How To Pair Samsung Buds? [2023] (Answered)

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How To Pair Samsung Buds? These true wireless earbuds from Samsung are the company’s answer to Apple’s massively popular AirPods, and our analysts believe they’re even a little bit better. If you’re a loyal Samsung Galaxy user, these are the earphones you’ve been looking for.

Connecting Galaxy Buds to a Galaxy device is as simple as connecting your iPhone’s AirPods to your Galaxy device. 

Furthermore, they can be used with any other electronic devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Here’s how to pair your Galaxy Buds with your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android device (and how to disconnect them from your device).

How To Pair Samsung Buds?
How To Pair Samsung Buds?

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Samsung Galaxy Buds (earphones)

The Galaxy Buds 2 from Samsung are small but powerful earbuds that deliver good sound and effective active noise cancellation. 

In addition, at $150, they’re significantly less expensive while providing equal or greater functionality than Apple’s AirPods Pro. 

And if you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find the Buds 2 on clearance.

Earlier this week Woot offered a discount on the Buds 2 for $125, which was available before the headphones were even officially introduced. Crazy.

And, like Apple’s AirPods, Samsung has incorporated some intelligent capabilities into the Buds 2 that make tasks like syncing the earphones with your phone a breeze, as demonstrated above. 

That is if you have a Samsung Galaxy or an Android phone.

 Using the Buds 2 with a Galaxy phone, an Android phone, an iPhone, a PC, and a Mac, I’ll walk you through the process of connecting the Buds 2 with each device. This will ensure that you’re protected on all fronts.

How to Connect the Galaxy Buds to Your Phone

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How to Connect the Galaxy Buds to Your Phone

In order to connect the Galaxy Buds to your device—any device—the first step is to remove them from their charging case. 

Although it may not appear so, opening the cover causes the earbuds to instantly enter pairing mode, allowing phones, computers, and tablets to locate and link with them through Bluetooth technology.

Since the Galaxy Buds will most likely be connected to several different devices, make sure you unplug them from one device before attempting to connect them to another. If this is not done, the earbuds will have difficulty pairing

The simplest method for accomplishing this is to simply turn off Bluetooth on the first device before attempting to connect with the second.

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How To Pair Samsung Buds with Android Phone

1. Ensure that the Galaxy Buds are securely stored in their charging case and that they are at least partially charged before continuing.

2. Open the case by placing it near your Galaxy phone and closing it again.

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3. When you turn on your Galaxy Buds, they will immediately enter Pairing Mode, and your phone will display the Galaxy Buds screen, which will ask if you wish to connect to this device.

4. Select Connect from the drop-down menu.

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Immediately enter Pairing Mode

Connect the Galaxy Buds to a Samsung device

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Connect the Galaxy Buds to a Samsung device

Pairing the Galaxy Buds with your Samsung Galaxy cellphone is a quick and straightforward process that takes only a few minutes. 

All required is that Bluetooth is enabled and the case is opened. 

Once they have been detected by your device, a pop-up message will appear, allowing you to connect the earbuds immediately.

Alternatively, you may go into the Bluetooth settings and locate the earphones in a list, and the pairing process will begin immediately as soon as you do. 

Once the Galaxy Buds have been successfully linked, you will not be required to repeat the process. 

To reconnect in the future, simply ensure that Bluetooth is enabled and then tap both earphones at the same moment to reconnect.

How to manually pair Galaxy Buds with a Samsung phone using the Samsung app

If you are having difficulty pairing your Galaxy Buds via the automatic method, you can still link them by following the steps for pairing other wireless earbuds.

1. Check to see if the Buds are currently linked with another phone in the vicinity. As soon as you discover that they are, unpair the earbuds from that phone and switch off the Bluetooth on that phone.

2. Retry the automatic approach one more time.

3.  If the pairing process is still unsuccessful, manually enter pairing mode by tapping and holding the touchpads on both Galaxy Buds.

4. Start by going to the Settings app on your phone

5. Select Bluetooth from the Connections menu.

6. After it appears, select the entry for your Galaxy Buds by tapping it.

Instructions on how to connect your Galaxy Buds 2 to a Samsung Galaxy phone

The pairing process for the Buds 2 is far and away from the simplest when using a Samsung Galaxy phone, such as the new Galaxy Z Flip 3.

In order to get started, first, check to see if you have the Galaxy Wearable application loaded on your phone (it should be, but if not you can get it here).

Afterward, lay the Buds 2 charging case, with the earphones still inside, next to your phone and open it. 

Your phone will ask you if you want to connect the Buds 2 to your phone a split second or two after that. 

When prompted, select Connect and then complete the remaining steps, which include downloading and installing the appropriate plugins for the Buds 2, as well as approving permission requests so that the earbuds may perform activities such as reading your alerts to you.

With the Samsung Wear App, you may personalize your look

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With the Samsung Wear App, you may personalize your look

As soon as the earphones are plugged in, the Samsung Wear application on your phone will instantly activate.

This is where you can check the battery life of your Galaxy Buds and utilize the Find My Earbuds feature to locate your lost earbuds. 

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Controls for the equalization, notifications, touchpad and ambient sound settings are all available as well. 

The app can also be used to reconnect the earbuds if they become disconnected.

How to connect your Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 to your Android phone

When using a phone that is not part of the Samsung Galaxy family, such as the Pixel 5A or the Motorola Edge, you’ll need to begin by downloading and installing the Galaxy Wearable app from the Google Play Store.

After installing the program, open it and press the Start button

Afterward, set the Buds 2 case next to your phone, with the earphones still inside, and wait for your smartphone to scan for and then identify the Buds 2 as an available device before continuing. 

A split second later, you should see “Galaxy Buds2” appear as an available device in the list. To make a selection, tap the screen.

To complete the procedure in the app, you’ll need to approve any permission requests and install the appropriate plugin for the Wearable app so that it may communicate with Buds 2 through the Wearable app.

How to connect your Galaxy Buds 2 to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac Computer

Samsung has stated that it is concentrating its efforts on ensuring that the Buds 2 delivers the best possible performance for Galaxy owners (and by extension, Android users). 

Consequently, there is no iPhone app for the Buds 2 that can be used to help alter settings or apply software updates on the Buds 2.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of using the Buds 2 with your iPhone

The Buds 2 can still be connected to your iPhone by placing the case near the device and heading to Settings > Bluetooth.

 Look for the Buds 2 to appear under the Other Devices portion of the screen. 

You will need to reset the earphones by long-pressing on both touchpads while the earbuds are still in the case if they are not visible after a few seconds.

When the indicator light on the case begins to blink green and then red, you can remove your hands from the panels, and the Buds 2 should appear as an available Bluetooth device on your smartphone’s Bluetooth list. 

The same procedures can be used to set up an iPad.

On a Mac, pair the Buds 2 by heading to System Preferences > Bluetooth and leaving the case open while waiting for the Buds 2 to appear as an available device in the Bluetooth list. 

It may be necessary to hold down the long-press button on both earphones in order to push them into pairing mode.

How Do I Pair My Samsung Earbuds With My Laptop?

When you open the cover of the Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Live, or Galaxy Buds Pro, a compatible Samsung Galaxy handset should prompt you to pair them automatically

But what if you want to connect your Galaxy Buds to a laptop and use them while working or studying?

A few simple steps are required to connect your Samsung headphones to a laptop, and they differ just slightly depending on the operating system you’re using.

Connecting Samsung Earbuds to a Windows PC Laptop

Windows PCs have slightly varied methods depending on the version you’re running, but the instructions below will get you to the right menus.

1. If you’ve never paired your earphones with a device, simply opening the case will activate pairing mode. If you’ve already connected them to a phone or another device, put the earbuds in your ears and press and hold both touchpads until you hear a series of beeps indicating that you’re in pairing mode.

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2. Go to the Devices menu on your laptop. This is found in the Settings menu in Windows 10.

3. Next, if it isn’t already selected, click Bluetooth & other devices.

4. From here, select Add Bluetooth or another device, and your Samsung Buds will appear in this choice as long as they are in pairing mode (as described in step 1).

5. Choose them, and your Galaxy Buds will be paired with your laptop. When you switch them back on, they should now default to this laptop.

What are the Galaxy Buds Pro controls and how do you use them?

The Galaxy Buds Pro’s touch controls allow you to complete a variety of tasks entirely with your hands. 

The following are the default gestures and what they accomplish:

  • With a single tap, you can start or stop playback.
  • A double-tap will advance you to the next track.
  • A triple tap will return you to the previous track.

By modifying the settings, you may also change what the “touch and hold” gesture accomplishes.

Touch and hold the “Touch and hold” button in the Wearable app, then select the desired action for each earpiece. You have a choice between the following:

Noise controls are switched on and off (toggles between ANC and Ambient Sound modes)

  • Turn up the volume.
  • Turn the volume down.
  • Make use of the voice assistant.
  • Spotify should be launched on the device.

When your phone is ringing or you are currently in a call, you can utilize touch controls to manage it. 

The following gestures will override their typical functions when your phone is ringing or you are in a call.

  • Double-tapping will either answer or end the call.
  • The call is declined with a touch and hold.

How to Pair Your Samsung Galaxy Buds With Different Devices?

Insert the earbuds inside the charging case and then close the cover. Wait 5 to 6 seconds before opening the case. The earbuds will begin Bluetooth pairing mode automatically. If they are already paired with another device, place them in your ears and hold down both touchpads for a few seconds until pairing mode is activated.

Our Final Thoughts: How To Pair Samsung Buds

The Samsung Galaxy buds are not the most comfortable wireless earphones available. Buds Plus has undoubtedly made a positive difference in this regard, however, I personally have had a negative experience with the company.

I also use it on a regular basis with my PC. Consequently, if you’re asking whether or not galaxy buds can be used with a laptop, the answer is yes. Simply follow the procedures outlined above to connect your Samsung buds in a variety of ways.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the best way to connect my Samsung earbuds to my iPhone?

If you have the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ or the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, you can connect them to your device by downloading the Samsung Galaxy Buds app from the App Store, selecting your model, and connecting them.

Instead, if you cannot utilize the Galaxy Buds app or prefer not to, you can link the earphones with your iPhone by selecting them from the Settings > Bluetooth > Other Devices menu on your iPhone.

What is the best way to connect my Samsung headphones to my Samsung television?

Prior to anything else, make sure your earbuds are in pairing mode.

Then go to the Bluetooth settings on your Samsung TV and choose your Samsung earbuds from the drop-down menu that appears.

The exact sequence varies depending on the model of your television, but it is likely to follow this basic pattern: Bluetooth Speaker List may be found under Settings > Sound > Sound Output.

What is the best way to link my Samsung wireless earbuds?

Using the Galaxy Wearable app, connect your earbuds.

Open the Galaxy Wearable app and then select Get started from the drop-down menu.

Place your earbuds in the charging case and then press the Pair button on the back of the case for roughly 3-5 seconds to pair the earbuds with the device.

Then, in the Galaxy Wearable app, choose the Gear IconX from the list of available devices.


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