Fitbit Sense vs Galaxy Watch 3: Which is better?

Fitbit Sense vs Galaxy Watch 3. Which is better? We’ve previously discussed both on a number of occasions.

Now we’ll do it again, but this time solely for the Fitbit Sense, because in this fresh comparison, we’ll evaluate how it stacks up against the Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung’s most advanced smartwatch to date.

On a visual level, we’re looking at two quite different smartwatches. On the Fitbit Sense side, we have a square shape, while on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 side, we have a circular format.

The Fitbit is perfect for sporting activities, while the Watch 3 is appropriate for high-ranking events and situations that call for something a little more beautiful.

Despite this, due to their broad repertoires of duties, both adapt effectively to any situation.

Fitbit Sense vs Galaxy Watch 3
Fitbit Sense vs Galaxy Watch 3 [The Ultimate Comparison]

Is a Samsung Watch Comparable to a Fitbit Sense?

Both the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Fitbit Sense come highly recommended by us, and both are reasonably priced. But, if you’re wondering which smartwatch is best for you, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or the Fitbit Sense, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

See the full article for an in-depth comparison

Fitbit Sense vs Galaxy Watch 3 Which is better?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a Smartwatch by Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a significant upgrade over the previous model. Onboard GPS, optional LTE connectivity, seamless smartphone alerts, mobile payments, and additional health/fitness capabilities will keep users connected on all levels.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has a gorgeous appearance and comes with replaceable bands in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm. The 45mm model is made of stainless steel or titanium, while the 41mm model is made of stainless steel. Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, and Mystic Bronze are the three colors offered for the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The battery lasts approximately 2–3 days. VO2 max, SpO2 monitoring, Running Analysis, and better sleep tracking are among the new features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. The smartwatch also has an electrocardiogram (ECG) feature. Fall detection, which can detect falls when the user is in a dynamic motion, is one of this smartwatch’s standout features.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a Smartwatch by Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a Smartwatch by Samsung

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a Smartwatch by Samsung

  1. Keep in touch at all times
  2. GPS onboard
  3. LTE connectivity is available as an option.
  4. Military-grade toughness
  5. There are two sizes available.
  6. New health and fitness features have been added.
  7. a higher price
  8. The battery life might be improved.

Fitbit Sense

You can’t get much better than the Fitbit Sense when it comes to a smartwatch that will help you keep on top of your health. Advanced heart rate technology, a few key sensors, excellent battery life, and a free Fitbit Premium trial are all included.

It’s difficult to choose between the Fitbit Sense and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, two of the most popular smartwatches. Both smartwatches offer comparable characteristics, but they take distinct methods in key areas. The Fitbit Sense is an excellent choice for people who want to keep track of their health and fitness.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is an excellent alternative for those who require a smartwatch with LTE connectivity that keeps them connected at all times.

The Fitbit Sense is made of aerospace-grade aluminum and stainless steel and features the Fitbit distinctive squircle design. The biosensor core distinguishes it from its Versa smartwatch predecessors, giving it a more polished and high-tech appearance. The watch also boasts a quick-release attachment system that is simple to use.

It has a skin temperature sensor, an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor, and a novel electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor, among other sensors.

Fitbit also included the innovative PurePulse 2.0 technology in the Sense, which gives the Fitbit Sense an improved heart-rate monitoring capability. Users may now attain their specific target heart rate zones with the new Active Zone Minutes function. The Sense also has all of the standard Fitbit features, such as comprehensive heart-rate monitoring, 20+ exercise modes, extended battery life of over six days, 5 ATM water resistance, activity/sleep tracking, and female health-tracking, as well as Fitbit Pay and Amazon-Alexa integration.

Fitbit Sense
Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense is a Wearable

  1. Make sense of your health situation.
  2. EDA, GPSECG, and EDA onboard
  3. temperature sensors on the skin
  4. Minutes in the Active Zone
  5. Heart rate technology that is cutting edge
  6. Battery life of 6 days
  7. There is no way to connect to the internet via LTE.
  8. Fitbit bands from the past are no longer functional.

Comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with the Fitbit Sense

1. Design

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has a classic but elegant design, whilst the Fitbit Sense has a sportier and more seamless look.

There are two main types of smartwatches. A circular display is representative of a more conventional form, whereas a modern design features any version of a square screen. The Galaxy Watch 3 from Samsung comes under the first category. It’s a smartwatch with a classic aesthetic, thanks to its circular AMOLED display, physical buttons, and default leather bands.

This means you can wear it to more formal events as well. Aside from the bright screen, the spinning bezel is the only other exterior feature that distinguishes this watch from others.

The Fitbit Sense, on the other hand, has a squircle OLED display that gives it a more modern appearance. Instead of leather straps, customers are provided with sweat- and stain-resistant silicone bands, which are great for working out. The Sense also has a more seamless appearance. Instead of conventional keys, inductive buttons are employed, similar to the Versa 3.

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In fact, it’s difficult to tell the two Fitbits differently. However, if you’re curious about the differences between the two, check out our Fitbit Sense vs. Versa 3 comparison.

The Galaxy Watch 3 is still a big device now. It’s fortunate that the Korean tech giant sells the wearable in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm. While the Fitbit Sense is more stylish, it only comes in one size. If you’re concerned about the size of the bands, the firm includes two sizes in the box. Furthermore, both the Galaxy Watch 3 and the Fitbit Sense have removable bands, which is useful if you want to freshen up your style.

2. Features of Fitness and Health

While the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a capable fitness companion, the Fitbit Versa 3 provides a more comprehensive set of fitness and health tracking features.

3. Fitness Benefits

The Galaxy Watch 3 has the essentials down pat, even if it doesn’t appear sporty (you can purchase more workout-friendly straps). For example, common information such as calories burnt, steps taken, and distance traveled are provided. The wearable also includes continuous heart rate monitoring.

However, there are certain improvements over its predecessor. When it comes to tracking jogging, the Galaxy Watch 3 offers more in-depth computations. It can also measure VO2Max, putting it on level with Fitbit Sense and Garmin and Apple wearables.

There’s also a virtual running coach who provides comments on your workouts. Samsung claims that the Galaxy Watch 3 can track over 40 different types of exercises, with auto-detection available for seven of them.

Fitbit Sense performs a lot of the same things, but more consistently. After all, fitness is the company’s bread and butter. The Sense, which comes with PurePulse 2.0, allows users to define heart rate zones and track cardiac fitness levels. You’ll also receive your standard analytics and over 20 goal-based training modes. Users can gain more insight into their workouts by using the intensity map and active zone minutes.

4. Health Benefits

The Fitbit Sense is a more advanced smartwatch for health. The Fitbit Sense can analyze your body’s electrodermal activity and skin temperature, but it can’t monitor blood pressure or detect falls like the Galaxy Watch 3. Fitbit’s flagship wearable, like Samsung’s flagship, comes integrated with ECG and SpO2 monitoring for a somewhat less expensive wearable.

Of course, these health tools will not be beneficial to everyone. Nonetheless, both wearables have certain practical aspects in common. Stress monitoring, for example, can be used in conjunction with guided breathing sessions.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Fitbit Sense can both track and record menstrual periods. Finally, what good is a wearable if it doesn’t measure your sleep? These smartwatches are more than capable of providing insights into your nocturnal routines.

5. Inventive Features

The Galaxy Watch 3 is packed with smart capabilities and is primarily aimed for everyday usage. Many of these features, however, are also available on the Fitbit Sense. Both wearables send smart notifications to your smartphone, making them useful as a secondary device. There are also some cool features, like as contactless payments and audio control.

Even voice assistants are supported by the Galaxy Watch 3 and Fitbit Sense.

The Galaxy Watch 3 does offer a slight advantage in terms of integration. The Galaxy Watch 3 functions best with a partnered Galaxy smartphone, similar to how the Apple Watch is designed specifically for the iPhone. Apps are better synchronised, and switching between devices is easier.

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The Galaxy Watch 3 is also available in an LTE version, albeit it is only available in stainless steel. Users of the Galaxy Watch 3 may take calls and respond to messages even when their phones aren’t nearby thanks to LTE. When you’re out and about, running, or working out, it’s a sensible and useful function.

The Fitbit Sense, on the other hand, uses Bluetooth to connect to a phone. While the watch can answer calls, you’ll need to have your phone close to do so.

6. Life of the Batteries

When it comes to battery life, the Galaxy Watch 3 is a significant step backwards from its predecessor. Battery capacity was reduced since the Galaxy Watch 3 versions are smaller (41mm and 45mm) than the original models (42mm and 46mm). The 45mm Galaxy Watch 3 features a 340mAh battery, and the 46mm Galaxy Watch has a massive 472mAh battery.

The 45mm Galaxy Watch 3’s battery life is only rated for two days, whilst the latter can last up to three days. Of fact, depending on usage patterns, actual battery life may be significantly shorter.

Fitbit, on the other hand, has always boasted about its wearables’ exceptional battery life. The Fitbit Sense, like the Fitbit Versa 3, may last up to 6 days on a single charge. The actual outcomes will vary depending on the use and settings.

However, with modest use and GPS turned on just sometimes, the Fitbit Sense is likely to outlast the Galaxy Watch 3. The Galaxy Watch 3 is powered by a wireless charger from Samsung. The Fitbit Sense, on the other hand, comes with a compact magnetic charger for safe charging.

Our Final Thoughts on Fitbit Sense vs Galaxy Watch 3

Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 if you value style and smart features. However, if fitness and health are important to you, the Fitbit Sense is the better choice.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the company’s latest attempt to carve out a position in the market for smartwatches that also serve as fashion accessories. It’s a feature-rich wearable that does a decent job with fitness and health but shines when it comes to integration and networking. The default leather straps and circular display of the Galaxy Watch 3 give it a more conventional look without sacrificing design. This is the garment for you if you want something to wear to a fancy event.

If you don’t like the design of a traditional watch and prefer a unique high-tech device, the Fitbit Sense is a good option. It’s one of the most technologically advanced fitness and health wearables on the market, and it also looks the part. The Fitbit Sense is a good alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy watches and Apple’s Watch Series, thanks to its squircle display, elegant design, and athletic bands. While some of its features aren’t practical, you’ll still obtain a set of features that fitness lovers and health buffs equally recommend.

FAQs Fitbit Sense and Galaxy Watch

📌 What is Fitbit Sense’s warranty period?

A one-year limited warranty is included with the Fitbit Sense.

Which is better: the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41mm or the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm?

The Samsung Galaxy 45mm model has a longer battery life than the 41mm variant due to its larger size. It also has a larger AMOLED display, which is a feature worth considering if you have larger hands.

📌 What’s the difference between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Bluetooth and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 LTE?

Both the Bluetooth and LTE versions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 have the same set of functions. The LTE version, on the other hand, includes a SIM card that allows users to make and receive calls without having to use their phone.


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