Netflix Not Working On Roku? Try These Easy Fixes!

There have been numerous user complaints regarding Netflix not functioning on Roku TV. You are on the right page if you are having this problem.

Most likely, when you try to use the Netflix app on Roku, it either refuses to launch or, after a brief showing, crashes and returns you to the Home screen.

I’ll explain how to repair Netflix not working on Roku TV and streaming sticks in this guide. Let’s start if that is what you’re searching for.

Why Is Netflix Not Working With Roku?
Why Is Netflix Not Working With Roku?

Why Is Netflix Not Working On Roku?

Over time, it has been discovered that several things restrict customers from using their Roku devices to stream Netflix. Let’s go over the ones that happen most frequently.

A shaky or inconsistent internet connection would be the most apparent cause of an unresponsive Netflix service on a Roku device. Roku relies on your internet connection because there isn’t any cable required in the setup.

A faulty Wi-Fi router or a loose wire connection could be to blame for your unreliable internet. However, you will only be able to enjoy your Netflix-Roku experience to the fullest if your internet connection is good or nonexistent.

If any of the two requires an upgrade, Netflix may also not function on your Roku device. You should have the most recent versions of your Netflix and Roku software.

Software and apps can occasionally become incompatible if they are updated infrequently.

Your Netflix account can also cause Netflix-related issues on a Roku device. In this scenario, your Netflix settings—not any particular device—are the issue.

There may be a cap on your Netflix plan’s number of impulsive streams. If your account surpasses the cap, you won’t be able to watch Netflix.

Why Does My Roku TV Keep Crashing When I Use Netflix?

If the Netflix app closes abruptly and unexpectedly, Netflix is likely crashing on your Roku TV.

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Applications typically crash when they encounter a surprise bug or compatibility problem. Why Netflix does not function on Roku is addressed in more depth under that subject.

How Do I Make My Roku TV Work With Netflix?

We discussed the potential causes of Netflix issues with your Roku TVs and devices. First, look at two generic solutions that have generally worked for users before we start addressing these issues case by case.

How Do I Make My Roku TV Work With Netflix?
How Do I Make My Roku TV Work With Netflix?

1. Download the most recent Roku update.

All streaming platforms and devices, including Netflix and Roku, require synchronized software and programming. Updates are possible almost daily.

You likely need to upgrade the Roku software if Roku isn’t working. Unfortunately, your Roku’s automatic update has yet to catch up a lot of the time. This frequently happens when you go on vacation and haven’t turned on your Roku or watched Netflix in a while.

Most Rokus automatically update every one to two days. In any case, you should check for and execute a Roku Manual update. If the problem is not with Netflix, which I’ll discuss later in this piece, it will give Roku everything it needs to fix.

Run a short Roku update to ensure that Netflix and Roku are correctly synchronized:

  • You can see the settings menu at the bottom of the home screen.
  • Go to the “System” option.
  • Continue with the System update and indicate that you want to keep updating.
  • Check Netflix on Roku and restart

Important: To make the Netflix fix work, you must restart your Roku if you need an update.

2. Start up Roku (correctly)

You can fix a Roku that has stopped working for Netflix in the most frequently neglected way by correctly restarting the device. For example, because of improperly restarting his Roku, a buddy of mine could not get Netflix to function on the device (he was quickly turning it off and then on).

One of the best ways to get Netflix to function on a Roku has been certified by Netflix as a proper restart (a full 10-second shut-off).

If Netflix isn’t working on your Roku 2, Roku 3, Ultra, or Roku Express, you should disconnect it entirely for 10 seconds, then plug it back in. Before attempting the other fixes in this guide, you must do this.

You should next disable auto-detect on Roku if this doesn’t resolve your problem. This usually forgotten fix has assisted many people in getting Netflix to function correctly on Roku.

3. Update Netflix on your Roku device

Simply uninstalling Netflix on Roku and installing it again is a popular solution. I urge you to reset Roku if you don’t care about your current settings. Roku TVs will be able to use this too.

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This can clear up various issues that might have arisen due to Roku overwriting data with firmware updates.

This is just my viewpoint, but I’ve found it effective. Since it eliminates everything I may have done or not, it’s frequently the first thing I would do (i.e., changing and messing with settings).

Here’s how to reinstall Netflix on a Roku device to get it to function once more:

  • Navigate to the Home menu on Roku (home button).
  • On Roku, highlight the Netflix app icon.
  • Select a choice by pressing the remote’s “Star” button.
  • Use the Star Button to activate Netflix. Channel option removal
  • Netflix should be reinstalled from the Channel store.
  • Verify that Netflix is now compatible with Roku!

It might be time to try off the auto-detect option if Netflix still needs to be fixed on Roku. However, try the following auto-detect feature workaround if you’re hesitant to reinstall because you’re worried about losing any app data.

Video: Netflix Not Working On Roku? Fix It Now

Netflix Not Working On Roku? Fix It Now

4. Disable Roku’s Netflix Auto detect.

Several Roku users whose Netflix stopped functioning on Roku have adopted the following autodetect switching remedy. This option is needed to ensure that the video resolution on your Roku and TV is correctly synced and can be found under system settings.

In essence, this means that you can restart the Roku autodetect feature to make Netflix work again. Following these steps will enable Netflix on Roku once Auto detect has been disabled:

Navigate to settings to update Roku software.

  • Then click System Update under System.
  • Restart Roku and return to the default settings.
  • Afterward, change the “display type” choice from “Auto Detect” to “1080p” by finding the system settings once more.
  • Restart Roku, confirm, and then change the display type setting back to Autodetect.

The most typical fix for Netflix not functioning on Roku is this one. As you can see, this Netflix on Roku “fix” won’t operate properly unless you perform the previously indicated system update (displayed above). Even if Roku indicates that you have updated, you should still perform the manual update before restarting your Roku.

It’s time to reset your modem and router if this does not get Netflix to operate on Roku.

5. Restart the router and modem (or connect by ethernet)

Sometimes Netflix will load at a different time and keep buffering. If Netflix doesn’t load on your Roku device, you’ll need to restart your internet connection in a particular method.

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Likely, your gadget and internet could still be the problem even if you have a blazing-fast, dependable internet connection. How? Well, when a router and modem aren’t reset, there are frequently a lot of hidden problems like IP address conflicts and minor mistakes that accumulate.

To observe these benefits, you’ll need to perform a reboot, which is pretty straightforward.

  • For three minutes, completely unplug your modem and router.
  • Switch on your modem, then wait three minutes.
  • Next, turn on your router and wait three minutes.
  • Start Roku after the internet connection is operational.
  • Netflix has successfully launched!

Many people try this wrong cure for Netflix buffering on Roku by shutting off their router for only 30 seconds and ignoring a modem reset. (They later assert that “Netflix for Roku doesn’t work” after nothing has been addressed.)

6. Perform a required improvement

The fixes in this manual will generally be a huge success. Customers have repeatedly complained that Netflix would never, under any circumstances, operate on Roku.

According to many experts, the Netflix channel on Roku must be set correctly. Unfortunately, this is a statement that many gurus in the streaming device market are making more frequently.

Netflix Not Working With Roku TV
Netflix Not Working With Roku TV


When Netflix is not working, it may be because of a software update for Roku that is loading or pausing, a feature in the Roku settings (as previously described), or a secret internet connection barrier that prevents Netflix from loading on Roku.

I covered how to reset Roku for each potential problem in this guide. Every reset is customized for a particular situation. It would help if you patiently tried each remedy to get Roku to function on Netflix, regardless of whether you have a Roku 3, Roku Ultra, Roku TV, or any other Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

Netflix continues to be unreliable. What ought I do?

Whether you’ve reset and followed this guide’s instructions to the letter, you can wait a couple of days to see if an update resolves Netflix’s Roku compatibility issues. Make sure to repeat all the troubleshooting if you decide to do this.

Netflix still needs to load. Should I get a new gadget?

Indeed, if it’s a Firestick because they all appear to have reoccurring Netflix issues, I would recommend something other than purchasing another Roku. Your day after work could be ruined by Netflix being unavailable for even 30 minutes. But, on the other hand, your streaming problems could be immediately resolved with an affordable Firestick from Amazon (it did for me).

Netflix ceased to function. Should I hold off for a day or two?

Suppose you follow the instructions in this tutorial to the letter and decide against getting a Firestick. Then, yeah… waiting a couple of days for the following update might get Netflix back to work.


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