Samsung HW Q67CT Review [Most Honest]

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The Samsung HW-Q67CT soundbar includes a subwoofer and two rear speakers. Is the full home theater system, however, worth your money and does it live up to the hype?

Our experts conducted a thorough Samsung TV HW-Q67CT review to provide you with a reliable answer and to save you time.

Samsung HW Q67CT Review
Samsung HW Q67CT Review

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The Samsung Q67CT is ideal for watching movies. DTS Virtual:X and up-firing channels bring movie effects to life. Explosions and helicopters above your head become more realistic, making movies more engaging.

Samsung HW Q67CT Review
Samsung HW Q67CT Review

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  • Full home theater system
  • Supports DTS Virtual:X
  • Supports 4K passthrough
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • HDMI connection
  • Includes remote
  • More affordable than other home theater systems
  • Good for larger TVs
  • Samsung Acoustic Beam Technology
  • Syncs with Samsung QLED TV speakers


The Samsung HW-Q67CT is a stylish soundbar home theater package that will look great in any room. Unfortunately, the HW-Q67CT wireless rear kit lacks a display screen on the surface of the soundbar. It does, however, include indicator lights to show users what their settings are.

The Samsung soundbar speaker package includes 11 speakers that project sound off the walls and around the room to your preferred listening location. Because the speakers are up-firing, they can fully enhance the audio by utilizing the acoustics of your room wireless rear speaker.

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The soundbar set will add high-quality bass boosts to all of the sound from your home theater system with the help of the wireless subwoofe surround speakers.

The 38.6″ soundbar works well with TVs 40 inches and larger. It has the ability to fill larger venues with echoing sound when installed in your home theater. Because the entire package will take up significantly more space, the HW-Q67CT includes a wall mounting kit for the soundbar to save space.



1. Sound Quality

The Samsung HW-Q67CT can provide significant audio enhancement for your regular TV speakers in a mid-range home theater package. The Samsung soundbar can simulate encompassing sound upto due to its numerous components.

The soundbar includes Samsung’s exclusive Acoustic Beam Technology, which moves the sound in a realistic manner. It will direct the sound at its listeners from where the action is taking place on screen. This will provide users with a more realistic experience.

Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Virtual:X are also supported as advanced audio technology formats by the soundbar sound system. The HW-Q67CT also includes Q Symphony, which provides an accurate wall of sound similar to a concert hall to q series soundbar speakers.

Sound Quality
Sound Quality

2. Surround Sound

In our Samsung HW-Q67CT review, we discovered that it can transmit encompassing sound even without the assistance of advanced audio technologies.

To ensure that the HW-Q67CT does not disappoint, Samsung equipped the soundbar with audio that wraps around the listener, courtesy of DTS formats and Acoustic Beam Technology to dolby digital plus.

3. Samsung HW-Q67CT Connections

A soundbar system is only as good as its connections and setup. The Samsung HW-Q67CT is equipped with both wired and wireless connections. As with all other soundbars, our audio team’s top recommendation is HDMI [1]. This Samsung soundbar includes HDMI, which is required for high-definition audio frequencies smart tv.

The HW-Q67CT includes ARC, a one-cable connection for high-definition audio and video quality. You can also get digital optical for the HW-Q67CT as another type of connection, as well as all of the cables.

Samsung HW-Q67CT Connections
Samsung HW-Q67CT Connections

4. Wireless Connectivity

In terms of wireless connections, the Samsung HW-Q67CT supports Bluetooth for wireless TV connections as well as connections to external devices for wireless rear speakers for streaming.

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5. Audio Modes

The sound modes on the Samsung HW-Q67CT are surround sound expansion, game pro, and standard. The standard mode is appropriate for all other content, whereas game pro mode is ideal for spectacular battle victories. For movies and TV shows, the surround sound expansion mode is the best option for clear directional sound.

Audio Modes
Audio Modes

6. Channels

It’s a 7.1-channel soundbar that adds layers of sound to your living room. The Samsung HW-Q67CT, as one of the top-rated 7.1-channel soundbar systems or Samsung tv remote, already outperforms the industry standard for surround sound capabilities, which is 5 channels for powerful 3d surround sound.

7. Setup

Installing a home theater system is costly and time-consuming; however, with the HW-Q67CT home theater combo, setup is simple thanks to one-cable connections and wireless pairing. Once you’ve connected everything. The configuration is straightforward in the settings menu tv show.

If you choose to wall mount your soundbar, our experts recommend placing it directly beneath your flatscreen TV. Find your listening spot and point all of the components at a 45-degree angle to it to create a focal point for the sound.

8. Samsung HW-Q67CT Price

The Samsung HW-Q67CT is an affordable home theater system that is guaranteed to deliver. Many people would expect to pay more than four figures for impressive sound, but the HW-Q67CT comes with everything you need, including a remote, cables, and a wall mount kit for your wireless connection.

9. Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity enables you to connect two devices at the same time. Bluetooth, on the other hand, cannot be used while connected to TV.

If the soundbar supports Bluetooth, you can connect it to the TV without using a wire. Otherwise, connect the TV or any other audio sources via the HDMI or optical port optical cable. MP3 players can be connected to it via the USB port for a better smart home and wireless receiver module.

10. Controls

With Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) support, you can use a single remote to control multiple smart devices. The remote control is slim and elegant, with only ten buttons. There is a woofer button that allows you to adjust the subwoofer level from +6 to -6. You can change the treble, bass, and Audio Sync settings using the Sound Control.

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There are several sound modes to choose from, including Standard, Surround Sound, Game Pro, DTS Virtual: X, and DRC. Select Surround Sound or DTS for movies, and Game Pro for gaming.

The original sound is output. Use the Samsung SmartThings app to control the TV instead of the remote. It can also control other smart devices such as an air conditioner or a refrigerator.


After conducting a thorough Samsung HW-Q67CT review, our experts determined that this Samsung soundbar is highly desirable.

Aside from the low price, this soundbar can produce expansive audio in high definition formats, which are typically found in higher-end soundbars. It includes all of the components and channels required to provide users with a surround sound experience, complete with booming bass and a full range of highs and mids.

FAQs About Samsung Soundbar

Is Samsung Soundbar better than Bose?

Our Opinion. The Samsung HW-Q80R is a better soundbar on its own than the Bose Smart Soundbar 700, though the Bose can be easily upgraded to the Bose Smart Soundbar 700 with Speakers + Bass Module. The Samsung has a dedicated subwoofer, more extended bass, and a louder max volume.

Is the HW Q60T worthwhile?

The Samsung HW-Q60T is a good music player. It reproduces a punchy bass out of the box, but its overall sound profile can be dark and veiled. It does, however, include numerous sound customization features to help you achieve a more neutral sound, such as a graphic EQ and bass and treble adjustments.

Which soundbar is best for Samsung?

The best Samsung soundbar we’ve tested is the Samsung HW-Q950A, which has a unique 11.1. 4 speaker system with two separate satellite speakers and a dedicated subwoofer. It supports Dolby Atmos content and even has built-in voice assistant support.

Is Sony’s soundbar superior to Samsung’s?

The Samsung HW-Q700A is a better overall soundbar than the Sony HT-Z9F, with a better soundstage performance and a better Atmos performance thanks to its up-firing speakers. It also includes more sound enhancement features, such as a graphic EQ for customizing its sound.

How many speakers does a Q60T soundbar have?

The Q60T sound bar has a total maximum output of 360W, which is divided between a 200W bar and a 160W subwoofer. The HW-60T soundbar set includes 9 speakers in total. The Q60R soundbar features acoustic beam technology, which creates 3D surround sound in the room.


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