How To Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A32 5G?

How To Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A32 5G? If you are like most smartphone users, you undoubtedly snap several screenshots for various reasons.

You can share something with your friends or wish to keep it for later. All Android devices, including the Galaxy A32 5G, have the crucial ability to capture screenshots.

How To Take Screenshot On Samsung A32 5G?
How To Take Screenshot On Samsung A32 5G?

If you recently purchased a brand-new Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, you may be curious about how to snap a screenshot. Most Samsung devices have the same or comparable ways of capturing screenshots. 

This content may be familiar if you have previously used a Galaxy device. If you need help, learn how to take a screenshot immediately.


To snap a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, simultaneously press and hold the volume down button and the power/lock button. The screenshot will be saved in the Albums tab of the Gallery app on the phone.

How To Capture A Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A32 5G?

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy A32 5G with three alternative options for capturing screenshots. The first method, which is also the most common, involves simultaneously hitting two hardware buttons. The other two options include Samsung’s proprietary software to simplify the process.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G- How To Take a Screenshot?

1. Snapshot Of The Galaxy A32 5G Hardware Keys

Using the physical buttons on the side of your Galaxy A32 5G is the first method for taking a screenshot. This is the most prevalent conventional method.

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Snapshot Of The Galaxy A32 5G Hardware Keys
Snapshot Of The Galaxy A32 5G Hardware Keys

Take your phone and simultaneously tap the power and volume down buttons. Do not release the keys until a white flash appears on the screen. This means a screenshot has been captured. A little menu bar will appear at the bottom of the screen following a white flash.

There will be three buttons on the menu. The first button allows for image editing and cropping. The second button enables Scroll Capture, while the third button enables social network sharing.

2. Galaxy A32 5G Screenshot – Swipe To Capture With Palm

Using Palm Swipe Gesture
Using Palm Swipe Gesture

If the first approach fails due to broken buttons or another issue, you can take a screenshot of your Galaxy A32 5G utilizing the “Palm Swipe to Capture” function. Samsung’s technique necessitates no button hardware.

Go to Settings -> Advanced Features -> Motions and Gestures to enable Palm Swipe. There will be a feature referred to as a Palm swipe to capture. It is, by default, disabled. Tap it to activate. Now, swipe across the screen to capture a screenshot. The phone will vibrate to mark the completion of the task.

3. Galaxy A32 5G Screenshot – Assistant Menu

Using Assistant Menu
Using Assistant Menu

You can use the Assistant Menu if you desire a more straightforward interface. However, if all the hardware keys on your Galaxy A32 5G are broken and nothing else works, this is your final option.

To activate the Assistant Menu, navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Interaction and skill and press the Assistant menu. A tiny circle will form. Tap the circle icon. A variety of possibilities will be displayed. Choose Screenshots. The screen will flash white to indicate the capture of a screenshot.

On the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, you can take a screenshot in the following ways: Samsung’s inclusion of software functionality for taking screenshots when the hardware buttons are broken is a great touch.

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4. Using Accessibility Menu

The Accessibility Menu is the fourth way to take a screenshot on this phone; follow the instructions below to enable it.

  • You must first navigate to Settings and Accessibility>>Installed Services.
  • Afterward, you will see the Accessibility Menu option.
  • Finally, all that remains is to turn it ON.

After activating this function, you must swipe two fingers up from the bottom of your phone’s home screen to access the option to snap a screenshot.

5. Screenshot Using Google Assistant

Using Google Assistant Bixby
Using Google Assistant Bixby

Google Assistant can assist you in taking a screenshot of your Samsung Galaxy A32 5G smartphone, just like we did with Bixby.

  • Hold the Home button for a few seconds to snap a screenshot with Google Assistant.
  • Google Assistant will appear on the screen.
  • You must now say, “ok, google, capture a screenshot.”

It will capture the current screen, but you must manually save the Screenshot on your phone, as Google Assistant cannot do it automatically.

What Is A Screenshot?

Imagine if… You log into Zoom in preparation for a family meeting. It’s lovely to see the happy faces you’ve missed. You’re catching up and appreciative that you can connect remotely. You recall wishing you knew how to shoot images of the “Brady Bunch” grid of people when you observed others doing so. This is a post for you!

Screenshots or screen captures taken on the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is “Screenshots” or “Screen Captures.” Screenshots are an excellent way to preserve memories of exceptional events.

They can also be helpful in the workplace or classroom. Learn how to capture the entire or a portion of your screen to become more tech-savvy. For example, I frequently capture screenshots whenever I am at an online meeting or prepping for a presentation.

Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

The ability to capture a screenshot is precious for distance learning students and adults whose workdays involve increasing screen time. Screenshots are possible on the majority of mobile devices and PCs. I guarantee that your online learning or work-from-home will increase after you’ve learned how!

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Bixby can perform better in mid-range Smartphones. Yet Samsung will soon abandon Bixby. You can therefore continue using Google Assistant. In addition, while the software and operating system for capturing screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G are identical, the same procedures will work for both.

Because you rarely use the Screenshot feature, please utilize Physical keys if you are a frequent user. Accidental screenshots may result from a palm swipe.

Use In-Built Palm Gesture or Play Store Apps if you are a developer or a tech-savvy person who takes multiple screenshots. Always check the Background activities if you’re installing from a third-party website to prevent data theft. If you have other methods, please comment below.


Why am I unable to snap screenshots with my Samsung A32?

You may be unable to take a screenshot because you did not allow the needed permissions to the screenshot application. First, verify your permission settings to ensure that Samsung capture has been enabled. 1 Launch the “Settings” menu and select “Apps.”

How do I enable the Samsung screenshot icon?

To activate the option, visit the Settings menu, scroll down, and choose Advanced features. On the page for Advanced features, scroll down one further and then select “Motions and gestures.” Next to the “Palm swipe to capture” button is a switch. Touch the switch to activate the function.

How can I activate screenshots?

Hit both the Power and Volume down keys simultaneously. Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds if that does not work. Tap the Screenshot, then.

How can I take a screenshot without the power button on my Samsung?

Several Android devices now allow you to take screenshots using gestures, eliminating the need to tap buttons. For example, for Samsung phones, you may enable Palm Swipe to Capture by going to Settings > Advanced Features > Motions and Gestures.



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