Samsung QN75Q900RB Review 75″ Ultra High Definition QLED 8K TV

If you’re ready to indulge yourself in an entertainment system that will absolutely blow you away, this Samsung QN75Q900RB 8K UHD TV with a sound system is for you.

In my perspective, the television is flawless: it loads quickly, there are no app lags, the colors are stunning, and the television itself is stunning.

The audio system is incredible: excellent bass and treble, sharp and powerful (can get very loud, so watch out for those neighbors).

It was simple for me to set up. We’re watching movies, my kids are playing on this, and everything else. Thank you very much.

SAMSUNG QN75Q900RB (7680 x 4320) 75" Ultra High Definition QLED 8K TV with an Enclave EA-1000-THX-US...
  • REAL 8K RESOLUTION: Samsung Real 8K Resolution offers 16x the resolution of Full HD for exceptional depth of detail to draw you in to the picture, better than the best 4K TV experience of QLED
  • QUANTUM PROCESSOR 8K: Samsung’s most powerful TV processor ever enables today's content to be remastered into stunning 8K detail with optimized sound, picture and custom content recommendations
  • 8K AI UPSCALING: Intelligently upconverts today's content into stunning 8K for improved details, reduced noise and sharpened definition
  • No more confusing remotes with buttons you never use. The Enclave is designed to work with your TV remote or a universal remote.
  • Hear cinema-like surround sound with Dolby Audio and DTS technologies, even from stereo signals.

Samsung Q900R 8k LED TV

The Samsung Q900R is an excellent 8k LED TV with excellent picture quality. It can be very bright in both SDR and HDR modes.

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Despite having a VA panel, it has wide viewing angles thanks to the ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ layer, which keeps an accurate image when viewed from the side at the expense of lower contrast.

Despite the low native contrast ratio, the very good local dimming support improves dark room performance significantly. It has excellent HDR performance and excellent reflection handling.

The Q900 has very low input lag and excellent motion handling. Finally, the Q900R, like all premium Samsungs since 2018, supports FreeSync variable refresh rate.


  • The resolution is 8k.
  • Wide viewing angles, which is ideal for a VA panel.
  • Excellent local dimmer and dark room performance.



Samsung QN75Q900RB (7680 x 4320) 75″ Ultra High Definition QLED 8K TV

with an Enclave EA-1000-THX-US CineHome Pro CineHub Edition 5.1Ch Speakers (2021)

  • REAL 8K RESOLUTION: Samsung’s Real 8K Resolution provides 16x the resolution of Full HD for incredible depth of detail to immerse you into the picture, outperforming the greatest 4K TV experience of QLED.
  • QUANTUM PROCESSOR 8K: Samsung’s most powerful TV processor to date allows today’s content to be remastered into spectacular 8K quality, with optimal sound, image, and unique content recommendations.
  • 8K AI UPSCALING: Intelligently upconverts today’s content to spectacular 8K resolution for increased details, decreased noise, and sharpened definition.
  • No more perplexing remotes with inactive buttons. The Enclave is intended to be used with a TV remote or a universal remote.
    With Dolby Au, you can enjoy cinema-quality surround sound.

The Samsung Q900 is an excellent TV for a variety of purposes. It has a good dark room performance and an impressive image quality that remains accurate when viewed from the side.

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It has excellent motion handling with minimal motion blur, and fast-moving content, such as sports, is crisp.

The input lag is very low, and the TV responds to your actions almost instantly, which is ideal for video game players and those who will use it as a PC monitor.

Design and specifications

But, putting emotion aside, here are the facts: The Q900 is an 8K UHD quantum dot LCD TV with an LED array backlighting (7860 x 4320 pixels).

The exact number of zones in the backlight grid is unknown, but my eyes tell me there are quite a few. The 75-inch class (74.5 inches measured diagonally) model I tested is 66 inches wide, 40 inches high, and 1.4 inches thick.

Picture and Sound

Fortunately, I had one of Samsung’s 2018 Q8-series TVs to compare to the 75-inch Q900. I couldn’t have asked for better A/B comparisons between 4K UHD and 8K UHD because the technology is similar and the brand is the same.

To summarize, the Q900 is superior—even when viewing most 4K UHD content. 8K has more detail (with the right material), and 4K UHD looks better. When you pack four times the pixels into the same space as a 4K UHD TV, you get the “retina” effect that Apple is so proud of. It has the same level of detail, but it is smoother and clearer. Much of the effect is most likely due to Samsung’s superior processing and upscaling, but the pixel density


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