Samsung Tizen OS will be used in other Brand TVs.

The Tizen operating system, developed by Samsung, will now come standard on smart TVs from the manufacturers mentioned above. Tizen Operating System, Produced by Samsung

Samsung OS News

Samsung OS News
Samsung OS News

Some may remember that at SDC 21 last year, Samsung announced that it would license its innovative TV platform, Tizen, to competing brands. Now that the business has agreed with three smart TV makers interested in adopting Tizen OS for their new TV models, the program can be considered a success.

Akai, Bauhn, and Linsar are the three television manufacturers that will implement Samsung’s Tizen operating system. Companies are planning launches in Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom for their smart TVs powered by the Tizen OS. The Tizen OS TV from Akai will be sold by Harvey Norman, while The Good Guys will sell the Tizen OS TVs from Linsar. Bauhn, meantime, will sell its first Tizen OS smart TV, a 65-inch model priced at AUD 699 / $454, only through Aldi stores in several countries.

The secret to Samsung’s successful TVs has been leaked to competitors.

Tizen TV Platform Licensing service
Tizen TV Platform Licensing service

Since its introduction in 2015, Samsung has held a monopoly on the TV market with its proprietary Tizen OS platform. Samsung’s success in the smart TV industry may be attributed largely to the Tizen OS, which makes the Tizen TV Platform Licensing service all the more exciting.

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Samsung invited potential competitors to respond by introducing its licensing scheme. However, Samsung will receive royalties from these partnerships, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved with the Tizen platform. Furthermore, Samsung has an unparalleled retail network and some of the best hardware on its side.

Smart TV Manufacturers

However, it remains to be determined if other smart TV manufacturers with access to Tizen OS would be able to harvest the platform’s benefits as well as Samsung, has. However, the more original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that switch to Tizen, the more even the playing field becomes.

Whereas the smartphone platform market is largely settled, the smart TV industry is wide open and ready for innovation. Companies like Google have been striving to standardize it with Android TV, but most TV makers still use their software for their TVs.

Tizen OS to other TV makers

Tizen OS for Everything
Tizen OS for Everything

Nevertheless, Samsung plans to open up its Tizen OS to other TV makers, which it revealed at the Samsung Developer Conference 2021. This suggests that Tizen will be an option for smaller TV brands that don’t develop their own TV operating systems.

This Tizen TV Platform Licensing service not only gives these companies the green light to use Tizen as the brains of their smart TVs. It also allows them to promote their products at large-scale industry events and access popular streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Spotify, YouTube, Disney+, and more.

Final Thoughts

Tizen is now a viable alternative for other manufacturers, but who has accepted Samsung’s offer is unknown. Samsung isn’t alone in selling its own platform to third-party brands; other firms like LG have done something comparable in the past. I hope this update on Samsung Tizen OS will be used in other Brand TV has helped.

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