How to Clean a TV Screen Samsung? (Goodbye Fingerprints)

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How to Clean a Tv Screen Samsung? When you’re trying to watch television or a movie and your screen is dirty or coated with dust, there’s nothing worse than straining to see what you’re watching.

If you don’t clean your television on a regular basis, dust and fingerprint smudges can accumulate.

Clean your television on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to look brand new and that you can see the picture clearly.

Not to be overlooked is that any form of window cleaner, soap, scouring powder, wax, or cleanser containing solvents such as alcohol, benzene, ammonia, or acetone should never be used.

How to Clean a TV Screen Samsung?

  1. Turn off the TV, then unplug it.
  2. Microfiber cloths can clean the frame and display.
  3. If it did not work, spray distilled water on a microfiber cloth and wipe the frame and screen.

How to Clean a Tv Screen Samsung?
How to Clean a Tv Screen Samsung

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What is the proper method for cleaning a Samsung television?

Using a soft, clean, lint-free, dry cloth, wipe off the whole surface of your television, including the frame and the screen.

The majority of Samsung televisions are shipped with a microfiber cloth that can be used for this reason.

Cleaning fluids, wax, or chemicals should never be used unless specifically instructed to do so below.

Water should not be used unless specifically instructed in the owner’s manual that came with your television, and water should only be used on the television section that the owner’s manual says to use it on.

Please follow the instructions outlined below if you wish to remove white dust from the front or rear of your television.

When cleaning the TV case or the surface of the screen, use a soft, slightly wet cloth to wipe the surfaces off.

When cleaning the TV case or the surface of the screen, use a soft, slightly wet cloth to wipe the surfaces off.

What not to do cleaning your TV

Never use abrasive pads or paper towels to clean your tv.

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This can permanently damage your screen if you scratch it or take the anti-glare coating off the screen while doing so.

Never spray water straight on the television screen.

Make sure to wipe the television with as little force as possible.

It is possible to damage television screens by pressing on them excessively.

5 Steps on How to Clean a Tv Screen Samsung?

1. Do not spray the cleaner directly onto the product’s surface after it has been cleaned.


In any other case, the structure may become discolored and distorted, and the screen surface may begin to peel away from the structure.

2. Wipe down the product with a soft cloth and a monitor cleaner, if necessary. If you must use a cleaner other than the TV cleaner, dilute it with water in a one-to-ten ratio before using.


3. Make careful to unplug the product from the power source before cleaning it.

If not, it could result in electric shock or even a house fire.

Remove the product from the power source and gently clean it with a dry towel while it is still powered on.

4. Use of chemicals such as wax, benzene, alcohol, thinner, mosquito repellent, lubricant, or cleaning is strongly discouraged.

These have the potential to alter the appearance of the product’s surface and cause the product’s warning labels to peel off.

disconnect plug

5. Because the product housing is easily scratched, please be sure you only use the cloth that has been stated.

Important: Only a small amount of water should be used with the specified cloth.

To avoid scratching the product if there is any foreign material on the cloth, make sure to fully shake the cloth before using it to avoid scratching it.

Do not use water to clean the main body of the product when it is being cleaned.

The product should not be wet or contaminated with water, which should be avoided at all costs. It has the potential to cause electric shock, fire, or a malfunction.


Here’s an Additional Tips for Cleaning your Samsung TV Screen

Begin with a dry, soft cloth to clean the surface.

Scratches are easy to make on screens, and even paper towels and tissues contain fibers that can cause harm.

Using a soft, anti-static microfiber cloth—such as the kind used to clean eyeglasses and camera lenses—and wiping in a circular motion is the ideal option, according to CR photographer John Walsh, who cleans more than 250 televisions a year in his position as a CR photographer.

For this purpose, certain television manufacturers may provide an extra piece of material.

He recommends gently wiping it with a dry cloth to remove dust and other dirt from the screen.

“Do not push too hard,” he warns.

Cleaning the TV cabinet and making sure that dust isn’t clogging the vents that help dissipate heat is also recommended.

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In cases when the television is on a stand and not attached to the wall, Walsh recommends cleaning with one hand while supporting the television with the other to avoid the set from toppling over.

However, CR highly advises that all stand-mounted televisions be securely fastened to the wall using anti-tipping straps manufactured specifically for this purpose.

Alternatively, you can dampen a clean cloth slightly with distilled water and gently clean the screen if the stains are really stubborn.

It is not recommended to spray water directly onto the screen, as this could cause a shock or component failure if the water seeps into the interior of the television set.

The most tenacious stains can be removed with a very mild dish soap solution that is highly diluted with water.

This solution should be applied to a clean cloth rather than directly to your television.

As a rule of thumb, Panasonic used to recommend a 100:1 water-to-soap ratio for cleaning.

LCD panels, in particular, are extremely sensitive to pressure and can easily be scratched, so avoid pressing too hard on them.

Walsh recommends that if you do use a wet cloth, you wipe over the screen one more time with a dry cloth to remove any swirls or streaks that may have formed.

Avoid Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

Alcohol and ammonia, which can be found in window cleaners such as Windex, can do serious damage to your pricey flat-screen television, so avoid using cleaners that contain these ingredients.

Make sure the “screen cleaner” you use does not contain any of the following ingredients: alcohol, ammonia, or acetone.

If you do decide to use a packaged “screen cleaner, remember that you don’t really need one (see below).

Also, avoid using any cleansers that include an abrasive, since this can harm the surface of the screen.

Don’t bother with the cleaning kit

Some of these packages cost as little as $15 to $20 for a microfiber cloth and a small bottle of cleaning solution, which is almost certainly made up mostly of water.

Instead, purchase the cloth from an office supply store or order it online, and then use distilled water or a solution that you create according to the instructions above.

If you want to use a kit, make certain that it does not contain any dangerous chemicals.

Do not forget your remote control

Remote controllers can become dusty and contaminated, and they can also house a significant number of bacteria.

(Consider how many times your fingers have hit the buttons on that remote control in the last several weeks, and whether or not they have all been perfectly clean.)

There’s also the matter of coughs and sneezes to consider.)

Listed below is some general guidance on cleaning your remote controllers.

More information on how to sterilize your remote control during the coronavirus epidemic can be found on our website.

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Before you begin cleaning, make sure the batteries are removed.

Turn the remote upside down so the buttons are facing downward, and then tap the remote against your palm to dislodge any debris that may have fallen between the keys or buttons.

Repeat this process until the remote is clean.

Wipe off the entire remote using a delicate cloth dampened with a small amount of denatured alcohol mixed with water. It is preferable if the cloth is damp rather than wet.

Cleaning in and around the buttons can be accomplished with the help of an alcohol/water solution applied to a cotton swab.

With a dry toothbrush or a wooden toothpick, you can dislodge any obstinate junk that has become stuck further within the keys.

Last but not least, wipe off the entire remote with a dry, soft cloth once more and re-install the batteries. That’s all there is to it!

Our Final Thoughts on How to Clean a Tv Screen Samsung?

If you have to squint to see your favorite shows because of a layer of dust and fingerprints on your flatscreen TV, it may be time to give it a good cleaning.

Maintaining your Samsung QLED screen on a regular basis is a good idea, but it’s critical that you use the proper cleaning supplies and techniques to avoid damaging your television.

Cleaning off a Samsung QLED screen to restore the appearance of your TV to its original state has been answered above and I hope this article helps you!

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the best way to clean my Samsung flat-screen television?

Turn off the television and wait a few minutes for it to cool down before unplugging it.

To clean the frame and screen, use a soft microfiber cleaning cloth to gently wipe them down.

After a few minutes, spritz distilled water on your microfiber cleaning cloth and gently wipe the frame and screen until the results are visible.

How to Care for a Flat-Screen Television?

Turn off and unplug your television set.

Using a soft, dry microfiber cloth, gently wipe the screen in a circular motion to remove any dust or debris from the screen.

Moisten your cloth with distilled water before attempting to remove stubborn spots.

If everything else fails, make a solution of mild dish soap and distilled water and use that instead.

Is it OK to use Windex on a flat-screen television?

Alcohol and ammonia, which can be found in window cleaners such as Windex, can do serious damage to your pricey flat-screen television, so avoid using cleaners that contain these ingredients.

As a precaution, avoid using any cleansers that contain an abrasive that could harm the screen.

Is it possible to wipe a television screen with vinegar?

When you have a clean cloth, dab or spritz it with a well-mixed solution of equal parts vinegar and water; never spray liquid straight onto the TV; and, using mild pressure, gently wipe the cloth across the screen from left to right and then top to bottom before attaching the frame.

What is the best way to clean a flat-screen television without leaving streaks?

For best results, avoid using ammonia-based cleaning chemicals on a flat-screen television and instead go for distilled water or a 50/50 combination of white vinegar and tap water.

In order to achieve the greatest results, the cleaning agent should be applied on a microfiber cloth.


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