Easy Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Firestick Won’t Turn On!

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It’s the moment of truth. You’ve been patiently awaiting the arrival of your newly purchased Firestick, only to find that it won’t turn on. The frustration is real.

Why Does my Firestick Won't Turn On?
Easy Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Firestick Won't Turn On!

Don’t worry, though. You can quickly troubleshoot the issue without calling technical support.

We’ve all been there:

  • Fear of a defective product
  • Fear of lost money
  • Fear of the inevitable tech support wait time

But before any of these fears take hold, take a few minutes to try these helpful troubleshooting tips for when your Firestick won’t turn on.


Ensure the power cord and adapter are securely plugged into your Fire TV Stick and the wall outlet. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the device by pressing and holding the Select and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds or longer.

Firestick is not plugged inMake sure the Firestick is plugged into a power outlet and that the power cord is securely connected.
Firestick is not turned onPress and hold the power button on the Firestick for 5 seconds.
Firestick is not compatible with your TVCheck the Firestick’s compatibility requirements and make sure your TV meets them.
Firestick is not updatedUpdate the Firestick to the latest software.
Firestick is defectiveContact Amazon customer service for assistance.
Issues and Solutions on Why Firestick Won’t Turn On

Here are some additional tips for troubleshooting a Firestick that won’t turn on:

  • Try using a different power outlet.
  • Try using a different HDMI cable.
  • Try restarting your TV.
  • Try resetting your Firestick to factory defaults.

If you’ve tried all these things and your Firestick still won’t turn on, contact Amazon customer service for assistance.


Troubleshooting Firestick Won’t Turn On Issues is often complex and time-consuming. However, you can take some basic steps to ensure your Firestick will turn on properly.

The first step is ensuring the device has power and that all cords are securely plugged in. If the power cord or HDMI cable is loose, it may be difficult for the device to turn on properly.

Also, you should check the power source itself to ensure it provides a steady flow of electricity. Additionally, some users have had success by rebooting their router if the Firestick won’t turn on remotely.

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If these basic troubleshooting measures do not resolve the problem, you will likely need to reset your Firestick’s settings.

Resetting your Firestick returns it to its default factory settings, which can help clear up any lingering software errors that may block the device from turning on correctly.

This process can be completed either through your remote control or via your Amazon web browser by visiting the official Fire TV website.

Once you are confident all possible fixes have been attempted and your Firestick still won’t turn on, you should consider replacing the device or contacting a specialist for help with a more intricate issue.

While many faults with electronic devices can seem daunting to diagnose, most can often be fixed relatively easily using proper troubleshooting techniques and understanding how these devices work.

However, before sending your device off for repair or replacement, carefully inspect your Firestick for additional signs of trouble.

Inspecting includes checking external ports and looking for any signs of damage, such as loose connections or other physical abnormalities that could prevent the device from functioning correctly.

That way, you can ensure your best chance of getting your Firestick up and running again before taking drastic measures like replacing or repairing it.

What To Do When Fire Stick Won’t Turn On?


When troubleshooting Firestick Won’t Turn On issues, the first step is to double-check the power and HDMI cables to make sure they are securely plugged in. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, reboot your router and reset the Firestick’s settings.

If this is unsuccessful, consider replacing the device or contacting a specialist for more complex issues.

Before sending it off for repair or replacement, inspect for additional signs of damage or loose connections that may prevent the device from functioning correctly.


Once you’ve gone through the previously mentioned troubleshooting tips for your Firestick that won’t turn on, it is time to inspect your device carefully.

Carefully review the Firestick and its components to ensure you are not missing something or it has not become dislodged or disconnected, internally and externally.

One important piece to check is the power cord to ensure it is connected entirely and tightly at either end.

Additionally, it is essential to check that the button on the Firestick itself is working correctly; a common issue can be dust buildup beneath it that prevents it from connecting correctly.

You might want to consider wiping down and cleaning off all areas around the button before pressing it in case any particles or obstructions could prevent it from connecting.

These are essential steps in ensuring that your Firestick hasn’t been damaged if further research has failed to explain why it isn’t turning on.

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If, by chance, such an inspection reveals nothing that can immediately explain why your Firestick is not working, then perhaps our next step will be to look into whether there may be an issue with the functionality of your power cord or cable.

Before moving onto this step, one reasonable precaution would be to try another power source in case the initial source had become faulty.

  • A 2020 survey found that 39.5% of Firestick users have experienced issues with their devices not turning on.
  • Of those users who experienced this issue, 72% claimed that restarting the device resolved the issue.
  • According to a 2019 report, power source issues were the most common reason a Firestick would not turn on, making up 28% of all reported slips.
firestick won't turn on
Easy Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Firestick Won't Turn On!


Once you have carefully inspected your Firestick for any issues, the next step is to ensure that the power cord and button are functioning correctly.

Carefully inspect your power cord and confirm if it is plugged into an outlet with power. If the power light isn’t displaying on the Firestick after confirming a working outlet, you may need to replace your power cord.

It could be a common issue where the cord’s internal wiring has been damaged.

You should also double-check that your Firestick’s button is functioning correctly. Hold the button down for up to 10 seconds to force your Firestick to reset itself. This could be quickly done even with a broken button which can be easy to overlook.

Once these two items have been checked, it should provide you with a better outlook on how you should go about troubleshooting a non-functioning Firestick if none of these issues are found.

Then, it’s time to move on to resetting your Firestick, as that could bring results quicker than other alternatives.


If all other attempts have failed, resetting your Firestick may be the best option to get it working again. This process lets you begin from scratch and ensure that any corrupted data or settings won’t impede the device’s proper functioning.

Luckily, resetting your Firestick isn’t too challenging — press and hold the Reset button on the back of the device for 10-20 seconds.

Depending on which model of Firestick you have, your Reset button may be hidden under a removable cap. With this simple action, you can help ensure a fresh restart of your device in no time.

Moving forward, now that you can access your device without issue, you may be dealing with legal/licensing/accessibility issues rooted in account ownership and authorship of the content streamed.

Content streaming can quickly become complicated when examining who owns the material and with whom permission is granted for streaming, so it’s essential to do your due diligence and ensure everything is above board regarding legal issues.

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By addressing these underlying issues, you can ensure your streaming experience is optimistic moving forward.

Firestick Won't Turn On? Easy Fix!
Easy Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Firestick Won't Turn On!


When troubleshooting, your Firestick won’t turn on. You may also experience issues with ACCESSED devices. If this occurs, it typically indicates a problem connecting your device and the Firestick.

For example, this can happen if the device isn’t configured correctly, the cables and ports are defective, or there is an issue with the internet connection.

To check if an ACCESSED device issue is to blame for your Firestick not turning on, start by checking the connections in use. First, ensure your devices’ cables are securely plugged into their respective ports.

Next, check both ends of each cable to ensure no debris blocks the connections. If you can see any signs of damage, such as frays or bends in the cables, you should replace them immediately.

Another method for troubleshooting ACCESSED device issues with your Firestick is to reset the device to its factory settings. To do this, hold down the home button on your remote for 5-10 seconds until a menu pops up with a ‘Reset’ option.

Select this and follow the prompts until your device is reset. This will wipe all user data from the Firestick but should solve any connectivity issues you may have been experiencing.

You can also try resetting your router and other connected devices, especially if they recently installed firmware updates.

To do this, unplug the power cables from each device and wait at least 10 seconds before plugging them back in again. This will reset their default settings and potentially solve any connectivity issues you may face.

When troubleshooting ACCESSED device issues with your Firestick, it is essential to contact customer support if none of these methods have worked after multiple attempts—especially if it has been more than three days since you first noticed the issue.

They should be able to provide additional tips and advice on how to best fix this issue without purchasing a replacement unit.

Troubleshooting Firestick That Won't Turn On
Easy Troubleshooting Tips For When Your Firestick Won't Turn On!


Are there any known faults with Firesticks that might be causing the issue?

A barren screen is one of the most common issues with Amazon Firesticks, but it can be resolved by restarting the Fire Stick or the remote. In addition, if the Firestick is not loading content or applications, lifewire.com recommends removing its cache. Before assuming a more serious issue is at play, it’s always best to attempt these simple solutions first.

What could be the reason my Firestick isn’t turning on?

There are a few potential causes for your Firestick not turning on. It is conceivable that the batteries in your remote need to be replaced or that restarting the device will resolve a system error. In addition, you must use the included power cable and adapter with your Firestick.

What troubleshooting steps should I take if my Firestick won’t turn on?

Unplugging the Firestick from its power source for one to three minutes and then reconnecting it is a common step in troubleshooting. In addition, examine the batteries in your remote control. If neither of these options works, you may need to contact Amazon’s customer service for additional assistance.


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