How To Change Font Color On Galaxy S8? Quick And Easy Guide!

Are you tired of the look of your phone’s fonts? Do your phone’s color contrast and font style needs to be clarified? You can change the font style to whatever you want. 

Samsung includes options for changing the font color, style, and size. Unfortunately, some people have vision problems as well as mental health issues. 

How To Change Font Color on Samsung S8?
How To Change Font Color on Samsung S8?

Samsung allows us to download black-and-white themes and fonts to help our minds become less cluttered. The incredible Samsung galaxy provides a stunning view, and with some appealing fonts and styles, the phone looks even more fashionable.

Only some people are technologically savvy. As a result, it’s understandable that you need to learn how to change fonts in the Samsung Galaxy 8. Here’s everything you need to know about changing the font color on your Galaxy S8.

Try the following ways to alter the color of fonts on a Galaxy S8. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Vision > High Contrast Fonts to change the icon label from white to black. Test configuration, accessibility, and vision. You could try the font setting for high contrast. There are many additional variables, including negative colors and others. Download a new font from the Galaxy Store or perform a quick font search.


How To Change Fonts On Galaxy S8?

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The Android operating system is simple to use and comprehend. However, changing settings such as Font and theme can sometimes be challenging. Here is the complete guide to changing fonts in Galaxy 8. 

There are some options in the phone directory. You can get the font style you want from the internet. Samsung is a well-known and dependable brand. Samsung originated in South Korea and has become a household name worldwide.

Samsung offers an excellent user interface and a beautiful handset for your mobile options. There are numerous models and varieties to select from. The Samsung Galaxy series is the company’s most promising and distinctive fully featured series. 

The Samsung Galaxy 8 was released in April of this year. Even today, it is in high demand on the market. In addition, Samsung offers long-term support and regular updates for their Android devices.

Fonts and typography are now used to define a person’s personality. Fonts are primarily used to transfer and use information. However, it has evolved into something more. The Font must convey emotion, expression, a positive vibe, and engagement.


Change Font Color on Samsung S8
Change Font Color on Samsung S8

Do you want to learn how to change the font color on your Galaxy S8? You can change the font size to make it too big or too small. This is beneficial for people who have vision problems. 

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Some users need help reading the fonts properly due to their size. Some people have also stated that their minds constantly mix up the letters. Not only does it have a new look, but it also allows users to use it more comfortably.

  • Go to your phone’s Settings.
  • Change the font size and style.
  • You have several options from which to choose. 

The font size slider can be adjusted to your liking. The slider can be moved to the left or right to change the font size. 

You can also change the Font of the letters by switching between the on and off buttons from here. You can customize the font size on your phone. Some applications do not support large fonts.

Changing Font Color on Samsung S8
Changing Font Color on Samsung S8


To change the font style on your phone, follow the same steps as changing the font size. It’s a helpful feature with a variety of customization options. Changing the font style will give you a unique and stylish look. 

From the Galaxy S8, Samsung provides the ability to change the font style. Its S series is known for its distinctive features and style. Following the success of the S7 Edge, the S8 has been a promising model. This South Korean firm is one of the oldest. 

You can put your trust in this product and purchase it without hesitation. It gives the user complete control over their device. For example, you alter the font style on your home screen. 

It alters how you text and take notes on your phone. Samsung offers unique and customizable features. In addition, Samsung has demonstrated exceptional capability.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to changing the font color on your Galaxy S8. You can either download it or use the defaults. It will give your phone the desired appearance. 

It is easy, and a beginner or learner can easily follow these steps. This guide will assist you in changing the appearance of your phone. This also informs you of how and where you can change your font style.

  • It would help if you went to the settings menu.
  • Tap to change the font size and style.
  • There are numerous options available to you. You can change the font style using the options provided. Scroll down to find the option to download fonts. That option allows you to personalize your look. You can get new fonts from the internet.
  • Select the font download option. You could visit the Galaxy Store. It will connect to the internet. You can conduct a quick search for Samsung fonts. Several locations will be opened. You can go to the site and look for the Font you want. There are a variety of apps available on Google Play that provide additional font styles. You can use different font styles by downloading apps.
  • Look for the.ttf file at all times. The.ttf file is the new font style’s extension. Tap the install icon for the file you want to download or use.
  • Adjust the contrast to see how they look. Fonts with high contrast will be more visible.
  • Navigate to settings and look for the visibility enhancements option.
  • Selects visibility enhancements before switching to high-contrast fonts.
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On your phone, there is no way to change the font color. To use such a feature, you must first install additional apps. Other apps allow you to match your Font’s color to your phone’s background display. In addition, new fonts can be obtained from third-party websites. 

You need to locate the appropriate file. The Samsung Galaxy phone is compatible with monotype imaging inc. In addition, you can use fonts in other languages. For example, XDA developers provide a plethora of free options.

  • From the notification bar, navigate to settings.
  • Scroll down to see the results.
  • Select Zoom and Font from the options screen.
  • Select a font style
  • When you click on font style, you can choose from the installed fonts or the one you prefer.
Customizing Font Color on Samsung S8
Customizing Font Color on Samsung S8


On Google Play, Samsung offers a theme app. You must first download and install the app on your smartphone. Then, choose the fonts and save them to your phone’s folder. Finally, save it in the “theme galaxy/fonts/custom/” folder.

You can now go to the option and select compile custom font from ttf (.ttf is the font file extension). Next, select the use custom box checkbox and then the Font of your choice. 

You can now use your Font because the APK file has been installed. However, a default Samsung galaxy platform appears when you first click download fonts.


This new era is all about personalization and customization. Mobile phones are becoming an indispensable part of our daily lives. The majority of our work is done over the phone regularly. 

There are always new models and designs to increase competition and introduce innovations. Changing the font style is one of the creative steps. It will completely transform the look of your mobile UI.

HiFont is the most popular font download app. It has the most fashionable and hip design collection. In addition, Hifont is well-known for its colorful theme collection. Apex Launcher, iFont, and Fontfix are some other well-known apps.

Changing your Font alters your writing style. It alters the appearance and feels of your phone. Some apps are used to change the theme or the home screen. 

They all serve the same purpose: to give the phone a new look. You can change the icons and transition effects and have a hidden second space. These apps allow you to change the font size and color. We can preview, back up, and install it from our phone’s memory space.

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These apps have received excellent ratings on Google Play. They have received nothing but positive feedback. They are simple to use and comfortable. Some apps require root access to function properly. However, the majority of the apps are entirely free to use.


Why Should You Change Your Font Color?
Why Should You Change Your Font Color?

Changing the fonts on your phone gives it a trendy and appealing appearance. You spend a significant portion of your day on your phone. You’ll likely grow tired of the default features. 

Changing the fonts’ color, size, and style gives your phone a new and refreshing look. Apps for changing fonts are simple to use and install. They use less memory and process much faster. 

Some apps are specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy, while others require root access. Therefore, it is advised that novices avoid using apps that require root access.

The design of the Galaxy S8 is well-known. It has a friendly and appealing user interface. Users have a lot of freedom with the company. They provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of feature customization. It helps to personalize your phone in every way. 

Changes can be made to suit your preferences. Some people use it for more than just fashion. It is a prerequisite. Changing the font style and size allows users to see more clearly.


How do I change the color of the text on my Samsung?

To change the color of an Android phone’s keyboard, navigate to Settings > System > Languages & Input > On-screen keyboard > Gboard > Theme and select a color.

Why are my texts different colors on Samsung?

Green messages are texts, while blue messages are chat messages. To use chat messages, you must have an Internet connection; to use text messages, you do not.

Can you locate and replace the font color?

In the Find and Replace dialogue, press Ctrl-H and click the More button. Select the Find option. Select Font from the Format menu. Click OK after selecting the color to be changed and leaving everything else blank.

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