99% of the time, Netflix runs flawlessly, but that 1% can have a significant impact. My mistake, however, said, “There was an unexpected error.” Please try again after refreshing the page. I am aware that such mistakes can occur. I’ll discuss the majority of them here.

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If your Netflix doesn’t work in Chrome, try the following.

1. Refresh the page

The page should be forced to refresh as soon as possible. Chrome uses a lot of RAM and occasionally crashes if a lot is going on. If playback halts and you encounter any issue, forcing a refresh instructs Chrome to reload the website completely. A force refresh differs from a “regular” F5 refresh in that the latter only reloads the page with the same data as the previous one.

On Windows, pressing Ctrl + R forces a complete page to reload by avoiding the cache. Use Cmd + Shift + R on a Mac to accomplish the same task. With any luck, the page will reload, and playing will resume without the issue.

2. Delete the cache in Chrome

If refreshing the page to get around the cache doesn’t work, try ultimately emptying the cache. Any possibly corrupt files preventing Netflix from functioning in Chrome will be removed. The error code for this is C7053-1803, although many browser playback issues can be resolved by deleting the cache.

Chrome should be opened in a new tab, and the URL bar should be filled up with “chrome:/settings/clearBrowserData.” Next, choose All Time, Cookies, Site Data, Cached Images and Files, and Site Data. To precise data, select. The stream will need to be restarted, and you will need to sign into Netflix again, but it should work immediately.

3. Utilize Chrome’s Incognito Mode.

Clearing the cache sometimes works, but utilizing Incognito Mode sometimes doesn’t. Only session cookies are accepted in Incognito Mode, which operates with a distinct profile and no cache. Theoretically, it accomplishes nothing that emptying the cache doesn’t. However, it can get around Netflix’s problems.

  • Incognito Mode can be chosen by right-clicking the Chrome icon.
  • Visit Netflix and sign up.
  • Check to determine if a stream plays flawlessly by starting one.
Troubleshooting Netflix Not Working On Chrome
Troubleshooting Netflix Not Working On Chrome

4. Verify the extensions.

If Netflix suddenly stops operating after you add a new extension to Chrome, it is worth looking into. Disable the extension, force a page to reload, then check to see if playback functions normally. Remove the extension if it does. Try the next step on the list if something else is needed.

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5. Examine various Chrome profiles

I haven’t had to use it this way because clearing the cache typically solves the problem for me, but a friend has assured me it also works. A problem with your Chrome profile might occasionally bring on playback issues with videos. You can get around this by making a new Chrome user profile.

  • Go to the Chrome menu and choose Settings.
  • From the People box, choose to Manage other people, then choose to Add person.
  • After choosing a name and profile picture, click Save.
  • It will be necessary for you to sign in with the new persona.

You can also use Chrome as a guest if you need a spare Google account. Chrome can be closed by logging out, or you can browse as a guest at the bottom of the popup box by going to People in Settings and selecting Manage other people.

6. Try utilizing the Netflix app or a different web browser.

Chrome may be a part of you, but it is not a part of you. Try another browser if it won’t function with Netflix properly. Consider utilizing the Netflix app if you use Windows. It currently functions quite well after a revamp and significant improvement.

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Netflix Not Working On Chrome (Solved)

Your Netflix App Is Constantly Crashed

  • Everyone has experienced this at some point—their favorite program starts to crash every time they try to use it. You may try to take a few actions to fix the issue after the initial panic has subsided, but a lot depends on the device you are using.
  • Start by forcibly closing the Netflix app on smartphones. If it doesn’t help, try turning the phone on and off again. You’ll need to uninstall the program and reinstall it from the relevant app store if it still doesn’t function. If you’re using a streaming decoder, do the same procedure.
  • You might be unable to delete the app if you have Netflix installed on your smart TV. Instead, try emptying the TV’s cache and logging back in after logging out of the app. Alternatively, try turning off your antivirus program if you use the Netflix app on Windows or macOS. This is due to the service being interfered with by numerous security suites.
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Key Takeaway

To troubleshoot Netflix not working on Chrome, users can try refreshing the page, clearing the Chrome cache, using Incognito mode, checking their extensions, trying a different profile, updating Google Chrome, restarting their Chrome browser, enabling third-party cookies for, or restarting their device and signing out/in of their Netflix account


I hope this post, How to Fix “Netflix Not Working on Chrome Browser” Issue,” is clear to you. If the answer is no, you can ask any question about this topic via the contact form area. If yes, help spread the word about this article to your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does removing Chrome removes the cache?

Some service files, such as caches and logs, won’t be completely deleted from your computer’s hard drive if you drag and drop the Chrome browser into the Trash. These service files must also be deleted if you wish to uninstall the Chrome app.

Why won’t Netflix launch on my browser?

This problem typically arises when Netflix’s servers are unavailable or your internet connection is slow. On the other hand, your device’s corrupted files and third-party software can also be to blame for this issue.

Why won’t my Netflix work despite being connected?

It typically indicates that your network connection is having issues or that the device needs to be refreshed.

Does removing Chrome removes the cache?

Some service files, such as caches and logs, won’t be completely deleted from your computer’s hard drive if you drag and drop the Chrome browser into the Trash. If you wish to uninstall the Chrome app, these service files must also be deleted.

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