What Is LER Code On Traeger? (A Beginner’s Guide)

Do you feel like you are constantly falling behind on the latest technology trends, yet know that coding skills can open up opportunities for you? Never fear; Traeger is here to help you start your coding journey!

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll discuss all the basics you need to know to learn to LER code on Traeger.

What Is LER Code On Traeger?
What Is LER Code On Traeger? (A Beginner's Guide)

No prior experience is needed! We will review topics like Traeger basics, coding concepts, and tips for a successful learning journey. So, buckle up and get ready to learn the skills needed to fashion the future of tech!


To enter your LER code, open the Traeger App and tap on the menu in the top left-hand corner. Select “Activate My Grill,” and you will be prompted to enter your LER code.

Fire pot is dirty or overloaded with pelletsClean the fire pot and make sure there is not too much fuel in it.
RTD temperature sensor is bent or chippedReplace the RTD temperature sensor.
Grill is not protected from extreme weatherProtect the grill from wind and rain.
P-setting is too lowAdjust the P-setting to a higher setting.
Chimney is cloggedClean the chimney.

If you have tried all these solutions and the LER code still appears, you may need to contact Traeger customer support for further assistance.


Manual controlling your Traeger can be a great way to completely control the cooking process and learn more about how the Traeger works.

Manual Controlling Your Traeger
What Is LER Code On Traeger? (A Beginner's Guide)

Manual controlling consists of turning the temperature on and off, allowing you to adjust it as needed until you reach your desired results. Some argue that this gives them more control over their cook, as they can precisely monitor the temperature at every step.

They also can turn down the heat when their food needs to cook slowly and reduce further when it’s almost done.

On the other hand, some suggest that manually controlling your Traeger is not always necessary, especially if you’re starting. You may worry about burning or overcooking your food if you ignore details like temperature regulation.

However, most Traeger models do an excellent job maintaining consistent cooking temperatures, meaning manual controlling is unnecessary in many cases – unless you want to master precision cooking.

Manual controlling your Traeger can be a valuable learning experience for those interested in taking control of their own cooks and mastering precision.

However, if you’re beginning to learn the basics of Traeger grilling and smoking, other options may make things simpler and more accessible. Now let’s explore one alternative: push-button and probes – two features that could make temperature monitoring even easier for beginner cooks.

  • There are currently over 13 million Traeger grills in use worldwide.
  • In 2020, the Traeger Timberline series was rated the best pellet grill by Consumer Reports.
  • According to Traeger Grills, their temperature probes feature an internal thermometer with a temperature range from 180°F up to 500°F (82°C – 260°C).
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Treager Pro 34 “LEr” Error code


Push-Button and Probes are excellent tools for those wishing to take barbecuing to the next level.

Push-button thermometers are designed to be conveniently stored in the dome of your Traeger to constantly measure the internal temperature of your grill without even having to open it up.

Furthermore, probes can be food probes that measure the internal temperature of your cooking or grate probes that measure how hot your grates are. This can give users a more precise method of controlling their Traeger, thus improving their accuracy and confidence when preparing their meals.

Whether manual controlling or pushing-button technology is better is a matter of preference. Those who prefer old-fashioned methods may argue that manually controlling your Traeger gives you a better feeling of control and understanding of your grill.

In addition, you get an appreciation for all its complexities and nuances through practice, allowing you to become more capable of tackling any BBQ challenge that comes your way.

On the other hand, technologically advanced grills such as those with push-button thermometers can give novice users greater accuracy right off the bat with minimal effort.

Regardless of your preferred method, both will yield excellent results if used optimally.

Knowing how best to utilize both options and understanding each option’s advantages and shortcomings will help you become an expert Grill Master in no time!

Now that temperature control has been discussed, let’s examine how to use coding logic when running our Traegers.


Push-button thermometers and probes are great tools that can be used to take barbecuing to the next level. In contrast, manual controlling or pushing-button technology is a matter of preference.

No matter the method, both results are excellent if used optimally. Now that temperature control has been discussed, the focus should shift to how coding logic can be used to run Traegers.

Guide On LER Code on Traeger
What Is LER Code On Traeger? (A Beginner's Guide)


Once you’ve become familiar with the various push-button and probe features available to help you learn the code on your Traeger, the next step is to look at the code and see what it does.

In other words, it’s time to move beyond the physical attributes of button pushing and probes and look into being able to read the code by recognizing specific patterns that can help you achieve a particular result.

Learning how to ‘read’ the code is essential, if complex. It requires a logical approach in following how each action affects the whole process while understanding the different commands in your Traeger’s programming language.

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A great way to start understanding these commands is through tutorials and guides, which can provide a helpful step-by-step approach to dissecting particularly complex parts of a program or script.

You can also try writing a few sample scripts for yourself as a form of practice in seeing through code.

Ultimately, taking time to learn to read through the code is critical in becoming better acquainted with your Traeger’s capabilities and making sure that you’re getting its full potential out of it when it comes to programming.

And now that you have a better grasp on seeing through code, it’s time to move on to setting up your controller and putting everything together.


Now that you’ve seen the process of learning to code through the Traeger Controller, it’s time to set up your Traeger for coding. Each model’s setup procedure varies slightly, but the design is similar.

To begin, find a suitable place to mount your controller away from any heat source, such as a wall in the kitchen or bedroom. The controller will then require 110-220 volts of AC power and a connection to the Traeger router or other compatible external router.

After connecting the controller to an outlet and router, you must configure settings through an app on your mobile device. This app allows you to customize different recipes’ temperature settings and cooking times.

Additionally, you can adjust the settings for your Traeger according to your preferences for grilling and smoking.

The final step in setting up your Traeger is linking it to the remote app on your phone or other device. This application allows you to control when, how long, and at what temperature you cook from anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

With this feature, you can soon be smoking like a backyard chef. However, before we connect your Traeger to the remote app, let’s look at some of the equipment needed to make successful dishes quickly.

Troubleshoot LER Code On Traeger
What Is LER Code On Traeger? (A Beginner's Guide)


Now that your Traeger is connected to the controller, it is time to discuss the remote connection. Using Traeger’s WiFire technology, you can connect and control your Traeger from virtually anywhere using the Traeger app on your smartphone or tablet.

This technology offers convenience to those who don’t have the luxury of being near their grills while they are cooking. For example, most pellet grill owners forget to turn off their grills after finishing a cook.

Still, with WiFire, you can easily set up a timer for your cooks so that when you return home, the grill will be shut off, saving you on fuel and possible hazards caused by leaving a grill running unattended.

Aside from the convenience of not having to be next to your grill to control it, WiFire has other benefits. For example, through the app, users can monitor their meat’s temperature and ensure it is cooked safely and precisely as they want.

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You can also access recipes stored inside the app and hundreds more created by Traeger enthusiasts like yourself! With this great control over your cooks, giving up Traeger’s WiFire technology would be hard once you start using it.

The only downside to wifi Fire is that its range isn’t too great and takes a bit of tinkering around with your router settings to work correctly (which may be difficult for those unfamiliar with networking).

Nonetheless, the team at Traeger created a detailed guide explaining how to get WiFire up and running in no time.

Now that you know how easy it is to set up your Traeger with a controller and remotely access it with WiFire, let’s move on to programming a delicious set-and-forget meal.


Once a Traeger owner remotely connects to their grill, programming a set-and-forget meal is easy.

This means you can program the cycle to smoke your food for up to several hours without having to check on it manually – a real lifesaver for busy cooks. In addition, now you can schedule your meals ahead of time and have them cooked precisely when you need them.

One of the primary debates surrounding this kind of technology is whether or not it can provide the same quality of smoked foods as traditionally smoked meals.

On the one hand, some argue that traditional smoking methods are superior because they’re more hands-on and allow users to monitor their food more closely. But on the other hand, they point out that manual monitoring can alert a cook to dangerous temperature changes and help them adjust accordingly.

On the other hand, proponents of set-and-forget cooking argue that modern technology has revolutionized this process by providing precision cooking with automatic settings and temperature controls.

They point out that foods are cooked more thoroughly with fewer hot and cold spots and that programming eliminates errors associated with manual monitoring. Furthermore, many point out that technology helps create an evenly smoked product with consistent results each time.

Evidence from user reviews points to the success of set-and-forget meals on Traeger grills, mainly due to the reliable temperature control capabilities to let cooks step away from the grill without worrying about over or undercooking their food. In addition, since everyone has different preferences regarding doneness,

Traeger makes it easy for users to customize settings for every meal, so their food can cook to their exact specifications – allowing them to dial in their flavor preference easily.

Traeger LER Code
What Is LER Code On Traeger? (A Beginner's Guide)


What type of code do I need to enter into a Traeger grill?

Using the Self-Service Wifi Diagnosis App, you can connect your Traeger grill to your wifi network. First, launch the app and input the “TRGR” code. Next, tap “Network Scan” beside your grill to initiate the connection procedure.

What are the standard codes associated with Traeger grills?

Traeger grills may display error codes, including LEr, HEr, ERR, ER1, and ER2, indicating high/low-temperature warnings or faulty control panel connections. These troubleshooting steps may help identify the problem and resolve the grill’s issue.

How can I ensure I enter the correct code into my Traeger grill?

To ensure you enter the correct code into your Traeger grill, refer to the user manual or the Traeger website for detailed instructions. Connecting your iOS mobile device to your WiFIRE Traeger pellet grill lets you easily adjust the temperature.


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