Samsung Bot i – Next-generation interaction robot News

What is Samsung Bot i? Samsung Electronics’ CES 2022 booth is packed with eye-catching innovations, but which products and technologies should watchers and visitors not miss? Samsung Research’s latest AI and robotics technology provides the answer!

The theme of Samsung Research’s CES 2022 presentation is “Digital Meets Physical.” We demonstrate how personalized experiences valued by millennials and zoomers may be smoothly integrated into the digital environment. Our CES 2022 pavilion showcases how artificial intelligence and robots may work together to bring unique user experiences to the house of the future.

Samsung Bot i – Next-generation
Samsung Bot i – Next-generation

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Samsung Bot i – Next-generation interaction robot

We introduce Samsung Research’s latest innovative tech trio in the demonstration: an AI Avatar and two types of companion robots, the Samsung Bot I and the Samsung Bot Handy.

In this series, Samsung Research provides more information about our upcoming innovations at CES 2022.

A next-generation home interaction robot, the Samsung Bot I

Samsung Research is presently developing several robotic-based systems based on our significant AI capabilities. We will demonstrate two types of life companion robots at CES 2022: the Samsung Bot I, an interaction robot, and the Samsung Bot Handy, a household assistant robot using a combination of AI, Mobility, and Manipulation technologies.

The Samsung Bot I is a next-generation home interaction robot designed as a “Extension of Me,” allowing for natural user contact and communication between users with mobility. It has three distinguishing characteristics: self-balancing, dynamic motion, and human-robot interaction.

Samsung I Robot
Samsung I Robot

It follows you around wherever you go by using a dynamic 2-wheel balancing motion. It moves as if it were a living entity, with dynamic and lifelike movements. That way, it’ll be available to assist you wherever and whenever you need it. For example, if you are on a video chat with your coworkers, it will stand by to assist you, increasing your productivity.

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The Samsung Bot I can also respond to a user’s task through motion and uses information and telepresence to assist without regard for spatial constraints. It may even replicate your coworkers’ gestures, such as a head gesture, improving the whole video conference experience. When you are not at home, it will patrol your space and notify you if anything unusual occurs.

Being able to match the proper gaze and rotation or inclination are critical variables in interpersonal communication. In this regard, the Samsung Bot I is high enough to make eye contact with a seated or standing user. The slim form-factor makes it easier to move around in different circumstances, such as confined spaces with obstructions.

As a result, it can deliver full conveniences to consumers who require assistance nearby.

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