Do Samsung refrigerators have air filters? [ANSWERED!]

Do Samsung refrigerators have air filters? The process of replacing outdated appliances is always fascinating. Even though your new refrigerator could lack some functions from your old one, you still receive more features than it did. 

Are Air Filters Present On Samsung Refrigerators and where can you get them? If that’s what you’re curious about, we’ve done the research for you!

Checking the user handbook is the best way to determine whether your refrigerator repair includes an samsung refrigerator air filter. This is useful because you can usually find information on your fridge’s operation, including the placement of the air filter. 

Do Samsung refrigerators have air filters
Are Air Filters Present On Samsung Refrigerators

However, given that most contemporary refrigerators come equipped with air filters if your appliance is more recent, chances are good that it does too.

The air filter in a refrigerator has a lot more applications. They might not be particularly noticeable, yet they must contribute to keeping food fresh. Continue reading if you’re interested in finding out more about what they do and where is the air filter on a samsung refrigerator?

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Change your Refrigerator’s Fresh Air Filter.

Do Refrigerators have Air Filters?

Tips: Air filters on refrigerators

Yes, most refrigerators have air filters in them. Most modern and newer refrigerators have an air filter. You may find the air filter’s position and other information about your refrigerator’s operation in the manual, making it a great resource.


Not every french door refrigerator will include an air filter, as we previously said. However, the likelihood that your fridge has one increases as it becomes more modern. Of course, the brand can also influence this.

For instance, manufacturers like Samsung don’t often put an air filter samsung fridge in their appliance repair -refrigerators, although LG frequently does.

It begs the question: What function do they fulfill? Air filters, according to LG, will maintain a constant flow of clean air within your refrigerator repair. They have several uses because they also help to get rid of scents that could begin to develop in your whirlpool refrigerator.

But how precisely do they manage to do this? Well, some manufacturers, like LG, employ filters for their refrigerators that are carbon-based and can purge the air of odors. Alternative air filters, which are primarily constructed of carbon materials, are also available online.

Carbon-Based Filters

image 16
Carbon-Based Filters

One of the most prevalent types of filters used to remove gases is carbon-based. By filtering the gases via an activated carbon bed, they remove the gases. Keep a look out for words like “activated charcoal” or “activated carbon,” which some people may use interchangeably.

Adsorption is the mechanism of action. Adsorption, you read that correctly. Between absorption and adsorption, there is a noticeable distinction.

Contaminants are brought within the building through absorption. That is not what activated carbon filters perform. Pollutants are instead captured on the carbon’s surface.

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As you might have guessed, a carbon-based filter can only capture gases on a finite amount of surface area. The filter will stop working once all of the adsorption beds are full. Manufacturers often advise customers to change them every six months because of this.

Typically, once the fridge filter begins to exude an unpleasant scent, you’ll know it’s time to change it. Try to plan for twice a year anyway, but sometimes it’s difficult to know when you need to change the filter because it might not smell.

Having said that, you might be able to use your fridge filter for a little while longer if it doesn’t appear to be dirty or smell unpleasant.


Depending on the brand, you can locate the air filter for samsung refrigerator. The samsung fridge air filter location is near the back of the appliance, there typically should be a little chamber that holds the filter.

The filter housing, however, may occasionally be in the back corner. The filter can be taken out and replaced in different ways. Some just need to be pulled out, while others can require you to squeeze two tabs together.

Whirlpool Refrigerators

Whirlpool Refrigerators
Whirlpool Refrigerators

Let’s examine a few instances. We’ll start with a Whirlpool refrigerator. 

  • The air filter is located in the rear of the refrigerator, as you can see. You might also need to take down a shelf in order to get to it.

Frigidaire Refrigerators

image 18
Frigidaire Refrigerators

Let’s look at a Fridge air filter refrigerator right now:

  • The samsung refrigerator air filter location of the Frigidaire refrigerator filter varies by model. In one case, you can see that the filter has to go into a cartridge. After that, put the cartridge back into its holder.
  • To change the refrigerator water filter in other Frigidaire models, you’ll need to remove the housing cover. Finally, some filters may also come with an adhesive that you may use to attach them to the refrigerator’s surface.

LG Refrigerators

The housing for an LG refrigerator filter is seen here:

  • The way that LG houses the filter is very similar to how Frigidaire does it. The manufacturer will enclose it in a cartridge, which you must remove in order to access the filter.
  • You must perform two things in order to provide a correct response. Find your refrigerator’s model number. Next, search the manufacturer’s website online for the manual.
  • In order to access the filter correctly, this step must be taken. You might pop something that wasn’t meant to open in some instances, like the Whirlpool model mentioned above.


It’s debatable if refrigerator air filters work or not. Some would contend that because it appears to be doing nothing in a refrigerator, it is worthless. Others, however, believe that utilizing baking soda boxes instead of an air filter can save money for drinking water.

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So, when you use a carbon-based air filter, are you getting the most value for your money? It appears that for some people, it does make a difference. One customer asserted that it facilitates the removal of scents that could otherwise contaminate the other foods in the samsung refrigerator air filter replacement.

The design of the fridge appears to have an impact on how well an air filter works. A few boxes of baking soda won’t be able to do anything about the smells from other foods if there is too much room. As a result, baking soda’s usefulness may appear to be limited.

You might also add more boxes of baking soda to the area to absorb odors in places where the other boxes can’t. But are you prepared to create room for what is essentially an odor eliminator in your storage area?


An air filter is built into refrigerators to remove odors. As a result, if the filter is not changed after a while, it will eventually become saturated with pollutants. When that occurs, it will lose the surface area needed to absorb interior scents.

This can result in two scenarios, as previously mentioned. In the first case, the fridge water filter will begin to emit scents. It’s an obvious sign that you should replace it right away.

On the other hand, it might not release any scents at all but still be unable to perform its function because it is too small to accommodate further impurities. The drawback of utilizing a carbon-based filter water flow is this element. Determining when or if you need to replace it can occasionally be a guessing game.

Manufacturers like Frigidaire advise replacing it every six months because of this. Alternatively, you can hold off until your appliance’s filter status indicator turns on.


The option would be to purchase a filter specifically designed to get rid of fridge scents. Even though it will cost more, we believe it to be a realistic and scientifically supported alternative from the home appliances review.

It also functions by adsorbing substances. However, it depends on your financial situation and the state of your refrigerator. Having said that, there are a few methods you may use to maintain the freshness of your refrigerator without investing in an additional air filter.

Making timely meal consumption a top priority is the first suggestion. Hence, you won’t leave them to spoil in the refrigerator. Additionally, whenever you can, make sure to clean the interior of your refrigerator.

Avoiding putting pungent foods near others that you don’t want to start smelling is another method to go filterless. These instructions should enable you to avoid using an air filter in your refrigerator.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Are Air Filters Present On Samsung Refrigerators

How do I know if my fridge has an air filter?

Air filters are not standard on all refrigerators. Your machine is more likely to have an samsung fridge air filter the more recent it is. Refer to the owner’s manual or have a look inside if you’re unsure where your air filter is located; they’re simple to find! An elevated housing compartment should be visible along the fridge’s walls.

Does samsung refrigerator have an air filter?

To receive pure, filtered water, you need a clean water filter. Every six months, we advise replacing the water filter. The water filter indicator on the refrigerator will alert you when those six months are up and needs to be reset when the filter is changed.

Do you really need to replace the refrigerator air filter?

Generally speaking, you need to replace the samsung air filter refrigerator every six months (in most models, the filter status light on your display will prompt you to replace the filter). The air filter should be changed to ensure that refrigerator odors are effectively filtered.

Samsung French Door Refrigerator Air Filter Location?

The air filter in a Samsung French door refrigerator is typically located at the top right corner of the refrigerator compartment. To access it, open the refrigerator doors, remove any items blocking the filter, and pull out the filter cover. Replace the old filter with a new one for optimal performance and to maintain clean air circulation.

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