How To Troubleshoot Blink Camera Blinking Red Light? (Easy Ways!)

Welcome–whoops, I mean Solve This! You’ve set up a new Blink camera, fired it up, and voila! Two red blinking eyes stare back at you. What do these red blinks mean? 

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll run through everything you need to know about why your Blink camera is blinking red and what to do about it. 

How to Fix Blink Camera Blinking Red Light?
How To Troubleshoot Blink Camera Blinking Red Light? (Easy Ways!)

Then, we’ll use our best troubleshooting tricks to get you back up and running quickly and easily. So, get ready to dive in and get those blinking reds out of your life!


If your Blink camera is flashing a red light, this typically indicates low battery levels and that the camera needs to be recharged. If the issue persists after charging, contact Blink support for help.

No internet connectionIf your Blink camera is blinking red and you are in setup mode, follow the instructions on the Blink app to complete the setup.
Low batteryReplace the batteries in your Blink camera.
Camera is offlineCheck your Blink app to see if your camera is offline. If it is, you can try reconnecting it to your Wi-Fi network.
The camera is in setup mode.The camera is in setup mode.
Hardware failureIf you have tried all of the above solutions and your Blink camera is still blinking red, it may be a hardware failure. In this case, you will need to contact Blink support for assistance.

Here are some additional tips for troubleshooting a Blink camera that is blinking red:

  • Make sure that your Blink camera is not in direct sunlight.
  • Ensure there are no obstructions between your Blink camera and your router.
  • Try moving your Blink camera closer to your router.
  • Try restarting your Blink camera.
  • Try resetting your Blink camera.


What Causes Blink Camera to Blink Red?
How To Troubleshoot Blink Camera Blinking Red Light? (Easy Ways!)

One of the most common issues with Blink cameras is when they begin blinking red. This is due to various issues with the software, motion sensors, and physical hardware. 

Understanding what’s causing this red blinking light can help you troubleshoot the problem and get your Blink camera back to working smoothly.

When your Blink camera blinks red, it usually indicates that it isn’t connected correctly to a power source or that its batteries are low on charge. Check the cords for any frays or loose connections to ensure the camera is properly plugged in and receiving power. 

You should also confirm that the power supply provides adequate current for the camera – if in doubt, consider connecting it to a different power source. Additionally, make sure your batteries are charged by swapping them out or using an externally powered second battery pack if available.

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Another potential cause of a constant red blinking light could be faulty motion sensors or incorrect settings. The sensitivity thresholds may need to be adjusted if you notice false alerts.

Similarly, if the settings are not configured correctly, accurate alerts could be missed, so double-check these. Also, ensure the night vision settings are correct and have enough ambient light to ensure good vision throughout the day and night.

So while connectivity to power and incorrect settings can lead to a Blink camera blinking red, understanding what works best for your individual use case will help you customize your device’s performance to your unique needs.

In addition, proper troubleshooting lets you find out what’s causing this issue and get it sorted quickly.

The next step towards getting your Blink camera up and running perfectly is learning about motion sensors and night lights to customize your settings for optimal security solutions.

Blink Camera Flashing Red


Moving on from what causes Blink cameras to blink red, we now look at motion sensors and night lights. Motion sensors are an essential component of any security system.

Blink cameras have an impressive feature that allows you to turn them on or off depending on the time of day or when there is no activity in the area they are monitoring.

This feature can be convenient – if someone enters the room and trips the motion sensor, the camera will switch on, sending you a notification and allowing you to conduct surveillance.

When the sensor detects nothing, you may wish to switch off the camera to reduce energy usage and save battery power.

On the other hand, activating night lights for improved visibility can help capture more precise details during low-light operations.

This can be very helpful when conducting nighttime recordings or viewing areas with insufficient light for accurate analysis. In addition, many Blink cameras come with night vision capabilities which allow them to take clear pictures even in the dark.

Whether you decide to activate motion sensors or night lights depends entirely on your needs and preferences – some people may need both features activated. In contrast, others may only choose one or the other.

Whatever features you opt for, it’s important to remember that they require additional battery power as they both create extra work for your device.

Therefore, it’s best practice to limit their usage unless necessary to maximize battery life and ensure your Blink camera continues running efficiently.

Once you have decided which features best suit your home security needs, it’s time to move on to troubleshooting potential Blink camera issues.


Blink Camera Flashing Red Light
How To Troubleshoot Blink Camera Blinking Red Light? (Easy Ways!)

When it comes to Blink Camera issues and troubleshooting, the first thing to consider is the power source.

Ensure your Blink camera is plugged into a properly working wall outlet or power adapter. If you use a battery-powered camera, ensure the batteries are fresh and installed correctly.

Restarting the camera can be helpful if the Blink Camera is still blinking red. Restarting can be done by dragging down the battery icon for two seconds or unplugging and re-plugging your power source if applicable.

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It could also be possible that there may be operational issues with the software on the Blink Camera itself.

Checking for firmware updates or deleting and reinstalling the Blink app onto your mobile device can help provide solutions to many problems experienced with blinking cameras.

Troubleshooting with these more advanced methods requires an understanding of the overall setup of your home surveillance system.

Finally, if all else fails and none of those mentioned above methods have helped solve the issue with your blink camera, another issue may be at play that requires a technician or third-party expert.

Fortunately, Blink Cameras come with a year’s worth of customer service included in the purchase price, so customers can contact customer support to perform any preventative maintenance needed.

The next step involves examining other operational issues with Blink cameras. In other words, learning how to understand what exactly might have gone wrong when there are unexpected malfunctions or problems with its performance.

This covers topics such as power supply and connectivity errors, resetting for factory defaults, controlling additional features, common error messages, and general maintenance tips for the upkeep of Blink Cameras over an extended period.

This information will further equip you to know what precautions to take when protecting your home from burglars and inclement weather.


Blink Camera Light Flashing Issues
How To Troubleshoot Blink Camera Blinking Red Light? (Easy Ways!)

While troubleshooting a blinking red issue on your Blink Camera is standard, other operational problems may arise. One such issue is low battery life.

Depending on your Blink Camera type, you’ll need to change out the batteries or recharge them periodically. If you have a camera with rechargeable batteries, ensure you are using the correct charger and working correctly.

If neither of these issues is the cause of your camera’s low battery life, it could be due to power-hungry settings such as motion detection leading to frequent alerts being sent or if the camera is receiving too much light causing it to use more power than usual.

Another possible operational issue would be connectivity issues when setting up the camera. To fix this, try resetting your router or switch and then plugging your camera back in.

Be sure not to set up too far away from your router, which may affect connectivity and performance. Additionally, having too many devices connected to your network can cause connectivity issues, so you should ensure you are not exceeding optimal usage limits.

Lastly, keep an eye on any potential upgrades or updates to the app or software connected to the camera since any glitches with these could also be causing an operational problem.

When addressing operational problems with your Blink Camera, you must methodically consider multiple options before jumping to conclusions or trying drastic measures that may damage the device.

Now that we’ve explored some common operational issues and their solutions for Blink Cameras let’s look at some of the advanced features offered by this security system that can help reinforce its security capabilities and maximize its effectiveness in safeguarding your property.

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Blink Camera Blinking Red Light
How To Troubleshoot Blink Camera Blinking Red Light? (Easy Ways!)

Blink Cameras can experience various operational issues, including low battery life, connectivity issues, and glitches with the camera’s app or software.

Methodically consider multiple options to identify and resolve the issue to avoid drastic measures that could damage the device.

Additionally, take advantage of the advanced security features of Blink cameras to further secure your property.


When it comes to more advanced features of the Blink Security System, there are several benefits that users can experience. With remote access, users can get a live feed of their home with the Blink app, regardless of where they are.

This allows them to check in on their property and view footage no matter the time or location.

Additionally, the wireless configuration of the system makes installation easy and painless. It can be set up in just minutes, and no tools are required to place the cameras anywhere around your home.

Another long-term benefit is that this system is also very energy efficient by using a long-lasting battery. Once installed, users won’t need to worry about maintenance for up to 2 years with regular use and recharging of the batteries every couple of months.

This is highly beneficial for those who don’t want an overly complex security system but would like something with automated updates and notifications if any suspicious activity is detected.

Lastly, one of the most impressive traits of this system is its ability to detect motion events within seconds with its ultra-intuitive infrared technology.

Depending on the sensitivity settings, any movement will trigger its alarm or alert system, allowing users to be notified through phone or email of suspicious activity occurring near their property.

This ultimately gives peace of mind knowing that their home is constantly monitored and protected from potential security threats.

Overall, many useful features built into the Blink Security System can prove helpful for both first-time and experienced users alike.

Whether it’s for convenience or added peace of mind, these features make it an excellent solution for those looking for a reliable security system without sacrificing user experience or quality performance.

  • According to the user manual for Blink cameras, a red flashing light indicates that the camera has lost connection with the internet and/or Wi-Fi.
  • A red light on the camera can also indicate low battery power, and users should check the batteries and replace them if necessary.
  • The user manual for Blink cameras states that an orange blinking light indicates motion detected by the camera.
Troubleshooting Blink Camera Light Issues
How To Troubleshoot Blink Camera Blinking Red Light? (Easy Ways!)


Is it possible to prevent a Blink camera from illuminating red?

Yes, it is possible to prohibit the red illumination of a Blink camera. According to, turning off the status LED is one way to accomplish this. However, it is essential to note that this may affect the camera’s functionality and ability to indicate status changes.

Why does my Blink camera flash red?

If your Blink camera illuminates red six times, the batteries are likely low and need replacing. In the meantime, suggests that the red blinking of Blink surveillance cameras is typically due to a lack of dependable Internet connectivity. According to, your Blink Camera may be lighting red if it has lost connection with your home Wi-Fi network and is attempting to reconnect.

Why does my Blink camera flash red?

When your Blink camera has lost connection with your home Wi-Fi network and is attempting to restore, it flashes red. When the red light flashes six times, it may signify a low battery. In addition, unreliable Internet access may result in a flashing red indicator.


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