Samsung SmartThings Wifi Review

Samsung SmartThings Wifi System for your Home and Office

A powerful mesh Wi-Fi router that doubles as a smart home hub.

Optimized Wi-Fi signal up to 1,500 sq. ft. and connection to 100s of compatible sensors, devices, and accessories.

The right SmartThings Wifi system for your home

Start with one device to cover homes up to 1,500sq feet in size and then simply add more for larger homes. 3 devices covers up to 4,500sq feet. Enjoy a fast, secure, and reliable Wi-Fi network in every room and on every device.



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Simple setup

Just follow the simple instructions on the SmartThings app and let the system go to work. SmartThings Wifi recognizes all of your devices, identifies the flow of traffic, and starts to optimize your home network. The companion Wifi app helps you manage the setup with a few quick taps.



Getting smarter all the time


Your personal air traffic control


Wi-Fi that knows the family


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Personalized Content Restriction


Cyber threats are evolving.
So are we.

SmartThings Wifi identifies all your connected devices and continuously monitors them for suspicious activity. If a device is compromised, SmartThings Wifi quarantines the device, preventing the threat from spreading to rest of your connected devices.


Measure and track performance


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The brain of your smart home

Works as a SmartThings hub to connect your devices wirelessly and make them work together. Control SmartThings, Samsung, and 100+ compatible smart devices, like lights, cameras, and doorbells, all via the SmartThings app.


Whole home control

Receive alerts when unexpected activity occurs, set devices to turn on and off when triggered by movement, time, moisture or temperature, and create automated routines like Good Morning, Goodbye, and Goodnight.

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