How Do I Remove Samsung Pay on my Galaxy phone?  (5 Easy Steps!)

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How Do I Remove Samsung Pay on my Galaxy phone? The consumerist society in which we live has ups and downs.

Sure, everything is at your fingertips, ready to use, nearly effortless, and free of complications.

Consider this: with all of your cards neatly arranged and displayed on the virtual shelf of your Samsung Pay app, you’ll be even more tempted to splurge on things you’ll almost certainly never use. Don’t bother asking how we know.

How Do I Remove Samsung Pay From My Phone
How Do I Remove Samsung Pay From My Phone

It’s not just about stoking your inner consumerism: the app’s notifications will continue to pop up, luring you into the world of shiny pricey bells and whistles you don’t need.

So, how do we escape? How to Turn Off Samsung Pay Before It’s Too Late Continue reading to find out.


If you’ve ever had a wallet full of credit cards only to spend an eternity at the checkout trying to find the one card you need, the idea of switching to a more practical, contactless payment method probably sounded very appealing. If you’re a Samsung user, this is probably where Samsung Pay swipe comes in.

Even if you didn’t want it, the service came preinstalled on many Samsung phones, and uninstalling Samsung Pay on older devices would require a lengthy process.

However, most users were so excited about having virtual money on the go and paying with their mobile phone or Samsung Watch that they didn’t want it to be removed. Samsung Pay swipe provides a rewards program as well as quick transactions. Now that the South Korean tech giant has partnered with SoFi, it can even be used as a bank.


After reading this far, you may be wondering why anyone would even consider removing Samsung Pay in the first place. As usual, things are not as good as they appear at first. Initially, users were required to install some of the best antivirus software available in order to combat hackers.

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The use of remotely generated tokens to exploit a vulnerability in the system and gain access to the user’s funds was a popular attack method. Even after Samsung fixed the issue, the constant pop-ups and annoying reminders made many people want to disable Samsung Pay permanently.

Another issue is that you’ll need to install the Samsung Pay Framework just to get the app to work, which causes battery drain. Furthermore, a somewhat intrusive screen-swipe button causes users to swipe it too frequently to be ignored accidentally.

The tricky part is that if you try to disable Samsung Pay, your phone may simply refuse to cooperate. Some people then decide to uninstall it completely from their phones or watches and replace it with a different contactless payment app, such as Google Pay. So, how do you turn off Samsung Pay on a Samsung phone? If Samsung Pay persists despite your best efforts, or if you simply want to take a break, continue reading.



Let’s not start with the worst-case scenario. Let’s say you just want Samsung Pay to stop constantly popping up while it’s doing its thing. There’s a handy setting for that, especially if you own one of those retro phones with removable batteries that came with the app preinstalled and set to maximum notification spam by default.

So, how do you turn off the Samsung Pay notification spam? It’s simple: open the app and look for the three lines icon at the bottom of the screen. Go to Settings and select “Use Favorite Cards” from the menu. This tab controls where and when cards appear on the screen. Toggle off the lock screen, home screen, and screen off notifications options.

With these options disabled, Samsung Pay should only activate when necessary: when you slide it up and tap it to a terminal to pay for that forty-fourth pair of shoes you’ve always wanted.

Turning off the app is the simplest way to completely disable Samsung Pay if you just want to prevent it from activating. Take note that not all of this are applicable to Samsung devices like Galaxy s10 and Galaxy s6.



We also have you covered if you need to completely uninstall the app from your phone (whether to try another app or to get rid of virtual wallets and switch to more traditional methods).

If you have a newer version of the app, uninstalling it is simple: swipe up to access the app drawer, then find, press, and hold the Samsung Pay icon until the menu appears. Tap Uninstall and then OK to confirm your action. And there you have it!

  1. Disable Samsung Pay
  2. Open Samsung Pay and then tap the menu icon (three lines) in the top left corner.
  3. Tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the menu.
  4. Select Quick access and the default card.
  5. Turn off the lock screen, the home screen, and the screen.
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With these settings, Samsung Pay will only work when you manually open and use the app unlike in apple pay.

Remove Samsung Pay

If you have a newer Samsung phone, you should be able to uninstall Samsung Pay easily.

  1. Launch the App drawer.
  2. Hold down the Samsung Pay icon until a menu appears.
  3. Tap Uninstall, followed by Ok.
  4. Locate Samsung Pay in the App drawer.

This will remove Samsung Pay from your phone completely. If you’re trying to free up space on your phone by uninstalling Samsung Pay, you can also try deleting temporary files and other junk.

Disable Samsung Pay (Older Versions)

The procedure is a little more involved if you’re using an older version of Android and can’t simply uninstall the Samsung Pay app. To begin, you must root your Samsung smartphone. Rooting your Samsung device smartphone will void its warranty, so use this method only if you need to remove Samsung Pay.

  1. Tap the grid in the bottom-right corner of the screen to open the app drawer.
  2. Tap Settings, then Applications/Apps. You might have to scroll down and tap More… to find it.
  3. Select Samsung Pay.
  4. Select Disable. Once you’ve rooted your phone, the Disable option will appear.

This method of disabling Samsung Pay will prevent it from using resources but will not remove it from your smartphone. Follow the steps below to uninstall Samsung Pay from an older Samsung device completely.


We frequently get asked at KommandoTech how to disable Samsung Pay on the Galaxy S6 and other popular Samsung phones. The issue with older Galaxy devices is that the app is preinstalled. In that case, you’ll need to root the phone to disable Samsung Pay permanently, and a failed root may cause your phone to become “bricked,” voiding your warranty.

Installing the Titanium Backup app from the Google Play store is a better option. When you’re finished, select Samsung Pay from the drop-down menu, click “Uninstall,” and wait a few minutes for the app to finish running. If you ever want to use Samsung Pay again, you must download it from the Play Store.

So, that’s how to uninstall Samsung Pay permanently. Choose the “Freeze” button instead if you just want the app to stop running in the background. The app will not consume system resources, and your phone will not be slowed as a result.

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If you want it back, simply tap “Unfreeze” to restore the app’s full functionality. We believe that completely uninstalling Samsung Pay is a good option for children’s phones, so you don’t have to worry about your children figuring out your credit card information and using the app to buy whatever they want without knowing your application manager.


First and foremost, congratulations on owning a Samsung Gear S device. It’s a fantastic all-in-one watch that also functions as an e-wallet. However, if it’s too tempting to ignore, you should uninstall Samsung Pay and start saving money. Because this app was baked into the operating system, it could not be uninstalled or disabled, only hidden.

However, with the latest update, you’ll be able to get rid of it from time to time. So, how do you permanently disable Samsung Pay transactions? Simply launch the Galaxy Wearable app, navigate to the Home tab, select Apps, and then select Manage apps from the menu. You can delete the app by pressing the trashcan icon, but you must return to it and tap Uninstall to complete the task.

CONCLUSION On How Do I Remove Samsung Pay on my Galaxy phone

You now understand how to disable Samsung Pay transactions on your android phone on Android. Bloatware in smartphones can be an unnecessary drain on battery life, storage, and speed, particularly in older phones. Fortunately, Samsung has recognized that not everyone uses the same apps and has finally given users more control over which apps they can keep and uninstall.

Most apps can be removed after rooting your phone, but remember that many apps are critical to the operation of your phone, so don’t delete anything unless you’re sure it’s safe! If your device continues to run slowly, try using a cleaning app to free up some space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Samsung Pay constantly appearing on my phone?

You are not alone; numerous users have reported this strange behavior. Swiping gestures typically wake up the app. If it keeps appearing and draining your battery, try disabling or uninstalling it.

How do I get Samsung Pay off the bottom?

Step 1: Locate the Samsung Pay app in the App drawer. Step 2: Long-press the app icon to open the floating menu, then select Uninstall. Dear, press the OK button! Excellent work!

Can I uninstall the Samsung Pay app?

Samsung Pay can now be easily uninstalled or turned off in recent Android versions. It will be a little more difficult if you have an older version, but we’ll also show you how to disable Samsung Pay on them.

How do I uninstall Samsung Pay from my active Galaxy 2?

Navigate to and open your phone’s Settings. Swipe to Apps, and then to either Samsung Pay (Watch plug-in) or Samsung Pay (Gear plug-in). Now, tap Uninstall, followed by OK to confirm.


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