How To Backup Samsung S10? Quick And Easy Guide!

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Nowadays, not having a backup of your mobile device’s data is the worst mistake someone could make. Indeed, it’s the same as putting all the information you’ve accumulated over the years in danger.

You must periodically back up its contents to avoid losing essential data on your Samsung S10. For this reason, we’ve prepared this straightforward guide to help you through the simple steps required to build a backup of your Samsung S10 without sacrificing security.

How to Backup Samsung Galaxy S10?
How to Backup Samsung Galaxy S10?


Advanced MobileTrans data transfer software is the quickest and most convenient way to back a Samsung S10 to a PC.

MobileTrans is the best data transfer solution developed by the industry-leading software company ‘Wondershare’ to allow users of all skill levels to effortlessly transfer, backup, and restore data from one device to another.

MobileTrans gives you access to the sophisticated functionality you need to manage the data on your mobile device, including backing up WhatsApp data, audio files, videos, images, etc.

  • Open the MobileTrans app on your Windows/Mac Computer, and then pick ‘Backup & Restore’ and ‘Backup’ under ‘Phone Backup & Restore.
Phone Backup and Restore
Phone Backup and Restore
  • Attach your Samsung S10 to the computer via its USB cable and select ‘File Transfer’ from the resulting Samsung notice.
  • Next, select the data categories you wish to back up to your computer by marking the corresponding checkboxes. Then, select Start to initiate the backup procedure.
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Click on 'Start'
Click on ‘Start’
  • MobileTrans will begin backing up the specified phone data to the computer. You only need to wait for the Samsung device to complete the data backup and disconnect it afterward.
Backup Completed
Backup Completed


Smart Switch is another excellent approach for backing the Samsung S10 to a computer. Although it has the disadvantage of not always working perfectly, it is a good option for quickly backing up Samsung S10 data.

Without further ado, let’s examine the step-by-step guide for backing up a Samsung S10 to a PC using Smart Switch for PC.

  • Download and install the most recent version of Smart Switch on your Mac or Windows computer.
  • Then, connect your device to your computer via the Samsung S10 USB cord and launch the Smart Switch application on your computer.
Launch Smart Switch
Launch Smart Switch
  • Choose “Backup” from the options offered on the computer’s screen. Then, be patient as your Samsung data is backed up to your computer.


Although Samsung has already discontinued Samsung cloud on all Samsung smartphones, Google cloud storage is the best option for backing up the data on your Samsung S10 to the cloud.

Google Drive is a universal cloud storage service that allows all users, regardless of their mobile devices, to save their data for free in the cloud. The only requirement is a Google account.

Follow the steps below to back up your Samsung Galaxy S10 to Google Drive easily.

  • Launch the Settings application on your Samsung device and navigate to ‘Accounts and Backup’ > ‘Backup and Reset’ > ‘Backup up data’ to activate.
  • Click ‘Backup Account’ next to add your Google account.
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Click 'Backup Account'
Click ‘Backup Account’
  • Return to the ‘Settings’ screen and select ‘Accounts and Backup’ once more, then select ‘Accounts’ to pick the newly added Google account.
  • To initiate the Samsung S10 backup procedure, click ‘Sync account,’ then pick ‘Sync Now’ from the ‘Menu.’ Your data will be backed up to Google Drive.


SD memory card can also be used for Samsung S10 data backups. You require only an SD card to accommodate the total size of the files you wish to back up. But, ensure that the SD card you intend to use is not corrupted, as this could undermine the integrity of the contents you intend to save on it.

Galaxy S10 / S10+: How to Restore Data From SD Card Backup?
  • Introduce the SD card into your Samsung handset. Afterward, navigate to the Samsung File manager and verify that the SD card has been identified.
  • In the File Manager, the checkboxes will show after a few seconds of holding a file. Finally, check the boxes next to the files you wish to save to the SD card.
  • Choose move and then select ‘SD card’ to save the files to an SD card.


Are you aware that Samsung S10 data can now be backed up to another mobile device? Only the MobileTrans data transfer program can help you do the task efficiently.

In addition to data backup and restoration, MobileTrans allows users to transfer various file types from one device to another. For example, you can transfer Whatsapp data, videos, music, contacts, etc. You only require a few clicks.

How to Back Up S10 to Other Devices using MobileTrans?

  • Open MobileTrans on your PC (Mac/Windows) > Select “Phone transfer” and then “Phone to Phone Transfer.”
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Click on ‘Phone transfer’ and select ‘Phone to Phone Transfer
Click on ‘Phone transfer’ and select ‘Phone to Phone Transfer
  • Attach your Samsung S10 device to the computer via its USB port, and then connect the device to which you wish to transfer data via its USB port. As depicted in the figure, your Samsung S10 will be identified as the Source and the other device as the Destination.
Click on Start
Click on Start
  • Choose the file types you wish to back up to different mobile devices. Then, press the Start button to initiate the procedure.
Hit 'Start Button'
Hit ‘Start Button’
  • Once the backup is complete, both devices should be ejected from the computer, and the backup contents should be accessed on the new device.
Backup Completed
Backup Completed


Samsung S10 can be backed up using any of the techniques presented on this page. MobileTrans, on the other hand, is a fantastic solution due to its superior backup operation and seamless data backup on several devices.


How can I back up my Samsung data?

Tap Accounts and backup after launching Settings. Next, tap Back up data under Google Drive. Sign in with your Google account credentials if asked. Now, tap Back up to begin synchronizing your data.

Does Samsung Galaxy back up automatically?

Auto backup backs up your data automatically once each day. But your phone must be fully charged and connected to Wi-Fi, and the screen must be off for at least one hour.

What does Google backup?

You may back up your phone’s content, data, and settings to your Google Account. You can restore backed-up data to your original Android device or other Android devices. However, you cannot use a backup when setting up a personal device with a work profile, for work only, or while setting up a company-owned device.

What is the most excellent Galaxy S10 backup?

As Samsung has already discontinued Samsung cloud on all Samsung devices, Google cloud storage is the best option for backing up Samsung S10 data to the cloud.


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