Netflix Not Working With CyberGhost? 3 Quick And Easy Ways To Try!

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If Netflix and CyberGhost are no longer compatible, Netflix has likely found and blocked every IP address that CyberGhost currently offers.

This is upsetting, mainly if it was functioning and is no more. However, keep calm. You can attempt a few quick remedies to address this problem. To successfully watch Netflix with a VPN once more, anywhere in the globe, this post will explain how to resolve the Netflix not working with CyberGhost issue.

How To Fix Netflix Not Working With CyberGhost?
How To Fix Netflix Not Working With CyberGhost?

Easy Fixes For Netflix Not Working With CyberGhost

The list of remedies for CyberGhost not functioning with Netflix is provided below. Try each remedy in turn. If one doesn’t work, try the next one until you can access Netflix with a VPN once more.

1. Delete Cookies

Cookies are small files that speed up and simplify your online experience. For example, Netflix uses cookies to enhance your streaming service usage.

The issue with cookies is that they occasionally include information about your precise location to improve your user experience.

This data might be accessible to Netflix. Netflix will cut off your connection if it detects a discrepancy between the VPN server you are using and the location that your cookies are displaying.

When attempting to fix CyberGhost not functioning with Netflix, removing your Cookies is an excellent place to start to make sure Netflix isn’t getting your location.

2. Switch To Another Server

Because Netflix has blocked the IP address you provided, CyberGhost is no longer compatible with Netflix. Fortunately, CyberGhost’s IP addresses are the only ones Netflix can’t completely block.

Your IP address will change if you go to a different CyberGhost server. CyberGhost will once more function with Netflix if the streaming service hasn’t blocked this IP.

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3. Improve Your VPN Service.

Unfortunately, if you’ve reached this point in the list, Netflix has already detected and blocked every IP address CyberGhost can offer. However, because CyberGhost’s efforts to stay ahead of Netflix’s VPN filtering methods are no longer practical, Netflix has been able to do this.

There are a few options for you from here. You may wait for CyberGhost to issue fresh IPs that Netflix hasn’t already blocked, but since those IP addresses have already been blocked, it won’t be long before the new ones are included in the ban.

Alternatively, upgrade to a VPN that supports Netflix and has safeguards to ensure such problems don’t arise again.

For this, ExpressVPN ($6.67/month) is the finest VPN. With the safeguards in place, this VPN can keep up with any IP bans you may encounter. However, when an IP address belonging to ExpressVPN ($6.67/month) is restricted, this cat-and-mouse game begins.

ExpressVPN ($6.67/month) shuts the blocked IP address and establishes a new one to ensure that you can use the VPN consistently from everywhere.

Easy Fixes For Netflix Not Working On CyberGhost
Easy Fixes For Netflix Not Working On CyberGhost

Why Does Netflix Block CyberGhost?

Broadcasting rights are the only factor preventing Netflix from allowing CyberGhost. When giving Netflix the right to broadcast their series, content creators enter into agreements with the streaming service.

The content creators specified in these agreements are the geographical regions in which their content may be aired. For example, the US broadcasting rights to a specific program may belong to Netflix. They might not, however, enjoy those rights in the UK. Because of these agreements, the Netflix libraries vary depending on the nation you’re in.

Watching Netflix through CyberGhost may lead Netflix to violate its agreements with its content partners because it is a well-known method of accessing Netflix libraries outside of their country.

And as a result, Netflix can be subject to harsh financial penalties. To avoid this, Netflix strives to stop CyberGhost users from using its service.

How Does Netflix Block CyberGhost?

By keeping an eye out for an unusually high number of connections coming from one IP address, Netflix detects and disables CyberGhost.

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Because CyberGhost is a well-known VPN, it has more users than IP addresses. This implies that users of CyberGhost are compelled to disclose IP addresses.

Netflix is aware of this and makes use of it. However, only 8–10 devices per household typically share the same IP address. Netflix can quickly identify this if a lot of CyberGhost users are made to use the same IP. When it does, it recognizes the IP address belonging to CyberGhost and blocks it.

Are VPNs Still Compatible With Netflix?

Yes, Netflix still supports VPNs, but you must choose a VPN that is both compatible with Netflix and has safeguards in place to avoid their VPN filtering techniques.

The best VPNs for this are Private Internet Access ($2.03/month) or ExpressVPN ($6.67/month). Both VPNs have fast servers spread out over the globe, and a sizable number of IP addresses, reducing the likelihood that you will have to share with another user, and they both engage in a game of cat and mouse with Netflix.

ExpressVPN ($6.67/month) or Private Internet Access ($2.03/month) will close the IP address that Netflix has blocked and open a new one in response—enabling you to circumvent Netflix’s restrictions so you can watch your preferred episodes without interruption from any location worldwide.

Troubleshooting Netflix Not Working With CyberGhost
Troubleshooting Netflix Not Working With CyberGhost

Already Have CyberGhost but Can’t Access Netflix?

It’s not just CyberGhost that couldn’t access Netflix; other VPNs might also experience this problem. Fortunately, the issue may be resolved using a few straightforward tips. However, keep them close because they are compatible with other streaming websites and Netflix.

  • Modify the encryption protocol – This is as simple as choosing a different one in the VPN settings. For example, Netflix works well with OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols.
  • Change servers – More often than not, the server you’re using, not the VPN in general, is the cause of your inability to access Netflix. However, the server you’re using may be also having some issues. Try connecting to one of the Netflix-optimized servers that CyberGhost has available rather than a standard one.
  • Restart the entire process – Occasionally, a short restart will solve the problem. Try again after signing out and back into your accounts.
  • Verify your IP address because it occasionally stays the same when you connect to a server. As a result, Netflix will continue to block your access after detecting the identical one you did before. So always check to see if your IP address has changed.
  • Reconfigure your proxy – Either your browser proxy is incorrectly configured, or your proxy is outdated. You won’t be able to access Netflix if that’s the case.
  • Check firewall and antivirus settings – CyberGhost may occasionally be unable to access Netflix due to firewall and antivirus settings. Ensure your internet and CyberGhost are connected simultaneously and try disabling your firewall or antivirus program.
  • Use a different VPN – CyberGhost is a robust VPN that frequently unlocks Netflix, but it isn’t the only one. ExpressVPN is the ideal substitute for CyberGhost because it offers a sizable server network and quick speeds. Also, considering the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try it without risk.
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One of the finest VPNs for watching Netflix is CyberGhost, although it sometimes needs to be more trustworthy. So it’s usually helpful to have a few ready alternatives available in case CyberGhost access to Netflix gives you any problems. Frequently, the issue can be fixed with a quick change, like switching encryption protocols or servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix obstruct CyberGhost?

We are one of the few suppliers still able to circumvent Netflix’s VPN restrictions because of our dedicated streaming servers.

Why does Netflix no longer support VPNs?

In brief, some shows can only be viewed in specific nations since Netflix only has the legal right to stream them there. In addition, it is challenging for Netflix to keep its license agreements since a VPN can give the impression that you are in another country.

How do I get Netflix to stop banning my VPN?

Using a dedicated IP is the most effective way to get around Netflix’s VPN ban. Your IP address won’t be used by anybody else in this situation, making it less likely to be found and blocked. The top VPN for streaming, NordVPN, has a dedicated IP option.


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