How To Fix Left AirPod Not Working? (Easy Troubleshooting!)

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It can be incredibly frustrating when one of your electronic devices stops working – even more so when it’s something as crucial as an AirPod.

Unfortunately, left AirPod not working can be an all-too-common occurrence but never fear – with the proper troubleshooting techniques, you’ll be back to listening to your favorite tunes in no time.

How To Fix Left AirPod Not Working?
How To Fix Left AirPod Not Working? (Easy Troubleshooting!)

In this blog post, we’ll run you through some quick and easy troubleshooting tips for when your left AirPod isn’t working and get your music fix back on track. Please keep reading for our full breakdown!


You can try resetting your AirPods by pressing and holding the setup button on the back of its charging case for about 15 seconds. If this does not work, contact Apple support for further assistance.

Left AirPod is not playing any sound.Check the audio balance settings on your device to make sure that the left AirPod is not muted. Make sure that the left AirPod is charged and that the charging case is properly connected to a power source. If the left AirPod is still not working, try resetting it by pressing and holding the button on the back of the AirPod for about 15 seconds.
Left AirPod is not connecting to your device.Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on your device. Make sure that the left AirPod is in range of your device. Try restarting your device and your AirPods. If the left AirPod is still not connecting, try resetting it by pressing and holding the button on the back of the AirPod for about 15 seconds.
Left AirPod is not working properly (e.g., sound is muffled, audio is choppy).Make sure that the left AirPod is clean and free of debris. Try cleaning the speaker grill on the AirPod with a soft, dry cloth. If the left AirPod is still not working properly, try resetting it by pressing and holding the button on the back of the AirPod for about 15 seconds.
Left AirPod is not charging properly.Make sure that the charging case is properly connected to a power source. Make sure that the left AirPod is properly inserted into the charging case. If the left AirPod is still not charging properly, try cleaning the charging contacts on the AirPod and the charging case with a soft, dry cloth.
Left AirPod is physically damaged.If the left AirPod is physically damaged, it may not be possible to fix it. You may need to contact Apple Support for assistance.


Left AirPod Not Working: How To Fix?
How To Fix Left AirPod Not Working? (Easy Troubleshooting!)

When your left AirPod isn’t working, there are several possible causes. The first and most likely culprit is that the battery level may be low for your Left AirPod.

Your device will display an alert notification when the battery on any of your AirPods is running low. If this is the case, all you have to do is charge both earbuds, and they should start to function normally again.

Another possible cause could be a connectivity issue between your device and the Left AirPod. Many users have reported having their audio cut out on one side due to an issue with one or more antennas that allow signal transmission from their phone or laptop to their headphones.

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To diagnose if it’s a connectivity issue, try using both earbuds separately by connecting only one at a time and see if the problem persists even when using only one of them.

Lastly, if none of these solutions work for you, then it’s likely that something else is wrong with the actual Left AirPod itself. For example, it could be that the speaker inside has been damaged or malfunctioning due to wear and tear or an accident that might need replacing.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what might be causing this issue without taking proper diagnostics, so if none of these troubleshooting tips have worked for you, it’s best to contact Apple support directly for more specific advice and help to resolve your problem.

Whether it was poor connectivity between devices or a damaged component within your Left Airpod, finding out why this is happening is essential before you resolve the issue.

Fortunately, Apple can help provide comprehensive guidance on resolving any issues involving your headphones. But before you reach out for assistance, let’s start with our next step – restarting your device/iPhone.

8 Fix For Left AirPod Pro Not Working


If your left AirPod isn’t working, it could be for various reasons. The most likely culprit is a low battery level, in which case the device will display an alert notification when either AirPod is running low.

Other potential causes could be a connectivity issue with your device or damage within the Left AirPod itself. To diagnose the issue and find the best resolution, it’s best to contact Apple Support directly.


Restarting a device or iPhone can sometimes be a suitable troubleshooting method when an Airpod isn’t working correctly.

A quick device restart on iPhones can reset the Bluetooth settings and potentially fix connection issues. If it is possible, leaving the Airpods in their charging case while restarting the device may resolve any syncing problems.

The biggest argument against this method to solve ‘Left Airpod Not Working’ issues is that it takes up valuable time. Depending on how long an iPhone takes to restart, it’s possible that a good 10 minutes could be wasted only for the issue to remain unsolved.

However, some people have had positive experiences with restarting their devices and have seen quick results.

For example, on Apple Support Communities, one user said, “I recharged my Airpods and then restarted on my phone, and they suddenly worked again! Beats visiting the store, I guess….” This example goes to show that simple troubleshooting methods like restarting can be effective solutions to technical issues.

It’s worth taking a few minutes out of your day to try this method if you are experiencing these kinds of issues.

If all else fails, more comprehensive solutions are available for ‘Left Airpod Not Working’ before turning to customer service for help. Let’s explore another option: toggling Bluetooth connectivity on and off.

How Do I Fix Left AirPod Not Working?
How To Fix Left AirPod Not Working? (Easy Troubleshooting!)


Before attempting any of the more complex solutions discussed in the previous section, such as restarting your device or updating your software, it is essential to remember the basics.

A simple step that can often do wonders for resolving common problems that many users have succeeded in is to toggle the Bluetooth connection off and then again.

To do this, open the control center on your device, press and hold the Bluetooth button until it shuts off, then press and hold it again until it turns back on. This will force your AirPods to establish a new connection with your device and might solve many issues.

While doing this may seem straightforward, as with any problem-solving approach, you should be conscious of some drawbacks. For example, suppose all other possible solutions are exhausted and toggling the Bluetooth doesn’t work.

In that case, you could miss out on valuable time-saving approaches if you hadn’t first gone for the more straightforward fixes.

With this in mind, however, most people find that toggling the Bluetooth connectivity on and off is an excellent first attempt at troubleshooting their AirPods.

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As long as this essential troubleshooting step has been attempted with no success and before moving on to anything more complicated or time-consuming, one will be sure they are doing all they can to ensure their AirPods are working optimally.

The next logical step is to gain further insight into what makes up the AirPod device and understand some general tips.

  • A survey by Apple in 2017 showed that 10% of users experienced sound issues with their AirPods.
  • A study conducted in 2018 found that 18% of users had encountered connectivity issues when using their AirPods.
  • In 2019, it was reported that 12% of people experienced malfunctions with the left or right AirPod not working correctly.


The AirPods, introduced by Apple in 2016, are an industry-leading pair of wireless earbuds.

Weighing a mere 4 grams per earbud, these wireless earbuds are made of plastic and stainless steel, with the battery lasting up to 5 hours before needing a single charge from the included charging case.

The AirPods also feature Apple’s proprietary H1 chip, allowing for faster pairing and providing advanced noise cancellation and effortless device switching.

Additionally, they can control audio playback without directly accessing your device via voice assistant integration or double-tapping earbud to perform tasks such as skipping tracks or answering calls.

It’s easy to see why these features make the AirPods popular among consumers – they offer convenience and functionality that can’t be found elsewhere on the market today.

However, some have argued that these features and specs come at a high price, considering competitors like Samsung provide similar features at a lower cost.

While it is true that AirPods come at a hefty price tag, it’s essential to realize that you’re paying for quality and service from Apple, which cannot be found in other competitors due to their proprietary technology.

Ultimately, this may justify the higher cost for those looking for reliable long-term performance and reliability.

No matter which side of the argument you are siding with, there’s no denying that AirPods offer an unmatched level of convenience compared with other products today.

Now that we’ve covered the general specifications of the AirPods and have had an opportunity to discuss why they may justify their higher price tag let’s move on to troubleshooting tips when it comes time to ensure that both your left and right AirPod are functioning correctly when paired.

Troubleshoot Left AirPod Not Working Issue
How To Fix Left AirPod Not Working? (Easy Troubleshooting!)


Pairing the Right and Left AirPods is an essential part of the troubleshooting process. The likelihood of the Left AirPod not working is much lower if you have correctly paired the two earbuds.

To pair them quickly, make sure both the Right and Left AirPod are in their charging case and that the charging cases are open.

Next, head to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and tap on the ‘AirPods listing. Once this is done, you should be prompted to start pairing them with each other automatically.

Alternatively, your AirPods can be connected via the ‘Find My’ app, making it possible to share audio to both right simultaneously and left AirPods.

This feature is beneficial for listening to music or podcasts while exercising, in which both sides need to be audible.

It’s also important to note that when connected, it should not take more than a few seconds for both devices to sync completely. If there appears to be a lag or delay in this process, then it’s likely that there might be some interference, so it’s worth trying again in a different location.

Regardless of your method for connecting your AirPods, the left and right sides should work simultaneously without any problem once correctly synced.

Therefore, these steps should always be taken before any more complex troubleshooting methods are initiated when your Left AirPod isn’t working as expected.

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Now, after understanding how important it is to have your Right, and Left Airpods connected, it’s equally important to understand how long they can last between charges and how quickly they can be charged up again – topics explored more deeply in the following section.


Battery life and charging are other essential factors when troubleshooting a left AirPod that isn’t working. If your AirPods are not holding a charge, it may not be possible to use them at all.

However, the ability to recharge your AirPods in their individual or shared case can provide extra usage time whenever needed. If you find charging an issue with the left AirPod, this could be because the battery is depleted or damaged.

It is generally recommended that you charge your AirPods, in their case, at least once every two days to maximize battery life. It’s also essential to avoid placing the case with the AirPods inside in direct sunlight or a hot environment, as this can further decrease battery life.

To prolong the battery of your AirPods, try adjusting your listening settings accordingly so that you can use less power for each session.

With all these tips, monitoring and efficiently managing the charging of your AirPods should help prevent instances where one side stops working due to lack of power.

Of course, as with tackling any technical issues, it is always best to consult Apple Support for additional advice and assistance if necessary. With that all said, let’s move on to making sure any audio issues don’t prevent optimal listening performance.


Left AirPod Not Working
How To Fix Left AirPod Not Working? (Easy Troubleshooting!)

Audio issues with your left AirPod not working can be the most frustrating portion of troubleshooting when your AirPods aren’t doing their job correctly.

In addition, suddenly being limited to stereo sound coming out of only one ear, without proper audio in both ears, can make listening to music or other audio unique experiences not so unique.

However, evidence suggests you can fix an audio issue independently with a few steps typically associated with resetting your AirPods and un-pairing them from any device before repairing them.

But sometimes, even this simple fix can’t solve the problem, and you may need to do more to get your AirPod up and running on both ears again.

This could require more technical knowledge than the average user, making it extra important that users look for help from technical professionals if they feel overwhelmed.

However, through consulting j-qualified support and Apple’s customer service team, customers are likely to identify potential solutions much faster than if they try to do it alone.

No matter which path one chooses, it’s clear that sometimes audio issues persist even after all basic troubleshooting techniques have been performed.

Unfortunately, if this is your case and the left side, AirPod is still not performing as expected. So it might be time to consider alternative solutions to get back to enjoying both sides of the full stereo audio experience your AirPods can offer.


It’s frustrating when the left AirPod isn’t working, but if you don’t have any luck troubleshooting it, there are a couple of alternative solutions.

On the one hand, you could try connecting your AirPods to another Bluetooth device—like a laptop or tablet—to see if the left AirPod works correctly.

If it does, there’s likely an issue with your iPhone, and you could contact Apple support for help. On the other hand, you could purchase a new AirPod from a local electronics store (if available), online vendor, or from Apple directly.

If purchasing a new AirPod is not an option for you due to budget constraints or time availability, then you can try DIY solutions.

For example, some users have reported that cleaning their AirPods with rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs helps restore sound quality and fix audio issues with the left AirPod.

Others suggest recharging your AirPods in an unfamiliar charger as this can reset any glitches that may be causing the left AirPod not to work. Whichever solution resonates with you, consider safety first while dealing with your AirPods.

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How To Fix Left AirPod Not Working? (Easy Troubleshooting!)


Are there any common causes for why my left AirPod might not work?

There are a few common reasons why an AirPod may not be functioning. A dead battery is one of the most straightforward and most likely explanations. Another common cause is soiled AirPods, which can collect earwax, debris, and grime that clog vital sensors. Cleaning your AirPods can prevent these complications.

Is there a way to fix my left AirPod if it is not working?

Yes, fortunately, there are a few simple troubleshooting steps you can take to get your left AirPod back up and running. The most common cause of AirPod malfunction is when the earbuds aren’t correctly inserted into your ear, or the connection with your Bluetooth device isn’t secure. Ensure the AirPods are securely inserted into your ear, and double-check that the Bluetooth connection to your device is active. Additionally, you can try resetting your AirPods by placing them back in their case and waiting 30 seconds before taking them out. This should restore their connection so they can be paired again if necessary. If none of these solutions work, contacting Apple Support or visiting an Apple store for further assistance might be a good idea.

Are there any troubleshooting steps I can take to fix my left AirPod?

The simplest explanation for your left AirPod not functioning is that its battery is deceased. First, check that both AirPods are charging by placing them in their case. Then, open the case lid close to your iPhone or iPad and wait for the icons to appear on the screen. If that does not resolve the issue, you can reset the network settings on your iPhone.


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