Galaxy Buds Live vs Galaxy Buds Plus [Ultimate Comparison]

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We all know that feeling.

You finally break down and buy the coveted new product – be it the newest pair of Galaxy Buds Live, or in this case, the Galaxy Buds Plus.

You can’t wait to try them out and show them off to your friends and family.

But as you take them out of the box for the first time, doubt starts to creep in – are you really going to like these as much as everyone says?

Are they worth all the hype? Well, I’m here to tell you that – yes! – the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Plus are worth all the buzz.

In fact, they might even be better than their predecessors. Here’s why…

Galaxy Buds Live vs Galaxy Buds Plus
Galaxy Buds Live vs Galaxy Buds Plus

What is preferable? [Galaxy buds live vs Galaxy Buds Plus]

With a sleek, beautiful design, numerous useful functions, and effective noise cancellation, the new Galaxy Buds Live is the higher-end model of both accessories.

The Galaxy Buds Plus are cheaper, but they provide more value thanks to their long-lasting battery life and noise-canceling capability.

<img src="×578.jpg" alt="What is preferable, Galaxy buds live or Galaxy Buds Plus? Why?” class=”wp-image-11570″ />
What is preferable, Galaxy buds live or Galaxy Buds Plus? Why?

What do You Need to Know: Is Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Buds Plus Right for You?

Why Purchase the Galaxy Buds Plus?

You’re looking for the most affordable Galaxy Buds available. Despite the fact that the Galaxy Buds+ have been replaced by the Galaxy Buds 2, they have only been around for about a year and a half and are still a really good set of earphones in our opinion. They have good sound quality, are really comfy, and, like Samsung’s more pricey buds, they have an Ambient Noise mode that allows you to hear your surroundings better while listening to music on your phone. Due to the fact that they’re on their way out, you can usually get them for a bargain (they’re now under $99 as of this writing).

You’re looking for something that works equally well on both iOS and Android devices. Instead of just supporting iOS (through the Galaxy Buds app), as with Samsung’s more recent Galaxy Buds, the Galaxy Buds+ also supports Android (via the Galaxy Buds app) (via the Galaxy Wearable app). That means you can swap between different sound presets, modify the controls, and enable or disable the Ambient Noise function regardless of whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android smartphone.

<img src="" alt="Why Purchase the Galaxy Buds Plus?” class=”wp-image-11574″ />
Why Purchase the Galaxy Buds Plus?

Why Purchase the Galaxy Buds Live?

If any of the following apply to you, you might consider purchasing the Galaxy Buds Live:

You’re looking for a pair of earbuds that stand out from the crowd. Even while the Galaxy Buds Live‘s bean-shaped design became the topic of numerous online memes when it was originally introduced, the design itself does have a certain allure to it. The earbuds are one of Samsung’s most comfy, and once you put them in your ears, they don’t look quite as alarming.

In addition to black, red, and white, they’re the only Galaxy Buds that come in an appealing Mystic Bronze color (which matches the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra from last year), which is not available in the other colors.

You’re looking for low-cost, platform-independent headphones. A companion app, like the Galaxy Buds+, is available for both iPhones and Android devices, and it allows you to fine-tune the sound of your music using an equalizer, configure the controls, and toggle active noise cancellation (ANC). It’s important to remember that the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on these buds is scarcely apparent and that there is no Ambient Noise function available like there is on other models in the range.

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Why Purchase the Galaxy Buds Live?
Why Purchase the Galaxy Buds Live?

Samsung Galaxy Buds: Quick Features Review

  1. The best of the best
  2. Exceptionally comfortable
  3. Excellent audio quality, with a powerful bassANC!
  4. Battery life that is dependable
  5. Charger with a small footprint
  6. The performance of the ANC is only adequate.
  7. Continuous playback time is reduced.

True wireless earbuds have been around for a while now, but the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are the most up-to-date kind yet, and they’re the best on the market. With Buds Live, Samsung has hit the ball out of the park, providing excellent audio quality, long battery life, and the long-awaited addition of noise-canceling technology.

In addition to being exceptionally pleasant for all ear types, the one-of-a-kind design stands out among competing earbuds in terms of appearance and functionality.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: Quick Features Review

  1. Dependable and reasonably priced
  2. Design that has been tried and tested
  3. The sound is well-balanced.
  4. Battery life is exceptional.
  5. More colors are available upon request.
  6. It’s less taxing on the wallet.
  7. There is no noise cancellation.
  8. Design isn’t as ubiquitous as you may think.

While the Galaxy Buds Plus aren’t as visually appealing as the original Galaxy Buds, they still have a lot going for them. In spite of the fact that the Buds Plus were released a couple of months before the Buds Live, they produce fantastic sound, function with the same excellent companion software, and even have longer battery life when it comes to continuous playback.

The design isn’t as groundbreaking as it could be, and they don’t offer any form of noise cancellation, but if you prefer classic earphones, these are excellent.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds Live In-Depth Features Review

1. Price

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Buds+ vs Buds Live: What’s the difference in price?

The noise-canceling Samsung Galaxy Buds Live have the most advanced technology, which is reflected in their expensive price point. Estimate a price of approximately £179 ($230, AU$330).

The second-generation Galaxy Buds Plus, which does not include noise-canceling technology, is presently available for purchase for £159 ($149, AU$299). However, given the fact that they have been overtaken by a newer model, we would anticipate a decrease in their value.

The original Galaxy Buds are the most established and least expensive of the group. Prices have plummeted from £139 ($180, AU$250) at launch to less than £100 ($125, AU$180) in the following months.

If you can find them for less than £100, the first-generation Galaxy Buds are a reasonable investment. However, they do have several shortcomings that must be considered.

Samsung Galaxy Buds were awarded to the winner.

2. Battery Life

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Buds, Buds+, and Buds Live is compared.

When it comes to genuine wireless earbuds, battery life can be a deal-breaker for some users. Once all, it’s not like you can just pull out a 3.5mm cable and continue to use your devices after the battery runs out of power (as you can with some wireless headphones).

The Galaxy Buds Live provide up to 21 hours of total gameplay when active noise cancellation is enabled; six hours from the buds themselves and 15 hours from their charging case combined.

The Buds Live will last a whopping 29 hours if you’re willing to turn off the noise cancellation and Bixby voice wake-up features, making them some of the longest-lasting wireless buds we’ve tested so far.

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A single charge of the second-generation Galaxy Buds+ provides an astounding 11 hours of playback, with an extra 11 hours of playback from the charging case for a total of 22 hours of use. They also offer the fastest fast-charging function available, providing 60 minutes of playtime from a 3-minute charge. For example, Galaxy Buds Live provides 60 minutes of playtime after only 5 minutes of charging.

In terms of battery life, the first-generation Galaxy Buds (58mAh) provide only six hours of playtime, with an extra seven hours of playtime from the charging case, for a total battery life of 11 hours.

Simply put, if you’re looking for a pair of wireless earbuds that have the longest battery life on a single charge, the Galaxy Buds Plus is the best option. However, this does not imply that the six hours provided by Galaxy Buds Live will not be sufficient for the majority of individuals.

Finally, all three Buds come equipped with Samsung’s ingenious ‘Wireless PowerShare’ technology, which allows users to charge their buds simply by resting them on the back of compatible Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S20 smartphone, while the device is being charged.

**Winner** Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus (Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus).

3. Design and Comfort

Design and comfort of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live versus the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Plus are both visually appealing earbuds, but Buds Live outperforms the Galaxy Buds Plus by a large margin in terms of aesthetic appeal. The bean-shaped form of the Buds Live is quite sleek, and the earbuds appear significantly less visible in my ears than the comparatively large Buds Plus do, which is a pleasant surprise.

Both Buds are available in a wide range of colors, with the Buds Live being available in Mystic White, Mystic Black, and a particularly stunning Mystic Copper color. In addition to white, red, and black, there are also Cloud Blue and Aura Blue options available for the Buds Plus. It comes down to personal preference: the Buds Plus’ color possibilities are more vibrant, whilst the Buds Live’s color options have a more premium appearance.

Similarly, the charging cases that come with both buds are both rather attractive, with the Buds Live employing a curved-square cover that is somewhat taller than the pill-shaped case that comes with the Buds Plus, for example. Both cases are compatible with wireless charging, which provides them a distinct advantage over similarly priced buds such as the $159 Apple AirPods, which are now available.

Both of Samsung’s earbuds are comfortable to use, but I prefer the Buds Live since they have a more snug and secure fit than the Buds. Because both sets of earphones are under 0.2 ounces in weight, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them in the first place. The Buds Plus, on the other hand, are a little too loose in contrast.

Galaxy Buds Live is the winner.

4. Controls between the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and the Galaxy Buds Plus

The Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Plus are both equipped with a range of convenient touch controls, but both have challenges when it comes to actually use those controls. Buds Plus controls can be extremely sensitive, detecting inadvertent pauses when my fingertips just brush them and mistaking single taps for double taps on a number of occasions.

Buds Live have the opposite difficulty from me on occasion. I had to give them a very forceful touch in order for them to register my inputs at all on occasion.

Functionality-wise, the two earbuds are nearly identical, allowing you to pause music with a single tap, skip tracks with a double tap, and go back a track with a triple tap. With a long press on each set of earphones, you can also execute a variety of activities, like as altering the volume, summoning your voice assistant, or activating ambient sound (Buds Plus) or noise cancellation (Buds Live). Buds Live have a tiny advantage in this category because they can also be used to operate Bixby hands-free when linked to a Galaxy phone.

Galaxy Buds Live is the winner.

5. Audio quality between the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and the Galaxy Buds Plus

There will be no battle in this round. When compared to other earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Live delivers significantly better audio quality, with deep bass, sharp treble, and clear vocals. The Buds Plus provide adequate audio quality in their own right, but music appears much more distant and lacking in bass when compared to other headphones.

‘Garden Tune’ by Phoebe Bridgers, a gentle, bouncy indie rock song, sounded warm and bright on the Buds Live, letting the singer-sad songwriter’s vocals to soar above the perky echoed guitars without drowning them out. “Garden Song” was performed by Phoebe Bridgers. The Buds Plus, on the other hand, had significantly fewer backing instrumentals than the Buds.

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When Juice WRLD’s “Wishing Well” was played on the Buds Live, the emotive hip-hop track sounded equally urgent, allowing the spacey vocals, shimmering guitars, and quick percussion beat to shine as brightly. On the Buds Plus, the bass and guitars were once again difficult to distinguish from the rest of the music.

Galaxy Buds Live is the winner.

6. Comparing the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus for noise cancellation and ambient listening

Active noise cancellation is one of the Galaxy Buds Live’s most notable features, albeit it isn’t quite the high-end experience you’ll get from the likes of the Sony WF-1000xM3 or Apple AirPods Pro. As an alternative, the Buds Live provides a more modest ANC effect that will block out some low-frequency disturbances while still allowing your podcasts to come through a little more clearly. However, according to our research, the Buds Live will not be able to drown out loud noises like as construction or surrounding talk, making alternatives such as the AirPods Pro significantly superior for those who live in or work in noisy environments.

As an alternative, the Buds Plus includes an ambient noise feature that allows you to be more aware of your surroundings while walking around with your headphones on and listening to music. The feature is dependable, albeit it might occasionally enhance undesired sounds such as wind a little too much to be comfortable with.

Galaxy Buds Plus was chosen as the winner.

7. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live versus Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: EQ and unique features comparison

Because of Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app for iOS and Android, Buds Live and Buds Plus have many of the same software features as one another. Six equalization options (normal, bass boost, soft, dynamic, clear, treble boost) allow you to fine-tune the sound of each earbud, and both buds may be used to activate Spotify with a single touch.

Find My Earbuds can also be used to track down a pair of misplaced buds such as the Buds Live or the Buds Plus. When it comes to the app, Buds Live has a few extra features that are only available on the Galaxy. These include a specific gaming mode that decreases audio latency when playing games, as well as the ability to summon Bixby with the touch of a button.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds vs. the Buds+ vs. the Buds Live: Final Verdict

Samsung has clearly catered to its target audience with the creation of three pairs of well-featured true wireless earbuds that combine innovative technology with excellent usability. Which buds you choose will be determined by your personal preferences, the specific characteristics you are looking for, and your budget.

You can get a terrific blend of cutting-edge capabilities, noise cancellation, responsive voice commands, and long battery life with the bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live if you are willing to spend the extra money. They are housed in a compact, unobtrusive form.

However, if it does not stretch and you do not perceive the benefit of the noise-canceling technology, then it should be at the top of your shopping list. Both devices include many of the same high-end features, including the Galaxy Wearable app, outstanding battery life, a lightweight design, and connectivity with both iOS and Android devices.

Do you prefer to get a good deal? For individuals on a tight budget who are ready to accept a slight decrease in performance, the Galaxy Buds are a reasonable option. However, you will be sacrificing a significant amount in terms of sound quality with these headphones.

Our Final Thoughts: Galaxy Buds Live vs Galaxy Buds Plus

With the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Plus, Samsung delivered a powerful one-two punch, but Buds Live has a tiny advantage in terms of sound quality.

Samsung’s higher-end earbuds have excellent sound quality, long battery life, and a robust feature set, making them some of the finest wireless earbuds you can buy for $169, making them some of the best wireless earbuds you can purchase.

FAQs Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds Live

Are the Galaxy Buds Live worth the money?

True wireless earphones, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are good – but not exceptional – in terms of sound quality. They have a variety of useful functions and a combined battery life of 28 hours, but their sound quality isn’t really impressive, and the noise cancellation may be improved significantly more.

When it comes to Galaxy buds, what is the difference between them and Galaxy Buds Live?

The designs of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Plus are diametrically opposed to one another. In comparison to the Galaxy Buds Plus, the Galaxy Buds Live buds have a bean-like shape, making them stand out from the crowd. First and foremost, let’s get obvious out of the way: These buds appear to be from different planets, which is exactly what they are.

What are the differences between the Galaxy buds and Galaxy buds Plus?

When compared to the original Galaxy Buds, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus provides a longer amount of stand-alone playtime (11.73 hours compared to 6.53 hours). As a matter of fact, this is among the best battery life we’ve seen in any true wireless earbuds we’ve tried so far, although the first-generation models aren’t bad either.


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