The Ultimate Samsung Swa-w500 Subwoofer Review

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Looking for Samsung Swa-w500 Subwoofer Review? Samsung is one of the manufacturers that gives more relevance to the world of sound bars.

This is appreciated both in its extensive catalog as well as in the optional accessories that users can purchase at any time.

One of them is the subwoofers that multiply the audio power and Samsung SWA-W500 deserves to be highlighted.

Samsung SWA-W500 / ZG is a high-end wireless-capable subwoofer that makes it possible to enjoy greater sound power in the room as well as a more immersive experience by neglecting any annoying cable setup.

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Samsung Swa-w500 Subwoofer Review

Product Information

Boost the bass of your Samsung sound bar with the Samsung SWA-W500/XU Wireless Subwoofer. This simple and elegant subwoofer connects wirelessly to your S-Series sound bar and brings your audio experience to incredible levels.

At the heart of the SWA-W500/XU, you’ll find a precision-manufactured 6.5“ subwoofer driver delivering rumbling lows. And even at the lowest frequencies, it still maintains amazingly detailed sound.

It couldn’t be easier to set it up – simply plug in the power cable and press the pairing button. It will automatically connect to the sound bar in its vicinity and synchronize the signal distribution. You can adjust the subwoofer output level using the remote control of your sound bar.

Product Information
Product Information

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Design and Compatibility

Samsung SWA-W500 / ZG can be placed directly on the floor. Starting with what can be seen at first glance, there is no great originality in the design chosen for this equipment, but a great elegance is also maintained in black throughout its cube-shaped structure, as well as a “unibody” body. that allows you to adopt a fairly minimalist essence with the rest of the decoration of the room for s series soundbar.

With official dimensions of 9.9 ″ x 10.7 ″ x 9.9 ″ and a weight that exceeds 5 kilograms, it is clear that it is not a very large team but robust enough to keep it fixed in the same location in the room. Of course, since it does not need cables to synchronize with the sound bar, it can be placed in any corner, even behind the position of the sofa.

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It is worth noting that Samsung SWA-W500 has been created to work in conjunction with the Samsung S60T, S60A and S50A sound bars , so if you have any of the three it will be compatible. Otherwise, options like Samsung HW-T650 already arrive with a built-in subwoofer w500.

Design and Compatibility
Design and Compatibility

Final Sound Details

Samsung SWA-W500 has a uniform design from any angle. Samsung SWA-W500 has what it takes to enhance the experience when it comes to enjoying a movie, games or simply enjoying a concert from the tranquility of home. In total there is a 130W addition that should be more than enough for the space of a conventional entertainment room.

Also, “Deeper Bass” is the built-in technology that is responsible for giving better results when it comes to representing the lowest tones without the need to increase the overall volume of the system. This is ideal for appreciating the greatness of action scenes, explosions, or even some particular musical genres for your Samsung tv.

Logically there is no mention of other types of additional specifications for this model, since it is not designed to work independently but to be coupled with all the benefits that Samsung’s new generation sound bars already bring.

Final Sound Details
Final Sound Details


  • Elegant design with good materials
  • Cable-free synchronization
  • Low-pitched sound enhancements


  • Few compatible Samsung bar models
  • It is quite simple in its technical features

Samsung SWA-W500 Features



Size (W x H x D in mm)

9.9 ″ x 10.7 ″ x 9.9 ″

Net weight / kg)

10.4 pounds



image 34
Samsung SWA-W500 Features


Maximum total output power

130 W

Sound technology

Deeper Bass


Supported sound bars

S60T, S60A, S50A

Wireless connectivity



Power requirements

110-240V – 50 / 60Hz

Energetic certification


Official site


  • Turn up the bass. Get deeper sound

Looking for more boom in your bass? Wirelessly connect Subwoofer W500 to your soundbar for a more powerful, deeper bass you can feel.

  • Precise bass, brilliant power

Reach new depths of sound with Subwoofer W500. Designed to complement the S Series soundbars, the subwoofer maintains crisp detail at low frequencies by adding depth for consistent, powerful audio.

  • Intense sound, minus the wires

Listen to sound as it should be- wirelessly. Set the subwoofer where you want to enhance your soundbar’s audio and get intense, rich bass throughout the room.

  • Sleek design

The sleek and seamless unibody design of the subwoofer compliments any room and never stands in the way of its incredible bass.


The Samsung HW-S60A is a 5.0-channel soundbar, but it doesn’t come with a set of physical surround speakers that would typically give it a 5.0 (left, center, right, surround left, surround right) designation.

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Instead, the HW-S60A takes an approach we’ve seen from competing all-in-one soundbars: It uses side-firing drivers in the main soundbar unit to bounce the surround channels off your walls, delivering (ideally) surround effects without actual speakers behind your sofa. Does it work? We’ll discuss that in a bit.

Besides the left, center, and right drivers (Samsung didn’t supply us with driver specifications), there are also a pair of “Acoustic Beams”-Samsung’s name for an “inward”-firing driver with a series of holes designed to project sound precisely throughout the room.

If you want to bolster the HW-S60A’s low-frequency effects, you can turn it into a 5.1-channel soundbar with the optional, $280 SWA-W500 wireless subwoofer. And if you’d prefer physical surround speakers, the soundbar is compatible with Samsung’s $180 SWA-91005 surround speaker kit. Samsung didn’t supply us with any extra speakers, so we focused our testing on the main soundbar unit.

The HW-S60A lacks upfiring drivers for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X height cues, and it doesn’t support any height virtualization modes either. So if you’re looking for a soundbar that delivers immersive Atmos or DTS:X sound, you’ll have to pony up for one of Samsung’s pricier models, or a similarly priced competitor such as the Vizio M51ax-J6 or the Yamaha SR-B20A that can produce virtualized height cues.

Inputs and Outputs

The HW-S60A has a pared-down selection of interfaces in the rear, including a single HDMI-ARC port, optical (Toslink) in, and a microUSB port for installing firmware updates.

Because the HW-S60A has but the single HDMI-ARC interface, you only have one option when it comes to connecting the soundbar to your TV via HDMI: plugging your video sources into your TV’s HDMI inputs and then sending audio to the soundbar via HDMI-ARC.

On the one hand, that means you can connect as many video sources as your TV allows, and it also means that you can pipe sound from your TV’s built-in tuner and apps to the soundbar. On the other hand, because the HW-S60A doesn’t support eARC (an “enhanced” version of HDMI-ARC), you won’t be able to listen to lossless Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio tracks, which are commonly encoded on Blu-ray discs.

A workaround for the eARC issue would be to connect a video source (such as a Blu-ray player or game console) to the soundbar’s second or third HDMI inputs, except as we just mentioned, the HW-S60A doesn’t have any. For those who stream videos rather than play them on physical Blu-ray media, the eARC issue is largely moot, since streaming services generally deliver audio in the lossy Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus formats.

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Wi-Fi setup

Once you have the HW-S60A positioned in front of your TV or installed beneath it, and your HDMI or optical cables and power cord (which has an in-line power brick, allowing for a standard two-prong plug without a wall wart) are all set, it’s time to connect the soundbar to your Wi-Fi network.

The process is fairly simple: Just open the Samsung SmartThings app for iOS or Android, tap the “+” button in the top-left corner, tap Samsung from the “by brand” tab, then tap “AV,” and finally “Soundbar.” The app will guide you through the process, including entering your Wi-Fi credentials. Within a few minutes, the soundbar was connected to my wireless network, all on the first try.

Sound modes

The HW-S60A has four sound modes: Standard, Music, Game, and Adaptive, the latter being an AI-powered mode that automatically tweaks the sound depending on what you’re watching and/or listening to.

I’ve found Samsung’s Adaptive mode to be quite effective on its other soundbars, and the same holds true here. I found that I preferred the more expansive Adaptive mode across the board, so I stuck with it during my testing.

Besides the main four sound modes, there’s also a voice-enhancing setting for boosting dialogue, as well as a night mode that compresses the dynamic range during late-night viewing sessions.

FAQs About Samsung Swa-w500 Subwoofer Review

Are Samsung subwoofers any good?

Samsung usually makes pretty good soundbars that have a good sound quality with a well-balanced sound profile. Some of their subwoofers are powerful, which adds a bit of extra bass that can be great for movies. They also have a sleek and durable design that doesn’t require fabric other than to cover the subwoofer port.

What soundbars are compatible with SWA W700?

The SWA-W700 is compatible with the HW-MS750, HW-MS6500, and HW-MS650 soundbars. The SWA-W700 delivers deep bass down to 27 Hz. The wireless subwoofer pairs automatically with Samsung’s Sound+ soundbars for a seamless integration.

Why is my Samsung subwoofer not working?

Unplug the subwoofer and plug it back in. It should have a standby light if it’s receiving power. If it’s not, test the outlet with something else, like a lamp. If the outlet has no power, the issue is with the outlet (although hopefully it’s something simple, like a tripped circuit).


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