How To Download Peacock TV On Firestick? [5 Steps]

How to download peacock tv on firestick? Peacock TV, based in the United States, allows users to bypass broadcast, cable, and satellite TV and receive content via an internet connection alone.

The service includes both original NBC programming and syndicated and original content.

It was officially released on Amazon devices on June 24, giving users access to the Peacock TV app without the need to sideload it.

There are several ways to download Peacock TV on Firestick. Here are some methods:
• Install Peacock TV from the Amazon Store.
• Search for “Peacock TV” on your Firestick and install it.
• Turn on sideloading and install the app from an external source.

We’ll go over how to add Peacock TV to your Firestick device in this article.

In addition, our FAQs section includes information on how to sideload Peacock TV if it isn’t yet available in your region, as well as how to increase your privacy on Firestick.

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How To Delete Apps On Firestick?

How To Download Peacock TV On Firestick? (Step by Step)

  1. Go to Find > Search from your Firestick’s home screen.
  2. Now, search for Peacock TV on your Firestick remote using the virtual keyboard or voice option.
  3. Choose Peacock TV from the Apps and Games menu.
  4. Click the Download or Get button.
  5. Allow the download and installation to complete.
How To Delete Apps On Firestick?
How To Delete Apps On Firestick?

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You must first sign up for a subscription before you can watch Peacock TV on FireStick amazon fire tv. To begin the signup process, go to the Peacock TV Official Website.

Peacock TV currently offers 3 plans:

  • Peacock: Free of Cost
  • Peacock Premium: $4.99 per month
  • Peacock Premium Plus (ad-free): $9.99 per month

New customers can take advantage of a 7-day free trial on both paid plans.

Note: If you are an Xfinity or Cox customer, you may already have free access to Peacock Premium.

The following paid plans are also available for yearly subscription (click the See Annual Plans link at the bottom right of the page):

  • Peacock Premium: $49.99 per year
  • Peacock Premium Plus (ad-free): $99.99 per year

After selecting the desired plan, you must create an account on the following page using your email address and a password.

Before you click Create Account, remember to check the box that says I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Peacock will send you a confirmation email once you have completed this step. To verify your email address, you must click the link in the email.

That’s all. You have subscribed to Peacock TV or apple tv for FireStick and other devices successfully. Let’s begin the installation procedure.


NBCUniversal’s Peacock TV Canada has finally arrived on Amazon devices, nearly a year after its initial release. If you live in the United States, you can now download the Peacock TV app from the Amazon App Store rather than sideloading it.

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Peacock TV can now be installed in two ways: directly from the Amazon App Store or via the Downloader app. First, I’ll walk you through installing the Peacock TV app from the Amazon App Store.

I’ll walk you through the steps to install the app using the Downloader app in the second method. Let’s get this party started.


Method 1: Install Peacock TV on FireStick from Amazon Store

To get Peacock TV on FireStick from the Amazon Store, follow the steps below. Again, this method will only work if you live in the United States. For any other country/location, please proceed to Method 2 in the following section.

  1. Go to Find > Search from your Firestick’s home screen.
  2. Now, on your Firestick remote, search for Peacock TV using the virtual keyboard or voice option. Choose Peacock TV from the list of suggestions.
  3. Choose Peacock TV from the Apps and Games menu on your smart tv. You may have to scroll down a little.
  4. Click the Download or Get button.
  5. Allow for the download and installation to complete.
  6. You have installed Peacock TV successfully! Start streaming after you launch the app.

Method 2: How to Sideload Peacock TV on FireStick

If you install Peacock TV app is not available through the Amazon Store in your region, you can always sideload it using the instructions below. Here’s what we’ll be doing today:

  • Install the Downloader app
  • Allow Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Sideload Peacock original TV on FireStick

Install the Downloader App

We use Downloader to sideload apps on the Amazon FireStick. This app is available for download from the Amazon App Store.

Take the following steps:

  1. On the FireStick’s home screen, click Find, then Search. If you’re using an older version of Amazon Fire TV stick OS, open the search window by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top-left corner of the home screen.
  2. In the search results, type Downloader and click on it. On the next window, click the Downloader icon/tile. Now, on the FireStick, click Download or Get to install the Downloader app.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

To enable sideloading of apps on FireStick, enable Apps from Unknown Sources. This option can be found in the Settings menu. Here’s how it’s done:

  • In the middle bar of the FireStick home screen, click the Gear or Settings icon.
  • Now, select My Fire TV.
  • Next, select the Developer options option.
  • Unknown Apps should be installed on Samsung smart tv.
  • In the results, click Downloader and make sure it says ON.

Sideloading apps on FireStick is now possible with the Downloader app.


Peacock TV can be installed on your Fire TV device in two ways. The installation method you use will be determined by the availability of the streaming service in your area. Peacock is now available in the United States and its territories (e.g., American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands).

If you live in a supported region, you can download and install the Peacock TV app directly from the Amazon Appstore. You’ll have to sideload the app from a third-party source otherwise.

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How To Download Peacock TV On Firestick? [5 Steps]

Install Peacock from the Amazon Appstore

Peacock TV did not initially support Amazon devices. The streaming service, however, will be available on the Amazon Appstore on June 24th, 2021. Here’s how to get Peacock from the Appstore on your Firestick.

  1. Navigate to the Find tab on the Fire TV home screen and select Search.
  2. Enter peacock in the search box and choose Peacock TV or Peacock App from the search suggestions. Alternatively, say peacock while pressing and holding the microphone/Alexa button on your Fire TV remote.
  3. In the “Apps & Games” section, click the Peacock app icon.
  4. Following that, choose Get (or Download) to install the app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  5. Open the app and sign in with your account information or create a new account on the streaming platform live tv.
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If you live outside of the United States, you won’t be able to find Peacock TV Fire in the App Store. In that case, you have two choices: change the country of your Amazon fire tv device account to the United States or sideload the Peacock TV app.


If you downloaded Peacock TV from the App Store, it will automatically update. Just make sure that the Automatic Updates option in the FireStick Settings is enabled. To enable it, navigate to FireStick Settings > Applications > Appstore > Automatic Updates. Automatic Updates are enabled by default.

If you sideloaded Peacock TV (method 2) and the app crashes or asks for an update, you can go directly to this page and follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the Peacock TV APK.
  2. Follow the fresh installation steps given above (method 2).
  3. Voila, your Peacock app is now updated with the latest version.


Changing the country of your Amazon account will only make the Peacock TV app available in the Fire TV Appstore. To stream content, you’ll need to install a VPN app and change the location of your network to the United States. Otherwise, when you play movies in the app, you’ll get the message “Sorry, Peacock is not yet supported in your region.”

To change the country of your Amazon account, follow the steps below. We’ll also demonstrate how to install a VPN app on your Fire TV Stick in order to circumvent Peacock’s geo-restrictions.

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account using your computer or mobile browser.
  2. Select your profile name or Accounts & Lists from the drop-down menu next to the search bar.
  3. Then, choose Your devices and content.
  4. Change your digital and device settings or Manage digital content.
  5. Select Country/Region Settings from the Preferences menu.
  6. If the “Current country/region” is not the United States, click the Change button.
  7. To change the country of your account, enter your address and contact information in the dialog boxes and click Update.

The Peacock TV app should now be available in the App Store on your Fire TV Stick. If you still can’t find the app, restart the streaming device.

If you’re in an unsupported region, as previously stated, you’ll need a VPN to stream content on Peacock TV. Although reliable VPN apps may cost a few dollars in subscription fees, free VPN services will suffice.


To download the Peacock TV setup file, you’ll need to use a third-party application called Downloader. One of the best apps to have on your Fire TV Stick is Downloader. Outside of the Appstore, the app allows you to download and install Fire TV and Android TV apps.

  1. Navigate to the Find tab and click Search.
  2. Enter downloader into the on-screen keyboard and then choose Downloader or Downloader App from the suggestions.
  3. In the “Apps & Games” section, click the Downloader app icon.
  4. To install the app on your device, choose Get or Download. Configure your Fire TV Stick to install apps that aren’t from the Appstore before using the Downloader app.
  5. To open the settings menu, press the Home button on your Fire TV remote and then navigate to the gear icon.
  6. Choose My Fire TV.
  7. Choose Developer options.
  8. Depending on the generation of your Fire TV Stick, choose Apps from Unknown Sources or Install Unknown Apps.
  9. A warning message will appear informing you of the dangers of installing apps from unknown sources. To proceed, select Turn On.
  10. Go back to the home screen and open the Downloader app. If Downloader isn’t on the home screen, use the Fire TV Remote to press and hold the Home button. Then, under Apps, select Downloader from the list of apps.
  11. Enter 77354 into the search bar and press the Go button. The shortcode will take you to the Peacock TV download page on APKMirror, which is one of the best places to get Android (TV) apps.
  12. Scroll down to the “All versions” section and click the download icon next to the latest Peacock TV app version.
  13. To download the Peacock setup file to your Fire TV Stick, click the Download APK button. The Peacock TV setup file should begin downloading from APKMirror. If the download does not begin automatically, scroll down to the “Your downloading is beginning” section and click the click here button.
  14. When the download is finished, the Downloader will begin the installation of the APK file. To proceed, click Install.
  15. To launch the Peacock TV app, select Open.
  16. If you don’t already have a Peacock TV account, choose Sign Up to Start Watching, or choose Sign In and enter your account credentials to begin watching your favorite TV shows.
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CONCLUSION On Peacock Tv On Firestick

Peacock TV is the ideal streaming service for TV fans looking to reduce subscription costs without sacrificing quality entertainment.

Install the Peacock TV app on your Fire TV Stick by following the steps outlined above. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Alternatively, you can visit the Peacock Help Center to learn more about the streaming service.

FAQs About Peacock Tv

Can I watch Peacock on Firestick?

Peacock TV provides original and syndicated content from NBC and other sources by delivering it directly from the internet via the app. The Peacock TV app is now officially available on Amazon Firestick devices and can be downloaded and added to your selection in the Appstore.

Why isn’t Peacock available on Firestick?

If you live outside of the United States, you won’t be able to find Peacock TV Fire in the App Store. In that case, you have two choices: change the country of your Amazon account to the United States or sideload the Peacock TV app.

Does Firestick 2021 have Peacock?

Peacock may not be the best streaming app available, but the fact that it is free is fantastic. Additionally, Fire TV owners can get a free 7-day trial of Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus to see if the paid plans are worth it for them. Start your Fire TV, download the Peacock app, and enjoy!


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