How To Check Hotspot Password On Windows 10? (Find Out Now)

Identifying the network credentials is the first necessity when connecting a cell phone to a computer. The network on a Windows 10 computer is detected quickly, but you must enter the network security key before connecting.

Before delving into the Mobile Hotspot Password in Windows 10, you should configure it with the aid of our previous post. In response, we’ve chosen to publish the section below on how to find the Mobile Hotspot Password in Windows 10.

How To Check Hotspot Password On Windows 10?
How To Check Hotspot Password On Windows 10?


  • Pick the “Windows” icon at the far left of the taskbar to open the Start menu, then click “Settings” from the menu that displays.
Click on Settings
Click on Settings
  • Once the Settings application has fully expanded, select the “Network & Internet” area and click on it.
Select the "Network & Internet"
Select the “Network & Internet”
  • On the right, click Mobile hotspot under “Network & Internet.” The first slider opposite the Mobile hotspot determines whether the Mobile hotspot is enabled or off. A mobile Hotspot Password is required in Windows 10; therefore, check for the Network name and password directly beneath the WiFi drop-down box.
  • Observe the characters next to “Network Password” carefully and commit them to memory as you have reached the destination to Find the Mobile Hotspot Password in Windows 10.
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"Network Password"
“Network Password”
  • This string of characters is the “password” you are searching for.

On Windows 10, it is possible to retrieve the WiFi password for the current connection or stored networks. This information can be valuable if, for instance, you seek to assist someone with a laptop joining the same wireless network or remembering it for future use.

While the Settings app does not allow access to this information, you may view the WiFi password of the current connection using Control Panel and the current and previously saved network passwords using Command Prompt (or PowerShell).


  • Click “Edit” underneath “Network password.”
Click "Edit" underneath "Network password."
Click “Edit” underneath “Network password.”
  • Change the string of characters in the Network password field and click the Save button in the ” Edit Network details ” window.
" Edit Network details "
” Edit Network details “
  • The new password will be saved and accessible in the Settings program in a few moments.
  • To connect, alter your mobile device’s Windows 10 Mobile hotspot credentials.


  • In addition, the Username of Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot can be adjusted using the approach above.
  • One time, click the “Edit” button. The Edit network details window will appear; enter the required Username and click “Save.”
  • To “share the Internet” using Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot, alter the mobile device’s Username.
  • In Windows 10, the Name, IP Address, and MAC Address of the devices connected via mobile hotspot will be displayed in the Settings area.
  • The Network status will also be displayed in the network notification bar.

I’ve tested the new Mobile Hotspot feature, and it connects flawlessly in a matter of seconds.

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This article describes the methods necessary to retrieve a forgotten password. It should be easy to retrieve it now that helpful retrieval recommendations have been provided. Of course, you can always attempt to reset the WiFi password if all else fails. Fi’s, We hope your issues have been handled, and you can continue with your life.

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FAQs On How To Check Hotspot Password On Windows 10?

Where can I find the Windows 10 hotspot settings?

Choose the Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot option from the Start menu. Under Share, my Internet connection, select the Internet connection you wish to share. Enter a new network name and password, followed by the Save button. Finally, enable the option to Share my Internet connection.

How can I locate the WiFi network password on my computer?

Right-click the WiFi adapter of your computer from the list of options. Select Wireless Status and Properties. Next, choose the tab titled Security. Your network security key will be displayed if the Show Characters checkbox is selected.

Does it contain a password manager?

What is the network security key for the hotspot in Windows 10?

The security key for your network is the password that protects it. For example, you will need a password to connect your device to a WiFi router in your home. This WiFi password is the network’s security key.

How can I manually connect to a hotspot in Windows 10?

Likewise, connecting to the hotspot is straightforward. First, locate the wireless settings on your device, then click or tap the network and input the password. The Mobile hotspot interface will display your device and its assigned IP and MAC address once connected.


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