How To Block Phone Number On Landline? [Step-by-Step Guide]

How to block phone number on landline? It is not as simple to block a number on a landline as it is on an Android or iPhone.

To block spam calls and messages, the smartphones include built-in features as well as third-party apps. However, when it comes to landlines, it is difficult to block a number.

Let’s look at how to block a phone number on a landline to keep telemarketer and spam callers at bay.

How To Block Phone Number On Landline?
How To Block Phone Number On Landline?


If you’re trying to tap block a specific phone number, you should use a call-blocking device. This is a device that plugs into the phone’s wall outlet and is designed to intercept and then approve or block all incoming calls from private number.

These devices, such as the CPR V5000 or the Mcheeta Call Blocker, usually cost less than $100 and are simple to install and configure. To prevent your phone from ringing as frequently, they may use a combination of whitelists (phone numbers you have approved) and blacklists (numbers the device has been programmed to automatically reject).

If you’re getting spam calls or unwanted call from a variety of sources, there are a few different ways to stop them – but none of them are foolproof.

Start by adding your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry if you haven’t already.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) maintains this database, which reputable solicitors use to avoid calling people who do not want to receive such calls. Unfortunately, the Do Not Call Registry is only used by reputable businesses, so it will not deter illegal spammers.

Next, contact your phone company to see what call-blocking services they provide. This is the best option for you. If your home phone is a VoIP (Voice over IP, or internet-based phone service) service that comes with your ISP’s internet service, your ISP may offer some online tools for managing unwanted call.

Even if you have a traditional landline that isn’t linked to the internet, your service provider may have options for blocking unwanted phone calls. These services are frequently included with your plan, but there may be fees.

Finally, if you want to reduce the number of spam calls you receive, never respond to incoming calls you suspect are from telemarketer. If you answer a robocall, even if you hang up a second later, you increase the likelihood of being called back in the future.

How To Block Phone Number On Landline?
How To Block Phone Number On Landline?

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) manages the Do Not Call Registry, which prohibits telemarketers from using automated dialing services to cell phone or land phone numbers. Please be aware that there is only one Do Not Call Registry website where consumers can register their phone number to be added to the Do Not Call List. We’re not sure how effective this “Do Not Call List” is for blocking a landline phone number.

To some extent, you can avoid telemarketing calls by registering your landline number on this Do Not Call List.

This service is free, and you can reduce the number of unwanted calls by adding your phone number to the Do Not Call Registry. Once you register your phone number on the Do Not Call List, it will remain in the FTC database until you remove it.

If you want to confirm that your phone number is on the Do Not Call List, call 1-888-382-1222 (TTY: 1-866-290-4236) or visit the same website, If you continue to receive a high volume of spam or telemarketing calls, you can use the same number or website to report those numbers to the FTC. More information about the Do Not Call Registry can be found on the FTC Consumer Information page.

The Do Not Call registry is useful for preventing sales and telemarketing calls. Even so, you will continue to receive spam calls and RoboCalls on your cell phone and land phone. Let us see more solutions to combat RoboCalls, block unwanted callers and Spam Calls.


On landline phones, there is no app or smart solution for blocking RoboCalls and Spam calls. Depending on your Land Phone provider, you can block numbers on landline phones in a variety of ways.

AT&T Landline customers can block numbers by activating the AT&T Call Screening feature.

  • Turn on the number block number by pressing *60. If prompted, press 3 to enable the feature.
  • Press *80 to turn off the number block. If prompted, press 3 to disable the feature.

Please refer to the detailed instructions for using AT&T Call Screening Service. AT&T allows only ten numbers to be added to the blocker list for free. Verizon Landline users: Verizon also provides a simple solution for enabling the phone number blocking feature on a landline from unwanted caller.

image 30
  • On rotary or pulse-dialing phones, press *60 and dial 1160 to activate the number block.
  • On rotary or pulse-dial phones, dial *80 and then 1180.

For Call Block options, follow the voice-recorded instructions. The phone numbers you enter into your Call Block list will be repeated. Verizon also provides the same feature for small business owners, but it is limited to the customer’s location. Please refer to the detailed instructions for blocking RoboCalls on Verizon land phone numbers.

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There are caller ID devices for home phone users that can detect the caller information when you receive the call. These devices can save phone numbers received on a landline and detect the caller while receiving a call.

The Bellsouth wall-mountable Caller ID box is available for land phones and costs less than $20 on Amazon. The device has a memory capacity of 90 numbers. Caller ID can identify unknown callers or numbers, as well as private numbers.

The Emerson EM60 is a large-display caller ID device that can store up to 60 numbers in its memory. The device can identify the caller. The bright orange backlight improves visibility.


The call blocking feature is dependent on the home phone service provider, and you may be charged if you block more than a certain number of numbers. If you want a common solution that does not rely on your provider, you can get a Call Blocking Device that will block phone numbers on landlines.

Using a Call Blocker Device for Land Lines, you can add the phone number to the block list. Once you block a number, these call blocking devices save the information in their memory. This product, however, requires caller ID service from your network provider.

The device’s specification determines the number of phone calls that can be blocked. There are many devices on the market that allow you to block up to 5000 numbers.

CPR V5000 Call Blocker is available for less than $90 and can store up to 5000 numbers in memory to block. The call blocker device has a one-button add button that, with a single press, adds any incoming phone numbers to the block list.

You can also prevent all international, private, unavailable, and unknown phone numbers from ringing on your phone. The device allows you to block numbers based on their area codes. This will allow you to block a landline number that uses area code spoofing for telemarketing outgoing call.

image 31


The whitelist feature is included with the landline blocker. This feature is useful for elderly people who want to block all unknown calls to their landlines. With this device, you can whitelist the phone numbers from which you receive calls. All other phone calls that are not on the device’s whitelist will be blocked.

The BLOCK button on the call blocker device can also be used to block any number you want. The landline call blocker has a capacity of 4000 numbers. The device can automatically block numbers based on unknown caller ID, out of area, unknown area, and private sales calls.

The methods described above are effective for blocking a phone number on a landline. The dedicated call blocker device effectively blocks unknown and blacklisted numbers. The device with a whitelist feature is ideal for senior citizens who only want calls from people on their contact list or phone scam.

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BT’s phones are by far the best option for blocking numbers on your landline. They do an excellent job of preventing nuisance calls from getting through, thanks to special TrueCall technology built in.

They will block numbers from a constantly updated database of cold callers and scammers, in addition to anonymous calls. Furthermore, a dedicated nuisance call blocking button is available on many of their handsets. It’s a satisfying feeling to press this and permanently banish cold callers from your landline!

Unfortunately, everything else about the phones fails to impress. The sound quality on BT handsets is generally much lower than that of rival models from Panasonic and Gigaset. While these phones do not have as advanced nuisance call blocking features, they do provide a far superior call-making experience.

CONCLUSION On Blocking Numbers

Even though it is nearly impossible to completely block all spam callers on your landline, you can take steps to reduce the number of unwanted calls-ask your service provider for a solution, purchase a call-blocking device, or manually block any annoying calls from unknown number.

Always be cautious about who you speak with on the phone, and never give out personal information to strangers. There are several phone scams that can make it difficult to determine whether you are being called by a scammer or not, such as the fake ISP phone call scam or the Windows tech support scam.

FAQs About Blocking Numbers

Can you block a call on a landline?

You can buy a physical call-blocking device and connect it to your landline connection to block a specific number. Make sure to register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry, which will prevent many of the most aggressive robocallers from contacting you.

How do I stop a number from calling my landline?

The national Do Not Call registry safeguards both landline and mobile phone numbers. You can register your phone numbers for free on the national Do Not Call list by dialing 1-888-382-1222 (voice) or 1-866-290-4236 (TTY) (TTY). You must dial the phone number from which you wish to register.

What does * 60 do on a landline?

Call Block, also known as Call Screening, is a feature that lets you block calls from up to ten phone numbers in your local calling area for a low monthly fee. To activate, press *60. If prompted, press 3 to enable the feature.

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