How To Turn Off WiFi Calling On Your Phone? (3 Easy Steps To Try!)

It always seems like the most inconvenient tasks in life relate to technology. Trying to figure out how to turn off the WiFi on your phone is no exception – the screens, settings, and directions are a never-ending jigsaw puzzle.

But never fear! After reading this blog post, you’ll learn how to turn off WiFi calling on your phone in three easy steps.

How To Turn Off Wi-Fi Calling on Phone?
How To Turn Off WiFi Calling On Your Phone? (3 Easy Steps To Try!)

We’ll take you through the process step-by-step, so you don’t have to be a tech wizard. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Troubleshooting: Issues on Turning Off WiFi Calling On Your Phone

You can’t find the Wi-Fi calling setting.Check your phone’s settings menu for a section called “Wi-Fi calling” or “Calls.” If you don’t see this section, your phone may not support Wi-Fi calling.
You’re unable to turn off Wi-Fi calling.Make sure that your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. If it’s not, you won’t be able to turn off Wi-Fi calling. You may also need to restart your phone.
You’re getting an error message when you try to turn off Wi-Fi calling.Check the error message for more information. If you’re still not sure what to do, contact your phone carrier for help.
You’re still having trouble turning off Wi-Fi calling.Try restarting your phone again. If that doesn’t work, contact your phone carrier for help.
You’re not sure if you should turn off Wi-Fi calling.Talk to your phone carrier to find out more about the benefits and drawbacks of Wi-Fi calling. They can help you decide if it’s the right feature for you.


When it comes to turning off WiFi Calling for Verizon Wireless customers, there is much debate on whether or not this should be done.

While some customers feel that WiFi Calling provides a convenient way to make and receive calls without worrying about dropping bars of service, others may find that their phones must be compatible with the technology. As a result, it may cause more stress than benefits.

No matter the situation for Verizon Wireless Customers, there is one key element that all users agree on – their service should work correctly.

So it’s no surprise that changes made to any part of the system could cause potential problems that were otherwise not present before. So if a customer decides to turn off WiFi calling, they should do so cautiously.

If a customer turns off WiFi Calling for their Verizon Wireless phone, contacting customer service before making any changes is best practice.

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This way, they can ensure that their calling plan and other settings are configured correctly to get the most out of their device while minimizing potential issues during or after their decision.

Now that we’ve discussed the implications of turning off WiFi Calling for Verizon Wireless customers let’s move on to another critical element – signing in to the WiFi Calling App. After successfully signing into your app, you’ll be ready to start using WiFi calling on your device.

How To Turn Off Wifi Calling?


Signing in to the WiFi Calling App can be necessary when turning off WiFi Calling on your phone.

However, some might debate this as unnecessary due to the convenience of changing settings within their carrier’s app. In contrast, others might claim that signing in to the app is an extra security measure that needs to be taken.

Those who back the extra security measure can see how signing into a secure WiFi Calling application ensures your device is secure.

With the extra layer of protection, you have control over who sees your contacts and conversations on your phone through a secure network. This also applies to sensitive data stored or transferred on your device.

Furthermore, signing in may alert you if any background tasks are running that may be unknowingly using up your data, allowing users to take better care of their device’s battery while not compromising their data usage when they’re out and about.

Some might insist that the ease of access with their carriers’ app outweighs signing into a separate app for WiFi Calling.

However, this convenience lets customers quickly modify their settings without entering credentials on a separate application, cutting time from their usual tasks. Moreover, with carriers’ apps being updated regularly, the chances of finding bugs are lower than third-party applications with fewer updates.

Overall it is up to users whether they choose to sign in to the WiFi Calling App or use their carrier’s app to turn off their WiFi Calling.

Having weighed both sides of the argument, signing into the WiFi Calling App is beneficial for customers to have complete control over their WiFi Calling and its associated settings. Therefore, let us discuss how customers can turn off WiFi Calling for AT&T Wireless Customers.


Signing into the WiFi Calling App for AT&T Wireless Customers benefits users by providing extra security, allowing them to control their data usage and contact information, and alerting them of any background tasks.

On the other hand, using the carrier’s app is more convenient, offers fewer chances of finding bugs, and requires less time to modify settings. Ultimately, it is up to the user which method to use to turn off WiFi Calling.

Ways To Turn Off Wifi Calling
How To Turn Off WiFi Calling On Your Phone? (3 Easy Steps To Try!)


For AT&T Wireless customers, turning off WiFi Calling is relatively straightforward. Users can easily toggle the feature off after signing in to the WiFi Calling app and accessing the settings.

As a result, the user’s standard cellular plan will be used for all calls and voicemails when connected to WiFi.

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Although convenience is one significant benefit of WiFi Calling, some security drawbacks should not be overlooked. With WiFi Calling enabled on smartphones, personal data may be vulnerable to malicious hackers accessing the same WiFi connection.

Therefore, it is essential to factor this potential threat into decision-making if one lives in an area with open and unencrypted public WiFi networks.

On the other hand, accessing WiFi Calling may be an attractive option for users looking for added convenience, depending on their preferences.

This feature can provide peace of mind for those seeking a reliable connection in areas where their typical cellular coverage may be unreliable or otherwise spotty—providing access to voice and text messaging service with a connected WiFi signal.

Ultimately it is up to individual users to weigh the risks and convenience factors associated with enabling or disabling WiFi Calling, depending on their needs and comfort level.

That said, once AT&T Wireless customers have logged into their account, they can turn the feature off by tapping a few buttons.

To wrap up this section, now that you are familiar with turning off WiFi Calling for AT&T Wireless customers, let’s discuss how you can use your phone settings to toggle these settings off entirely -which will be our next focus.


Toggling WiFi Calling Off is a simple process for anyone with a phone purchased within the last few years. Most phones released since 2016 have built-in toggling options for WiFi Calling; all it takes is a few taps inside the settings menu.

It’s fast, easy, and secure, allowing users to take advantage of their data plans while making calls in places with low network reception.

On the other hand, some experts argue that WiFi Calling presents unnecessary security risks. Like any communication technology, weak networks can be vulnerable to hacking, especially if users are unaware of these risks or neglect to properly secure their internet connection with solid passwords and two-way authentication.

Turn Off WiFi Calling On Your Phone
How To Turn Off WiFi Calling On Your Phone? (3 Easy Steps To Try!)

Therefore, users should weigh their need for increased call quality against potential security risks before enabling the feature.

Everyone must decide whether WiFi Calling is a risk they will take on their device. If users choose to enable this feature when needed, they need to remember how to turn it off when they no longer require it.

Let’s move on to how customers with carriers other than AT&T Wireless can turn off WiFi Calling on their devices.


WiFi Calling can be convenient when seeking an alternate phone connection, but some may prefer to turn off WiFi Calling for other carriers.

This step can be especially essential for those who travel frequently and would like to avoid running up expensive phone bills that are unforeseen and unexpected.

When turning off WiFi Calling for other carriers, there are pros and cons regarding usability, affordability, and all-around experience.

On the one hand, the lack of WiFi Calling could mean connecting to a different network comes with inconveniences, such as the risk of spotty service or additional roaming charges.

On the other hand, turning off WiFi Calling can give people greater control over their network environment, saving them from potential hassles if they use a foreign network.

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Those uncertain about whether they should turn off WiFi Calling for other carriers will ultimately need to consider their preferences and lifestyle needs when making this decision.

For example, if frequent traveling is high on your list, it might be wise to opt out of using WiFi Calling on your device when paired with another carrier’s network.

Having discussed the considerations for disabling WiFi Calling for other carriers, we note that setting up airplane mode is a great way to ensure that no phone calls are unexpectedly over WiFi.

While airplane mode serves as a physical switch that you can use to disconnect multiple radio signals at once – such as your notifications, data connectivity, or WiFi Calling – in the next section, we’ll outline how to implement this solution more precisely.

How To Turn Off WiFi Calling?
How To Turn Off WiFi Calling On Your Phone? (3 Easy Steps To Try!)


Setting up Airplane Mode is a great option when you turn off WiFi Calling on your phone. Airplane Mode will shut off most of the cellular connections on your phone while still allowing you access to WiFi and data services.

This is ideal when you must keep the cellular connection disabled while using data or WiFi calling. To set up Airplane Mode, go into your settings menu and toggle the switch for Airplane Mode on.

Once this step has been completed, you will be disconnected from any cellular networks and WiFi Calling networks that were previously allowed.

The debate surrounding using Airplane Mode is whether or not it is necessary to turn off WiFi Calling in specific scenarios.

The argument for using it is that it ensures total disconnection when a person needs privacy or a secure connection, while the argument against using it is that the process can be cumbersome and unnecessarily tricky in some cases.

Proponents of using Airplane Mode claim that it provides extra security due to its comprehensive nature; by completely disabling cellular connections but leaving WiFi and data intact, users can be comfortable knowing that they are still accessing information securely without being disrupted by outside interference.

Additionally, since users typically need only one solution to disconnect their phones from cellular and WiFi Calling networks, Airplane Mode offers an efficient way to do so.

However, opponents of using Airplane Mode argue that it may not be necessary for everyone due to its complexity and time required for setup.

Additionally, some argue that if users turn off their cellular connection or disable the specific features related to their carrier’s system, they can get the same level of protection with less effort.

Ultimately, whether or not Airplane Mode should be used to turn off WiFi Calling depends on each individual’s preference and needs; some will find it beneficial due to its ability to create a secure environment away from both cellular and WiFi networks, while others may prefer more straightforward approaches to save time and effort.

Easily Turn Off WiFi Calling On Your Phone
How To Turn Off WiFi Calling On Your Phone? (3 Easy Steps To Try!)


Are there any associated risks with disabling WiFi Calling?

There may be hazards associated with disabling WiFi Calling. It may help mitigate some of the security concerns raised by Google’s team, but users may still be exposed to additional security risks associated with cellular networks. In areas with weak cellular signals, WiFi Calling may also enhance call quality and coverage, so disabling it may impact call quality and coverage. Therefore, weighing the advantages and disadvantages is essential and determining accordingly.

What happens if I leave WiFi Calling enabled?

If WiFi Calling is enabled, your phone will search for a WiFi network to connect to whenever you call or text. This can be useful if you have poor cellular coverage but strong WiFi. However, if you leave this option enabled outside the WiFi range, your phone may continuously seek a network, which can drain the battery.

What are the steps needed to turn off WiFi Calling?

Follow these instructions to turn off WiFi Calling on an Android phone:

  • Launch the Phone application and touch the three vertical dots on the screen’s right edge. 
  • Tap Settings and navigate down until “WiFi Calling” is visible.
  • To disable WiFi Calling, tap it and toggle the switch off.


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