How To Fix Prime Not Working On TV? (8 Easy Ways To Try)

Prime Video is one of the most popular TV applications for millions of users globally. However, the Amazon Video application could be more flawless. A few weeks ago, I logged onto my account to watch several movies, but the loading symbol refused to disappear. If you’re having similar problems with your streaming service apps, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

Prime Video will only play on your smart TV if you clean the cache or restart the Prime Video app. If it does not work, restart the WiFi and attach another device to the streaming app. If it works on another device, you should reset your television. If not, check your subscription settings.

Fix Prime Video Not Working On TV
Fix Prime Video Not Working On TV

Dealing with persistent buffering, interminable loading, or an app that crashes repeatedly can be aggravating. There are, fortunately, nine helpful methods you can try to resolve the issue. After a fruitless internet search, I could call Amazon’s customer service for some of the information contained in this post regarding their Prime Video services on smart TVs.


Resetting the Amazon Prime Video app may be sufficient to resolve the issue. However, this route proved to be the most effective. Therefore I placed it at the top of the post. You may do this task in less than 30 seconds and return to watching the video immediately.

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Here are the steps for resetting the Prime Video app on your smart TV:

  • Go to your television’s home screen. Press the home button on most remotes and continue to the next step.
  • Proceed to the configuration menu. Most smart TVs have a top or bottom menu bar. Scroll until the settings option appears, then choose ‘Applications.’
  • Select Clear Cache and Prime Video. Select Manage Installed Applications on some televisions before locating the Prime Video application.
  • Force Stop using the Amazon Prime application. This will not erase your TV account. It simply reboots it, like turning off and then turning on a computer.
  • Please return to the home screen, select the Prime Video app, and test its functionality. If it works, you’re all done! If not, proceed to the subsequent step.


Another essential tip is to perform a hard reset on your smart TV. It would help if you did not leave your smart TV on like PCs, smartwatches, smartphones, and other modern technology devices for too long. Believe it or not, nowadays, the power button rarely turns off the device.

Most remotes merely place the television in standby mode. If your TV immediately displays the home screen when you press the power button, it is likely in sleep mode. If you conduct a hard reset, corporate logos and other screens should be before the home screen.

How To Fix Prime Video Not Working On TV?
How To Fix Prime Video Not Working On TV?

How can you factory reset a smart TV to fix the Prime app?

  • Go to the home screen of the TV, click Settings, and then select ‘Device & Software.’
  • You can select the power mode on some intelligent TVs straight from this menu.
  • Select “Restart.” Do not hit the ‘Factory Reset button. This choice will erase all installed applications and restore your smart TV to its factory settings.
  • Once the TV has been reset, check the Prime Video app to see whether the results have improved.


Business Insider mentions an inactive account as one of the major causes of the Prime Video app failing to function. First, visit on your computer, smart TV, smartphone, or another compatible device. Then, visit the Prime Video area to verify that your Prime account is active.

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If you’re enjoying other Prime advantages, it’s simple to determine if your account is active. Prime users currently receive Prime Video as part of their subscription. If your account is inactive, your smart TV will not recognize it. After confirming your account, proceed to the subsequent phase.


Are you using a mobile hotspot or other unstable WiFi as your internet connection? Extended buffering times and lengthy loading windows are inevitably a problem. Even if your internet is as fast and dependable as it gets, switch to a different WiFi provider to see if the issue is resolved.

Most of the solutions in this article do not require you to switch internet providers. You can entirely skip this step. However, I wouldn’t have provided every potential alternative if I didn’t list it. If you’ve previously tried this (as many of you likely have) or don’t believe it will work, the following section may include further helpful information.


The best approach to determine whether your smart TV is at fault is to use your Prime Video account on a different device. As soon as I verified this Easy Fix Pro recommendation, I knew the issue was with my television.

I could stream videos on my laptop and smartphone, but my television kept displaying those awful interminable loading displays with the blue circle. Sometimes, the program would not even load.

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How To Fix Prime Video Not Working On TV?

If you can access Amazon Prime Video on a device other than your television, I recommend doing a hard reset or clearing your cache. These are the most prevalent remedies. However, you might also try the following.


Remove the Prime TV application and redownload it after a few minutes. This procedure is quite simple. Therefore I will not go into excessive detail. If there is a problem with the application, you can solve it by downloading the most recent update.

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Deleting Prime Video and reinstalling it on your smart TV may be the most straightforward option you have ever attempted. Give it a try and see whether it works.


You can alter the application’s resolution settings on your TV or another device if you have access to your Prime account.

First, access the app’s settings, locate the resolution choice, and verify that it is compatible with your HDMI connection and television’s capabilities. For example, if you have a 1080p television and attempt to run the app in 4K, it will not load properly.


Samsung intelligent TVs receive periodic upgrades, as do other innovative TV models. If your programs are crashing or loading slowly, the TV may require an upgrade. In the settings menu, locate the update log. It should indicate if your television is up-to-date or requires a new patch or enhancement.

Prime Video Not Working On TV
Prime Video Not Working On TV


Clearing the cache, restarting the TV, or resetting the application can typically fix Prime Video apps that do not operate on a smart TV. However, inactive accounts and obsolete software can hurt your findings. 

Since these options have always worked for most customers, I recommend contacting Amazon’s customer service if these alternatives have yet to help.

FAQs On Prime Not Working On TV

Why does my Prime not function?

Go to Settings > Apps and notifications > Prime Video from the Home screen. Then, tap Storage > Clear Data and hit OK to confirm. Try the video again. If this does not work, reinstall the application.

How do I restart the Amazon TV app?

Hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously for ten seconds. Note: For Echo Show 15, visit Your Alexa-Enabled Device > Restart.

Does resetting the TV destroy apps?

A factory data reset will delete all user settings from the television, including the Google account, app, channel, camera device data, parental lock, and wireless network configurations.


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