What Does UE Mean on Samsung Washer? [Answered]

What Does UE Mean on Samsung washer? Samsung washers are among the most popular and dependable products available in the industry.

On some Samsung washer machines, the UE Error Code is a common occurrence, however, it is not as dangerous as other error codes.

An imbalance in the laundry load can cause this error to occur during the spin cycle of the washing machine.

What Does UE Mean on Samsung washer?
Samsung washer UE Code

Samsung, as a global corporation, is committed to putting its customers first. Samsung manufactures washing machines that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly in order to contribute to the preservation of our environment.

To ensure that their products are safe to use and that there are no dangers or hazards connected, they also ensure that all of their products are tested to ensure client pleasure and peace of mind.

Samsung provides exceptional customer service by providing phone help and online chat support to all of their clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that they can troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

What Does UE Mean on Samsung Washer?

A UE error in samsung washing machine message when the laundry load is unbalanced, and the machine has stopped the spin cycle for safety reasons when this occurs.

When using a spin cycle, it is critical to make certain that the load is evenly distributed. Redistribute the washing by adding or deleting things from the load to ensure a more evenly distributed load. To ensure that large or heavy objects such as bath mats or huge towels are spun properly, add two or three additional towels and run the machine through another cycle.

Alternatively, if the door stays locked and the machine displays a samsung washing machine UE error, the drain program should be executed. You can start a drain program by selecting the spin button and holding it down until it says “no spin” (either spin symbol with line or zero).

What Does UE Mean on Samsung Washer?
What Does UE Mean on Samsung Washer?

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Most Common Causes of Samsung washing machine error code: UE is as follows:

It is normal for Samsung washers to experience ue samsung washer problems and disrupted balance at the beginning of the spin cycle. It appears in the following format: Upon reaching a predetermined rotation speed, the Samsung washing machine automatically stops spinning the drum and begins spinning again.

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1. The washer is full of different-sized loads of clothes

Small and large items must be washed separately to avoid damage.

A variety of materials are loaded into the device – Because of the water retention and weight of the various fabrics, the sides of the tub may be unevenly distributed. Shoes, if they are not placed inside a bag, may also result in an error in your Samsung washer.

The washer is full of different-sized loads of clothes
The washer is full of different-sized loads of clothes

2. Overloaded Washer

You may have overloaded your washer by packing it with more laundry than the manufacturer recommends. On the other hand, you might have

Upon completion of the last spin, your clothes are twisted– Twisted laundry causes an uneven weight distribution and interferes with the spinning of the drum.

Fortunately, the majority of these issues may be resolved in minutes or seconds.

 Overloaded Washer
Overloaded Washer

Instructions on How to Repair the Samsung Washer UE Error Code

It is critical to ensure that the load is equally distributed throughout spin cycles in order to prevent things from breaking or causing the machine to tremble. This is why you should reorganize your washed goods by deleting some and adding others; for example, add a couple of towels while using fewer bath mats. If an item doesn’t spin on its own, try placing it in with other clothes that are the same size and weight as the item in question.

If your washer won’t open and the ue in samsung washing machine error message appears, try doing a spin cycle to empty out any extra water that may have accumulated in the drum of the machine. This can be accomplished by selecting the spin cycle option (either with the zero or one spin symbol) and adjusting it until it reads “no spin” on the screen.

1. Make sure the load is balanced or Reduced.

Error code on a Samsung washer When there is an unbalanced load in the washer, the message UE on samsung washer (Unbalanced Load) appears. It’s possible that your Samsung washer is overloaded or underweight. More information can be found in the guide provided below.

Group your laundry by size and kind of cloth whenever possible if you want speedier spin cycles and more evenly distributed loads. Washing machines employ centrifugal force to wash and clean clothes, so it is important to make sure that all of the clothing is spread equally around the drum. The spin speed of a washer with a central agitator and those without can be affected by unevenly distributed loads, which can result in uneven wear patterns on textiles.

If you overburden the machine, it will be unable to function effectively. To rule out the possibility that this is the problem, try washing a small load of garments. You should remember that you may be too busy to notice if your machine is overloaded when you’re washing larger loads – in which case you should lessen the amount of the load.

It is less likely that the spin cycle will have an impact if your load is lighter than usual. To create a more even spinning, try adding a couple towels or shirts to the mix. If you’re only washing one or two items, add a few extras (towels, for example) to level out the load and get the best wash possible.

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2. Make sure the washer is level.

The most typical reason for a vibrating washer is that the machine is not balanced properly. Your washer or dryer will shake and move if it is not leveled properly while the machine is running. It is possible that this shaking will result in water sloshing around the machine, agitating clothes, and making the washing experience less enjoyable in the long run.

The reason why your washer appears to be leaning in one direction could be that the washer is not level. If your washer is not level, you can check for wobbling or unevenness by pressing down on the top of the machine and feeling around. If you have a bubble level, you can check to see if both sides of your washer are level with the ground.

To begin, position the bubble level in the front of the machine’s top, in the center of the machine. Alternatively, if the bubble is not centered, you will need to adjust the feet of your washer. In the majority of cases, this entails adjusting the front feet of your washer. Some brands, on the other hand, have self-adjusting rear feet, so be sure to check your owner’s handbook.

3.Shock absorbers that Aren’t Working Properly

If your washing machine continues to shake after the spin cycle, it may be due to malfunctioning shock absorbers in the machine. Shock absorbers are crucial for ensuring that your washing machine may spin and shake without fear of causing damage to the rest of the machine’s components.

As a result, every Samsung washing machine is equipped with at least two shock absorbers, and most are equipped with four.

If your washing machine seems shaky, it’s possible that the shock absorbers in the machine’s suspension system need replacing. Most current washing machines are equipped with shock absorbers as a standard feature.

If they are damaged, it may be difficult to determine the source of the problem because they are located within the washer and tough to locate. As a result, a hefty repair expense is incurred.

4. Remove all shipping materials from the area.

If you’ve newly purchased a washing machine and are experiencing vibrations while using it, check the handbook to see where the shipping bolts are located and tighten them down. Although staff maintained these nuts in place during transit, the customer is responsible for removing them before utilizing the equipment.

Leaving them in place while the machine is in use might result in noise production, as well as vibration and movement in the machine’s interior. It is possible to restore a smooth operation to your washer by removing the bolts that are causing the vibrations.


If any of the following conditions apply, an expert is required to reset the error from the Samsung machine display:

  1. There is a problem with the scoreboard, and the drum does not rotate or turns only in one direction. There’s a problem with the control card here. It’s possible that the relay on the board or the control module processor have failed to function properly. Replace the board in order to resolve the issue.
  2. The washing machine’s drum does not rotate, and the machine displays the UE error samsung washer once it has been turned on for the first time. It indicates that the drive belt has been ripped or stretched out of shape. Replace the element with a new one.
  3. A loud beeping sound is made by the washing machine during spin gaining, but no clothes are spun. It’s possible that the bearing has collapsed or that the sealing of the stuffing box has been compromised. Change the elements in this list to new ones.
  4. When washing, rinsing, or spinning, the washing machine indicates that an error has occurred. The reason for this is a failure of the tacho sensor, which requires replacement.
  5. The drum may be simply scrolled by the user. However, the appliance does not begin to spin on the selected program at the same moment. It shows that the engine brushes are beginning to show signs of wear. They should be replaced.
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After determining the cause of the code’s existence, it becomes much easier to correct the problem and restore the device’s functionality. Nevertheless, it is frequently necessary to call in a professional who will correct the problem.

Our Final Thoughts UE Error on Samsung washer

In addition to saving you significant time and effort, a well-functioning washing machine provides you with a variety of wash cycles to choose from depending on what you’re cleaning. Everyday washing machines, which are commonly used in most houses, have become commonplace, and ensuring that they are operational is a key priority.

I hope that the information in the post above is useful in resolving your issue.

FAQs UE code on Samsung Washer

Questions Answers
What Does Ue Mean On Samsung Washing Machine?UE samsung washing machine stands for an Unbalanced Error. This error occurs when the laundry load is unevenly distributed inside the drum, causing the machine to rebalance. The samsung UE code error typically occurs due to overloading or load-related issues, affecting the machine’s performance.

What does the letter UR stand for on a Samsung washer?

If your Samsung washer displays the message UR on the screen after completing the spin cycle and the clothes are still damp, we have a solution for you. Read on for more information. Samsung washer UR codes are most usually produced by an imbalanced load of laundry being washed in the machine.

What does the UE code on a Samsung washer mean?

A UE code displayed on the Samsung washer screen after the spin cycle has been completed is also produced by an uneven load. It is entirely dependent on your machine whether a UE or UR code is displayed.

What exactly does the UE symbol on my Samsung washer mean?

An UE error implies that there is an imbalance. When the washing machine is unable to evenly distribute the laundry over the walls of the drum, this condition develops. Mechanical faults, such as deterioration of carbon brushes, damage to the tachometer, damage to the belt drive, or destruction of the bearing, can sometimes be the cause. It is also possible that the control board will fail.

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