Do I Need a Galaxy Store on My Phone? [Answered]

The Galaxy Store is an essential part of the Samsung smartphone experience.

It provides access to a variety of different apps, themes, and services that can help you customize and enhance your device.

However, many people aren’t sure if they need the Galaxy Store on their phone or not.

This article will discuss the benefits of having the store installed and help you decide whether it’s right for you.

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Do I Need a Galaxy Store on My Phone?

What Sets Apart the Galaxy Store from the Play Store

If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you’ve probably wondered how the Google Play Store compares to the Galaxy Store.

This is due to the fact that Samsung Galaxy phones have two app stores pre-installed, namely Play Store and Galaxy Store. What makes them different from one another, and which should I use? In this post, we will compare the Galaxy Store and Play Store to help you find the solution.

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What Differs the Play Store from the Galaxy Store?


Let’s begin by stating the obvious. Samsung owns Galaxy Store, while Google owns Play Store. That means practically all Android phones have access to Play Store. With the exception of Samsung Galaxy phones, such is not the case with Galaxy Store.

Standard Accounts

You will log in to the Play Store using a Google account and the Galaxy Store with a Samsung account. There’s a good probability that your phone already has a Google account connected to it. The same account will be used for Play Store. On the other hand, if you’re a new Samsung user, you’ll need to set up a Samsung account to access the Galaxy Store and Samsung Cloud.

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User Experience

Both apps share a similar UI in their most basic form. The apps and games are arranged in a number of categories, including top, free, and others. An app’s detailed view will open when you tap on it, allowing you to install it. Samsung includes an Install option under each app if you want to install them quickly. You must first long-touch the app in the Play Store before selecting the Install option. There are several tabs at the bottom, and the search bar is at the top.

Features and Functions

Both can provide you access to Android apps in the same way. The Google Play Store is the official Android app store, and Samsung Android phones all have access to it. Galaxy Store, on the other hand, is restricted to Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. It is not compatible with other devices. While Play Store has more apps than Galaxy Store does, occasionally select programs, like Fortnite, are made exclusively available through Galaxy Store.

You can download an app from either store when installing one. Most of the time, updating the app requires using the same store. That isn’t a necessary requirement, though. From both shops, you may update some apps. Apps downloaded from the Play Store, however, cannot be automatically updated via the Galaxy Store. They will require manual updating.

No matter where you installed the apps from, they all function the same after installation. Suppose you choose to download WhatsApp through the Galaxy Store rather than the Play Store. This does not imply that you will have more features than the version available on the Play Store.

The primary purpose of the Galaxy Store is to offer apps that are only available through Samsung. Additionally, pre-installed Samsung apps like Gallery, Notes, Contacts, and other programs need to be updated, as do programs that aren’t accessible through the Play Store. In essence, Play Store updates are not available for Samsung-only apps.

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You receive features that are comparable. For instance, you can utilize gift cards, add products to your wish list, and have programs update automatically. Both of them allow you to install games, but only Play Store allows you to install books and movies.

Choosing an App Store

The major issue at hand is: Should I utilize the Play Store or the Galaxy Store?

If you use a Samsung, the answer is both. On the Samsung Galaxy phone, both serve a purpose.

We advise installing new apps from the Play Store. This is because if you use Galaxy Store, it won’t be possible to reinstall the existing apps if you later switch to an Android device made by a manufacturer other than Samsung.

Similar to this, updating native Samsung apps requires the Galaxy Store. These apps won’t receive updates if you don’t use Galaxy Store. Use it just to install and update proprietary apps, then.

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Do I Need a Galaxy Store on My Phone?

Use your Google Account to access Galaxy

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Do I Need a Galaxy Store on My Phone?

If a Galaxy instance has this capability enabled, you can log in with your Google account. You may make use of this function if

You don’t have a Galaxy user account, therefore you might choose to check in with your Google account rather than creating one;

You do have a Galaxy user account, and you wish to link it to your Google account, so you can sign in to Galaxy with either your Google account or your Galaxy username and password.

Galaxy provides two ways to log in: programmatically or via the user interface.

User Interface Login

Follow these steps to sign in to Galaxy with your Google account:

  1. Select the Register or Login button.
  2. Select “Sign in with Google” to log in:

NOTE: If this button is not visible, either OIDC on the Galaxy instance you are using is not enabled, or its Google backend is not configured. In any case, you should get in touch with the administrator of that Galaxy instance.

  1. You must sign in with your Google account on the Google login screen after clicking the Sign in with Google button.
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NOTE: You won’t see Google’s consent box since Galaxy asks Google for the bare minimum of information about your profile, and Google does not display consent for this minimal information. In other words, Galaxy sets the minimum OIDC “scope” option, “openid,” which merely asks for your email address and profile name. Google, by design, does not display a consent box for this scope.

  1. Once you’ve signed in to Google, Google will reroute you to Galaxy, where your Google account will be used to log you in.


In conclusion,the Galaxy Store is an excellent platform for Samsung users to get the most out of their device. It provides access to a plethora of apps tailored to Samsung users, allowing them to customize and personalize their experience. However, if you’re not a Samsung user or don’t care about the customizations and features the store offers, then it may be unnecessary to install it on your device. Ultimately, whether or not you need the Galaxy Store on your phone depends on your individual needs and preferences.


How can I connect my Samsung Galaxy S21 to headphones?

Simply connect your device to a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter, then insert your headphones into the adaptor. You can connect devices that use a common 3.5mm audio connection to your USB-C devices with the Samsung USB-C Adapter. Most electrical retailers as well as the Samsung site online sell USB-C adapters.

Why does the Samsung S21 lack a headphone jack?

Because Samsung intends to reduce the environmental effect of our products, the Galaxy S21 series does not come with earbuds or a charger plug in the package.

On S21, where do headphones go?

And the age-old query: Would a headphone jack be present? The Galaxy S21 does not contain a headphone jack, as we now know.


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