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SamsungTechwin December 18, 2022 Acquires website

A new, more vital beginning into the future.

On December 18, 2022. acquired the website, specializing in televisions, monitors, and display devices. This is an essential step for Samsungtechwin because it will assist them in growing their company and gaining new customers. The official announcement was made this afternoon in San Francisco, CA. The move to acquire started in March 2022 to strengthen Samsungtechwin’s goal of becoming a market leader. The process took four months of negotiation, and the deal was signed on July 6, 2022.

CEO Trevor Eason was delighted with this deal and said, “This will be an excellent beginning for solid growth into the future. “

The acquisition of fits into Samsungtechwin’s strategy to provide information and advice on the newest technology goods, trends, and software. We hope there will be strong linkages to Samsungtechwin even though the website will be operated under one enterprise. The company’s goal is to become a market leader for technology displays and gadget information, and this acquisition represents another step toward achieving that goal.


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Trevor Eason

CEO Samsungtechwin

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