Solved: How To Fix Apple TV Remote Volume Not Working?

Is your Volume not working on your Apple TV Remote? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Between pesky battery malfunctions and software glitches, this is an issue many have experienced at some point in their Apple TV life.

How to Fix Apple TV Remote Not Working?
Solved: How To Fix Apple TV Remote Volume Not Working?

So don’t let a volume issue hamper your viewing experience – you paid good money for your Apple TV and deserved it! Here, we’ll show you what you can do to fix the issue. So let’s get started.


First, try resetting the remote by pressing and holding the menu and Volume up buttons for 6 seconds. If that does not work, you may need to replace your remote battery or contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Remote not respondingCheck the battery and charging it if necessary.
Remote not connectingRestart your Apple TV and/or the remote, remove any sources of interference, or replace the remote altogether.
Remote not pairingUnpair and re-pair your remote.
Remote not working with SiriRestart your remote.
Remote not working with Apple TV appCheck if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch has the “Apple TV Remote” shortcut added to your “Included Controls” list in Settings > Control Center. Launch Control Center and tap the TV remote icon.
Apple TV Remote Issues and Solutions


If your Apple TV Remote Volume isn’t working, you should check a few things before taking more drastic measures:

  1. Confirm that the Apple Remote is set up correctly and is connected to the correct device.
  2. Ensure the remote is in range and pointing directly at the front of the device.
  3. Ensure that your settings are correctly configured for sound. It’s also essential to ensure you have refresh rate and True Tone settings enabled.
  4. Ensure that the audio input source on your television is set correctly, or ensure that any headphones are unplugged from the Apple TV remote.

These troubleshooting tips should help diagnose why your Apple TV remote volume won’t work; there may be an issue with the hardware or software causing it to malfunction.

However, something else may be at play if these steps don’t resolve the issue. To dig deeper into this issue, it’s time to see if any other functions on your Apple TV remote are working by testing out its various buttons.

Next, we’ll explore how to verify if the Apple TV remote’s mute button is activated.

How to Fix Apple TV Remote Volume Not Working?


A muted audio setting can also cause the Apple TV remote Volume not working issue. It is essential to check that the mute button wasn’t inadvertently activated on the remote control.

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Those with an old-generation Apple Remote can easily verify this because it has a small circle drawn through its center – the “no sound” sign – at the top of the device, which appears when the mute function is enabled.

Individuals with the Siri Remote should ensure that their Volume Slider is not in its lowest setting, which can indicate that the sound has been disabled.

Those using an older Apple Remote model must press and hold Menu and Right simultaneously for around 5 seconds to unmute their system.

With Siri Remote users, check if the Dial has been turned off and if any other audio functions are still activated in Settings > Remotes and Devices > Volume Control.

Additionally, try resetting your remote if none of these options work by disconnecting it from power and reconnecting it after some time.

If these steps do not resolve any issues you may be having with your remote volume control, then you should confirm that there isn’t a more significant issue with your remote control’s audio.


Users should check the mute settings to resolve Apple TV remote volume control issues. Old-generation Apple Remote users may need to press and hold Menu and Right simultaneously for 5 seconds to unmute.

Next, Siri Remote users should check settings like Keeping the Volume Slider at a higher setting and resetting the remote by disconnecting from power.

If these solutions do not work, confirm that there isn’t a more significant issue with the remote control’s audio.

Ways To Fix Apple TV Remote Volume Not Working
Solved: How To Fix Apple TV Remote Volume Not Working?


The Apple TV remote control issue, may not relate to the mute button. To confirm this, it is essential to question whether audio is heard when pressing the volume buttons on the remote.

If there is no sound coming from the device when using the remote, then there is likely an issue with the audio settings on your Apple TV.

One common mistake users make is forgetting to check their sound settings within their home theater setup. Check that you have enabled and configured your external speakers correctly; otherwise, you won’t be able to hear any audio coming from your device.

Ensure that any auxiliary cables and receiver functions are correctly connected; if something needs to be updated and hasn’t been done yet, this could also affect whether or not a sound comes from the remote.

Also, double-check your cable connections and their wires to ensure they are secure and not frayed or damaged.

If all of these steps have already been taken or none work, it’s time to move on to checking for operating system updates.

Sometimes, outdated software can cause several problems, so updating your Apple TV may resolve the volume control problem and improve your viewing experience.


After confirming there is no issue with the remote control’s audio, the next step is to check that the Apple TV is running the latest operating system.

Operating system updates often include bug fixes and other software tweaks designed to improve the user experience. This can play a role in whether or not certain features of the remote control, such as volume adjustments, are working correctly.

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Checking for operating system updates depends on your specific Apple TV model. First, select “Settings” then “Software Update” from your home menu for first- or second-generation models.

You should choose “Check Now” to see if any updates are available. If so, you can select the option to install them right away. If no update is needed, move on to the next troubleshooting step.

For third-generation and higher models, you probably don’t have to check for an update manually—the device should do it automatically.

When updates are available, a red number will appear on the System app icon, so open that app and follow the instructions according to your Apple TV model.

Once complete, you can test whether rolling back or updating your operating system has fixed your volume issue with the remote control.

Just in case checking for updates did not fix the problem at hand, there are still more steps that users can take to troubleshoot their Apple TV remotes. The following section will explain how users can navigate these additional steps to regain regular remotes.

Apple TV Remote Not Working
Solved: How To Fix Apple TV Remote Volume Not Working?


When attempting to fix the Apple TV remote volume issue, there are several troubleshooting steps to take. First and foremost, it’s essential to check for any updates to the operating system.

If a new update is available, it’s recommended that you download it, as updates often include bug fixes which can help with any existing issues you may be experiencing.

Additionally, users may find that resetting their device settings or reconfiguring their Apple TV remote solves the problem. Resetting the device requires resetting the power settings within the ‘Settings’ tab before disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord.

Reconfiguring the Apple TV remote will require users to remove the pairing between the remote and the Apple TV, forcing them to set up a new connection again with both devices.

This does not erase any stored settings on either device – instead only resets their connection. Lastly, some users have reported that replacing the batteries in their Apple TV remote resolved any volume control issues they had been having.

It is essential to weigh all these options carefully when attempting to resolve an issue, as some solutions are time-consuming while others may take more effort than expected.

However, regardless of which route a user decides to take, one of these three solutions will likely solve any Apple TV remote volume issue someone may be experiencing.

With this being said, it is time to look into potential solutions for addressing this particular issue.


When it comes to fixing the Apple TV remote volume issue, there are a few potential solutions that may be able to help. One option is to repair the remote with your Apple TV by following the steps outlined in this article.

This can be done by holding the Menu and Volume Up buttons on the Apple TV Remote until an LED light flashes rapidly. Then, use your iPhone or iPad to go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Remote App and Devices and select your Apple TV from the list.

If this does not resolve your problem, another potential solution is to update your Apple TV software by going to Settings > System > Software Updates.

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Doing this can often provide necessary bug fixes that reinstate any missing commands, such as VOL+/- controls on the Apple TV Remote. Additionally, you can try restarting both your Apple TV as well as its connected router so as restart all of the networks associated with it.

Finally, if none of these solutions have worked, it might be time to consider purchasing a new remote for your device. For example, suppose you search online or visit an Apple store.

In that case, you will find a selection of dedicated remotes for your particular model that can be purchased for a relatively small fee compared to what you initially paid for your device.

However, before investing in a new remote, ensure none of those solutions have resolved any underlying issues with your current device.

Ultimately, whatever solution you choose should hopefully resolve any problems with controlling the Volume on your Apple TV Remote.

Troubleshoot Apple TV Remote Not Working
Solved: How To Fix Apple TV Remote Volume Not Working?


Why did my Apple TV Remote stop working?The most common reason behind Apple TV remote not working is the remote is discharged completely. The latest Apple TV remotes come with built-in rechargeable batteries. Though you have not used it for long, the batteries can drain
How do you restart an unresponsive Apple TV?Power off and power on your Apple TV. Do this by unplugging the power cord in the back of the box, leave it unplugged for 10 seconds, then plug it back in
Why is my Apple TV not working?There could be several reasons why your Apple TV is not working. It could be due to a software issue, hardware issue, or network issue
What is the Apple TV Remote bug?There is no known bug with the Apple TV remote at this time
Why does my TV not respond to my remote?If your TV is not responding to your remote, it could be due to a battery issue, interference from other devices, or a hardware issue with your remote or TV
How do I know when my Apple TV Remote is dying?If your remote is not responding or has become unresponsive, it could be due to a battery issue. You can check the battery level of your Apple TV remote by going to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth on your Apple TV

What possible causes could be causing my Apple TV remote volume not to work?

Hardware or software issues are most likely causes of an Apple TV remote volume not working.

If the remote is completely unresponsive, it could be a hardware problem, such as low or dead batteries, a broken connection to the Apple TV, or a malfunctioning remote.

Checking the batteries, resetting the remote, and connecting to another device can all help determine if the remote has a physical issue.

It could be a software-related issue if the remote partially works but not the Volume controls. This could include any recent updates from iOS or tvOS on your Apple TV that may conflict with your existing settings or app preferences.

Try restarting your Apple TV and remote to see if this solves the problem. Additionally, check for and update any outdated apps or search for any new app releases that could interfere with normal functioning.

Is there a way to quickly troubleshoot the issue?

Yes! There are a few things you can do to quickly troubleshoot the issue of an Apple TV remote volume not working.

First, ensure the remote is charged, and the battery connectors are securely connected. Then, if the remote is still not working, try replacing the batteries altogether – this might indicate that the batteries are beginning to fail.

If these simple fixes don’t solve the issue, try using a different Apple TV remote. This could point to a faulty device and show that it needs replacing.

Next, double-check that no obstructions are blocking the signal between your remote and Apple TV receiver – this can sometimes interfere with Bluetooth signals.

Finally, if none of these methods work, check whether a software update has been released for your Apple TV device – this might be able to fix any glitches causing issues with your remote control.

Are there any potential fixes for an Apple TV remote volume that is not working?

Yes, there are a few potential fixes for an Apple TV remote volume that is not working.

First and foremost, you may need to replace the batteries in the remote. However, before replacing the batteries, try resetting the remote by holding the Menu and Volume Up buttons simultaneously for five seconds or until an Apple logo appears on the TV screen. This should reset your Apple TV Remote and potentially fix any issues.

Another thing you can do is unpair and then repair the remote to your Apple TV device. To unpair, go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth > Select your Remote Control and select “Forget this Device.”

Once this is done, press and hold the Menu and Enter buttons for 6 seconds until you see an Apple logo on your TV screen.

After that, press and hold the Pairing button at the back of your remote until your remote flashes before you select your Remote Control in Bluetooth settings again.

Finally, you can use the free Apple Remote app on iOS devices if everything fails or contact Apple Support directly with further questions or issues.


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