Best Picture Settings For TCL 4K TV (55″) [Ultimate Guide]

Are you looking for the best picture settings for TCL 4K TV?

This article covered best picture settings for tcl 4k tv 65- and 55-inch 4K TVs.

The fantastic picture quality and audio performance of TCL TVs are well-known. And the essential item to buy on a tight budget continues to be TCL 4k TVs. Additionally to Dolby Vision, they offer fantastic HDR (High Dynamic Range).

We’re going to share the best picture settings for TLC TV today. Then, this post will cover how to maximize your tcl best picture settings TV’s picture quality. Read on, then!

Best Picture Settings For TCL 4K TV (55")
Best picture settings for tcl 4k tv 55

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Best Picture Settings For TCL 4K TV.

You’ll choose to conduct a thorough investigation while trying to find the ideal settings for viewing the content in excellent quality. What should you think about while choosing the ideal physical configuration for your TV before we discuss the technical settings?

The TCL c715, TCL c725 49-inch (49S425), 50-inch (50S425), 55-inch (55S425), 65-inch (65S425), 75-inch (75S425), etc., will all function with these settings.

1. The Content-Type

First off, not all internet calibrations or picture settings will be appropriate for the content you choose to view. Instead, the parameters that go well with the content are specified.

There are no default picture settings, to put it simply. So, be conscious of the stuff you typically consume. It may be video games, movies, or computer monitoring.

2. TV Placement

Sometimes, you might only be concerned with how smartly the TV is operating and ignore the adjustments you can make to bring out the full potential of your smart TV.

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Therefore, the position of the TV can have a significant impact on the quality of the image. For instance, the TV should be placed away from a window to reduce glare from the sun.

Additionally, you should take this point carefully because an tcl intelligent picture can alter its brightness depending on the ambient light.

3. Choosing Your Seat To Get The Best View (Viewing Distance)

You can only sometimes blame your uncomfortable seating choice on the TV visual settings. However, there are specific considerations to make if you want the optimal picture setting for your TCL 4k TV.

Depending on size, you must maintain a certain distance from your TV screen. For instance, if you have a 55″ TCL TV, place it 2-3 meters away from the display.

If you have a 43-, 36-, or 32-inch TCL TV, a viewing distance of 1-2 meters is advised. Here are some fundamental ideas to bear in mind.

Nevertheless, you are free to deviate from these settings if you choose. Let’s move on to the TV adjustments that will offer you the optimum picture setting for your TCL 4K TV.

For Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) 4K TCL TV (55″, 65″).

SDR, or Standard Dynamic Range, offers a smaller dynamic range and only permits a certain level of fidelity. Therefore, if you have an SDR 4k TCL TV, you should make the following adjustments to improve your picture quality drastically.

What's The Best Picture Settings For TLC 4K TV 55"?
What’s The Best Picture Settings For TLC 4K TV 55″?

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1. Picture Mode for TCL 4K TV’s best picture settings.

  • As for the picture mode, pick “Movie mode.”

This enables you to improve the content modifications you make. Here is a quick explanation if you’re not familiar with adjusting the picture mode:

  • Your TCL TV remote’s ‘*’ button should be clicked.
  • The “menu” appears on the screen as a result.
  • Navigate to the “Picture mode” option.
  • To switch to “Movie” mode, press the right and left arrow buttons simultaneously.

This mode increases picture brightness to better match a darker environment. You must use this setting on SDR TVs to increase the saturation.

2. TV illumination.

Although altering the picture mode brightens the image to some level, the content’s darkness is still present. With this television brightness setting, the quality is improved.

  • On the Roku TV remote, select the “Home” button.
  • The “home screen” is shown. Now select “settings.”
  • Then pick “Advanced picture settings” under “Picture settings” after clicking on that.
  • Go in the direction of “Brightness.”
  • Set the brightness calibration to “50.”
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3. Contrast For TCL 4K TV’s Best Picture Settings.

You can discover the option “Contrast” by continuing with the previous step. The difference between the darkest and brightest tones the TV can display is basically what the name implies. Set the image’s “Contrast” to “90”. Your TCL TV will benefit from this adjustment the most.

4. Clarity.

Set your TV’s “Sharpness” to “0” and follow the exact instructions as in method 2. With this setting, the diverse visuals in your TV content stand out and can be told in numerous ways.

The numerous content objects are clearly distinguished with edges as the sharpness increases. This increase is unnecessary, as it detracts from the image’s colorful overall appearance.

5. Color

Set color calibration to ’45’5. It offers a variety of colors that may be seen on the screen, and you can adjust them to your preferred level of consistency.

6. Tint

In this context, a distinct focus is placed on a specific color, red or green (G/R). As a result, changing the tint to a redder hue gives the content a red tint, while changing it to a greener hue gives the picture a green tint.

The default tint regulation is typically regarded as the ideal option. As a result, “Tint” is set to “0” in the TCL 4K TV.

7. Color Temperature.

The color temperature modification for the best picture setting on a TCL 4K TV that we suggest using is “warm.”

This enhances the image slightly and makes it easier to view than the “Cool” color temperature. However, the latter makes the image appear less bright and paler, adding a bluish hue.

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How To Set Up Sony 4K TV Best Picture Settings?

For a TCL 4K TV with High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Many 4K TVs have an HDR option that enhances the longevity of your TV image. Bright colors and high contrast are present. Furthermore, tcl tv settings for best picture does a terrific job integrating this technology into its programming.

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When HDR content is displayed on TV, a new tcl c735 calibration settings is automatically applied to the image. Therefore, making alterations to this kind of photograph wouldn’t be necessary.

This method considers every aspect of the presented information and updates the settings necessary to get the perfect picture. Therefore, one justification for choosing HDR over SDR is this.


The ideal visual setting for a TCL 4K TV is covered in this article. It has thoroughly explained the alteration you must make to improve the TV picture quality. I hope it’s helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions About TCL P735 Settings

What is Tcl P735 Best Picture Settings?
To optimize the picture quality of tcl p735 picture settings. Start by accessing the TV’s settings menu and navigate to the Picture settings. Adjust the Contrast, Brightness, and Sharpness levels to your preference while keeping them balanced. Additionally, enabling features like Dolby Vision and HDR will enhance your viewing experience.
What is Tcl C735 Best Settings?
To achieve the best picture settings on a TCL C735 television, follow these steps:
1. Go to the Settings menu using the remote.
2. Select Picture Settings.
3. Adjust the Contrast, Brightness, and Sharpness according to your preference.
4. Enable features like Dynamic Contrast and Motion Smoothing for enhanced viewing experience.

What are TCL 4K TV picture settings ideal?

The finest options for realistic images and correct color are cinematic, movie, or calibrated modes (the mode name differs according to manufacturers). You can still make the most of your 4K TV’s color and contrast capabilities with any of these.

On my TCL TV, how can I get the most outstanding picture?

Since it is the most realistic out of the box and offers the most adjustability, we advise using the “Movie” picture option. In addition, we advise setting Contrast to ’90’, Brightness to ’50’, and Sharpness to ‘0’ from the Advanced Picture Settings menu. Additionally, we set Color to 45 and Tint (G/R) to 0.

What picture mode works best with the TCL 4 series?

The picture option that offers the most adjustability and accuracy out of the box is “Movie.” We selected the Advanced Picture Settings option and set Contrast to “100,” Brightness to “50,” and Sharpness to “0” for our calibration. Additionally, we set Color to 45 and Tint to 0.

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