Samsung HW-S40T Review (Most Honest)

Many people are looking for Samsung HW-S40T Review! And many people are frustrated by the fact that they must purchase a soundbar and subwoofers separately.

As a solution to this problem, the Samsung HW-S40T includes built-in subwoofers.

Is it worthwhile to invest in? To answer that question, here is our experts’ Samsung HW-S40T review.

Samsung HW-S40T Review
Samsung HW-S40T Review

Samsung HW-S40T Review

SAMSUNG - HW-S40T 2.0 ch All-in-One Soundbar with Music Mode, Black (2020)
  • ROOM-FILLING SOUND, ALL-IN-ONE DESIGN - For holistic sound, everything you need is in a single soundbar. The all-in-one system has two woofers and tweeters built into its slender frame, so you can place it anywhere...
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP BEYOND SOUND - A sound system designed to be part of your home. Refined by Kvadrat, the soundbar's timeless look combines natural expression with dimension and durability. The texture and its curved...
  • BLUETOOTH TV CONNECTION - Simply use Bluetooth to connect the soundbar to your Samsung TV and enjoy your favorite content right away.
  • BLUETOOTH MULTI CONNECTION Use the soundbar's Bluetooth to connect two different mobile devices at the same time, and listen to the magic happen even as you switch between the two.
  • MUSIC AS IT'S MEANT TO BE HEARD - Listen to music just as its creators intended. Balancing audio innovation with creative input from producers and artists, Music Mode lets you simply connect your mobile to the...

SAMSUNG – HW-S40T 2.0 ch All-in-One Soundbar with Music Mode


  • Has an inbuilt woofer
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Has a remote control
  • Can connect manually via cables
  • Has multi-connection


  • Expensive
  • Not mobile

HW-S40T Soundbar Alternatives

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 SAMSUNG HW-C450 2.1ch Soundbar w/DTS Virtual X, Subwoofer Included, Bass Boost, Adaptive Sound Lite, Game... SAMSUNG HW-C450 2.1ch Soundbar w/DTS Virtual X, Subwoofer Included, Bass Boost, Adaptive Sound Lite,... No ratings yet $167.99
2 SAMSUNG HW-S50B/ZA 3.0ch All-in-One Soundbar w/Dolby 5.1, DTS Virtual:X, Q Symphony, Built in Center... SAMSUNG HW-S50B/ZA 3.0ch All-in-One Soundbar w/Dolby 5.1, DTS Virtual:X, Q Symphony, Built in... No ratings yet $197.99
3 SAMSUNG HW-Q60B 3.1ch Soundbar w/ Dolby Atmos, DTX Virtual:X Q Symphony, Adaptive Sound, Game Mode,... SAMSUNG HW-Q60B 3.1ch Soundbar w/ Dolby Atmos, DTX Virtual:X Q Symphony, Adaptive Sound, Game... No ratings yet $212.49
4 SAMSUNG HW-Q910B 9.1.2ch Soundbar w/ Wireless Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Rear Speakers, Q Symphony, Built In... SAMSUNG HW-Q910B 9.1.2ch Soundbar w/ Wireless Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Rear Speakers, Q Symphony, Built... No ratings yet
5 SAMSUNG HW-Q600B 3.1.2ch Soundbar w/ Dolby Audio, DTS:X, Q Symphony, Adaptive Sound, Game Pro Mode,... SAMSUNG HW-Q600B 3.1.2ch Soundbar w/ Dolby Audio, DTS:X, Q Symphony, Adaptive Sound, Game Pro... No ratings yet $239.95
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Samsung HW-S40T Review
Samsung HW-S40T Review

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The Samsung HW S40T was designed to help you fit everything you need from a sound system into a single soundbar but best soundbar like samsung hw s60t.

According to our experts, this soundbar has two built-in woofers and tweeters in its small frame. It has a Kvadrat textiles design that complements your interior designs and is durable.



  • Sound Quality

The Samsung HW-S40T is a high-quality soundbar home theater soundbar. The soundbar system’s music mode can automatically optimize the sound based on what you’re listening to. As our experts discovered during this Samsung HW-S40T review, this allows both vocals and instruments in music to sound very good.

Sound Quality
Sound Quality
  • Audio Modes

The Samsung HW S40t soundbar was designed to intelligently select and optimize based on the audio mode you’ve selected. This soundbar has two audio modes that you can choose from.

The first mode is the music mode, which allows you to automatically optimize your sound based on the music [1] you’re listening to in order to get the best sound possible from your music.

The other audio mode is Smart Sound, which uses artificial intelligence to optimize the system’s sound settings based on what it detects you are watching. The Samsung HW-S40T enhances your TV’s sound output, allowing you to hear clear sound whether you’re watching a loud event or a quiet dialogue drama base on soundbar review.

  • Wireless Connectivity

The Samsung HW-S40T has wireless capabilities and can be connected via Bluetooth in two sizes. You can experiment with Bluetooth multi-connection, which allows you to connect two devices to the soundbar at the same time and easily switch between them.

Bluetooth Multi Connection and Bluetooth TV Connection are features of the Samsung HW-S40T. With Bluetooth Multi Connection, you can connect up to two devices and switch between them without having to disconnect and reconnect another device to your digital audio.

Wireless Connectivity
Wireless Connectivity

If your TV supports Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect it to the soundbar without the clutter of cables all over the place and for added convenience.

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In terms of physical connections, a USB input for music playback and an optical input are both available. If your TV does not support Bluetooth, an optical cable is included in the box.

Dolby Audio is included in the audio decoding codecs for the Samsung HW-S40T, which allows for high quality audio to enhance your viewing and listening experience.

Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks of the Samsung HW-S40T is the lack of mainstream physical inputs, particularly the HDMI input. The HDMI input is found in almost all modern TVs, and its absence from the soundbar may be quite inconvenient for those who own TVs that do not support Bluetooth or optical input dolby digital.

If, on the other hand, your TV does not support those connections and you are simply looking for a decent soundbar to fill your home with music, this unit is ideal for you.

  • Connections

The Samsung HW-S40T has straightforward connection procedures. It is as simple as connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth to another smartphone. You can put on the soundbar system and select the Bluetooth option with a fully charged sound bar.

To pair with your TV system, search for the name “Bob the soundbar” in the list of Bluetooth devices found on your TV and pair. To connect with your smartphone, turn it on and pair it with your smartphone’s Bluetooth.

The soundbar can be connected via its AUX cable. It has a digital optics screen that gives you more control. It also supports HDMI, which is found in other high-quality soundbars such as the JBL Bar 5.0.

image 318
  • Samsung HW-S40T Setup

The Samsung HW-S40T does not necessitate a complicated setup, especially if you connect wirelessly to your hdmi arc. However, you will require a power outlet to keep your soundbar charged.

The soundbar comes with a remote. You should replace the remote’s battery. You can use this remote to control your soundbar from the comfort of your seat, eliminating the need to turn the system’s knob.

  • Price

Despite costing more than many regular soundbars, the Samsung HW-S40T is still a relatively inexpensive soundbar, especially when considering the soundbar system’s functions, durability, and specializations.

  • Performance

The Samsung HW-S40T soundbar has two built-in woofers and tweeters and produces excellent out-of-the-box sound. Installing and configuring the soundbar is also simple; simply plug it in, turn it on, and connect to your devices, and you’re ready to go. However, because this is a portable soundbar, you must keep it charged all of the time.

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It is not surprising, given the low price, that it does not include an equalizer. The soundbar, on the other hand, makes up for it with Music Mode and Smart Sound.

When you activate Music Mode, the soundbar optimizes the sound based on what you’re listening to, making vocals and instruments as clear and crisp as possible.

With Smart Sound, the soundbar will automatically detect what is on Samsung TV and optimize the sound settings to provide the best viewing experience.

This model includes a built-in subwoofer that performs admirably. However, an external subwoofer will always produce more bass thumps than a built-in one. That being said, those who prefer more bass in their music may be disappointed by the Samsung hw s40t soundbar.

Due to the built-in subwoofer, bassy sound effects of your amazon music such as explosions may come across as lacking in movie performances like a clear sound. If you enjoy nodding or headbanging to songs with a lot of bass, the performance of this model may be a little disappointing, due to the built-in subwoofer.

Despite the lack of bass for some, this unit compensates by having good mids and highs. The Samsung HW40t soundbar produces clear, crisp mid- and high-range vocals and instruments, as well as clear, audible dialogue in movies, so you don’t miss anything in your music or movie experience.

This soundbar also includes the previously mentioned Music Mode and Smart Sound features to improve your overall listening experience.


In a nutshell, the Samsung HW-S40T is an all-in-one soundbar that does far more than is expected of it. The soundbar is durable and complements all interior designs thanks to its visually appealing aesthetics and premium build quality. This model, however, lacks important physical inputs such as HDMI. For TV shows that do not support Bluetooth connectivity, it only has an optical input.

On the plus side, the emphasis on wireless connections frees up space around your TV and soundbar. Last but not least, it is extremely user friendly, especially for newcomers who are just getting started in the world of sound systems. Music Mode and Smart Sound make it very convenient in terms of automatically enhancing the viewing and listening experience to your bluetooth connection to room filling sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which soundbar is best for Samsung?

The best Samsung soundbar we’ve tested is the Samsung HW-Q950A, which has a unique 11.1. 4 speaker system with two separate satellite speakers and a dedicated subwoofer. It supports Dolby Atmos content and even has built-in voice assistant support.

Is the HW Q60T worthwhile?

The Samsung HW-Q60T is a good music player. It reproduces a punchy bass out of the box, but its overall sound profile can be dark and veiled. It does, however, include numerous sound customization features to help you achieve a more neutral sound, such as a graphic EQ and bass and treble adjustments.

Is Sony soundbar better than Samsung?

The Samsung HW-Q700A is a better overall soundbar than the Sony HT-Z9F, with a better soundstage performance and a better Atmos performance thanks to its up-firing speakers. It also includes more sound enhancement features, such as a graphic EQ for customizing its sound.


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